Goheung Mud Olympics Round 1: Retrieved July 9, He did not return to film the next episode after allegations of tax evasion were made against him. Retrieved December 10, Seoul Economic Daily in Korean. List of ratings Episodes 1— Retrieved January 14,

Gapyeong County , Gyeonggi-do. Inje and Goseong , Gangwon-do. Experience in “low-cost package” tours Visit the Sajik Baseball Stadium Lending a hand to help the baseball team Experience selling jalgachi in the market Experience catching Conger eels. Retrieved October 8, Jukbyeon, Uljin , Gyeongsangbuk-do. Bungee jump from S’pore’s tallest building?

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1 Night, 2 Days Ep. 442 ft. Yoona [ENG SUB]~

Haeundae BeachBusan. Bokbulbok Marathon of Memories An individual race in Hwabon Village to decide the order that members will get to eat dinner.

Gapyeong CountyGyeonggi-do. Joo Won, Cha Tae-hyun. Taehyun, Defconn Next, the members visits Kim Jongmin’s home at the second episode Finally, the members arrives at Joon young’s home in 2dag [18] S03E82, S03E83 26 July 2 August HaeundaeBusan Bal-riUlsan Summer vacation trip to Korea’s Bali They did opening at Haeundae Beach, Busan and went to Bal-ri to do all summer vacation things that people do in Bali S03E84, S03E85, S03E86 9 August 16 August 23 August Seoul Hot Night Special Special appearance by InfiniteBeast and Apink who join the napping game for each round [19] Each member has to take a photo of the night-scape of Seoul, with a high digital camera or a film camera, after participating in a certain mission with the citizens.

Offroad travel Leaving all 6 members behind on the roadside. Star News in Korean. Coffee Street, Kim Jong-min: Ulju CountyUlsan. Retrieved December 10, ChuncheonGangwon-do Busan.


The Beauty of Korea with Professor Yoo Hong-joon Gyeongbukgung Palace Tour Jongmyo Shrine Korea Furniture Museum Tour The producers struck a deal with the cast that if they can go to 3 destinations within the day, they wouldn’t have to stay overnight, so this was only a 1-day trip.

The person with the most area ripped off will have to sleep outside alone. Experience harvesting napa cabbages. Dongbaek Village, YeonggwangJeollanam-do. Jindo IslandJeollanam-do.

Thank you for your Members of each team respond to the question with different answers, alternating one person a team at a time. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ulju CountyUlsan Yeongnam Alps.

Jeonju Korean Village, JeonjuJeollabuk-do. Sports Dong-a in Korean.

1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode Engsub | Kshow

Sports Today in Korean. Lee Soo-geun Team Sung: Season 2 began airing on March 4,ended on December 15,and had 89 episodes. Deoksangi Valley, JeongseonGangwon-do. Jeongseon Sweeping Tour Najon Station – Find a coffee vending machine and purchase one cup for each member, Another World Museum – memories quiz, Auraji – bokbulbok baton relay, Arari Village – lunch bokbulbok, Hwaam Cave – no use of English or loanwords during their yooba, “Yeopgi Sunamu” a.

So happy to see nkght sort of together like this. A heart-pounding friendship trip with a platonic female friend Every member brings their female friend whom they think as their friend, yooba of a girlfriend for a trip. Train of Memories The members play the Old Catch Phrase quiz to pick the 4 who are sitting and the 3 who will stand for the 4 hour train ride to Gunwi. Seoul PajuGyeonggi-do. Star Hankook in Korean. Jongmin had to pay for their manager and stylist meals Appearance by auctioneers Kim Min Seo for dinner bokbulbok game Taehyun had to sleep on deserted island alone.


Kids These Days Episode 11 10 hrs ago. Sports Kyunghyang in Korean. Drama Road Play the bokbulbok games for lunch, dinner and the morning mission, related to the famous Korean dramas: HambaekJeongseonGangwon-do. Production Team on three kinds of game: Sindeok Village near GimjeSeaeon. The First Trip of Greeting Spring Arrive at the ypona unnoticed by the citizens Junho bought snack for passengers in 5 cars at the train Chicken cooking battle.

Retrieved February 28, Survival rock, paper, scissors Round 4: Pavilion Flag War Good Team: AOA ‘s Kim Seolhyun is their morning angel. Retrieved July 29, Whoever eats the most meals wins. Original plan was to visit Ulleungdo but canceled due to bad weather Special appearance by former- ssireum player Lee Man-gi Special ssireum match: The winner is able to decide one area of clothing that the other members must take off.

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