Kim Joon-ho Family Preservation Award: Retrieved October 25, Cheongsan Island, Wando , Jeollanam-do. Seoul Namyangju , Gyeonggi-do Chuncheon , Gangwon-do. Baeduduk Village, Pyeongchang County , Gangwon-do. Bungee jump from S’pore’s tallest building? King Sejong the Great Special. All rights go to the original video:

New Year Special, experiencing life as a Pollack A journey to find the missing national fish Guest appearance by speed skater Kim Dong-sung and announcer Choi Seungdon Jongmin and Junho went on squid boat for morning mission and then deliver squid to chef Raymon Kim. Summer Vacation Part 3: Haeundae , Busan Bal-ri , Ulsan. The team chosen by the King will eat with him. Star Today in Korean. Shin-Soo Choo Original members test intern member, Choo Shin Soo to see if he is suitable for the show Pressure interview Original members ask Choo Shin Soo one difficult question each to get to know more about him Team plays game to decide the mode of transport used to get to their destination. Kim Joon-ho Family Preservation Award:

Two Days and One Night versus Shinhwa [69] [70]. The cast members play a 3 short games to decide a King.

After arriving at the base camp, the members play a variety of games Retrieved February 28, Sports Hankooki in Korean. Retrieved December 23, Retrieved July 22, The cast member split into two teams to find the greatest legacy at Yeongnam Alps.


Morning angel, Nighf Sung Shil who has seaon years of saxophone experience. Non-Possession Trip The member was asked to bring as many things as they want but they can’t share each other They have to throw away half of possession they yona every time they fail the missions, and get to keep them when they succeed. Star Hankook in Korean. Star News in Korean.

You May Also Like See more. NamhaeGyeongsangnam-do SuncheonJeollanam-do. Kim Seung-wooCha Tae-hyunSung Si-kyungJoo Won The new cast members were supposed to be dropped off on different islands before getting picked up by the returning cast members on the way to the basecamp at Baekado. AlmatyKazakhstan HavanaCuba. Pops In Seoul Episode 3 years ago.

Girl’s Generation’s YoonA shines on ‘1 Night 2 Days’

Sports Chosun in Korean. The winner is able to decide one area of clothing that the other members must take off. Wow-mazing Race Visiting some of the Eight Views of Danyang Joo Won attempted to do the paragliding morning mission but was unable to do so due to bad weather.


Retrieved March 26, A Cabin Trip in Autumn Members play games to try to acquire more money for their trip to base camp. Junhyeon Dolphin-watching on land, sea, and air: Lee Soo-geun Team Sung: Pavilion Flag War Good Team: Binggye, UiseongGyeongsangbuk-do. Watching them going into the cold water make the members shiver! John ParkKim Junho, Kim Jongmin The teams must race to find treasures in the isolated Hangae village To eat dinner, the teams must win rounds of folk games.


There were episodes aired during Season 1, which ended on February 25, For the 3rd Annual Viewers’ Tour, participants from age were picked among the thousands of applicants.

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Haman CountyGyeongsangbuk-do. Live Info Show 2 Episode 8 months ago. Bungee jump from S’pore’s tallest building? Season 2 Episode 20 12 hrs ago. Hope both of you can work together again!