He said the most important factor for a brand is good professional, knowledgeable installation. LX Series Heat Pumps 1. The warranty for the York LX air conditioner is comprised of the following:. Will not buy this brand ever again or recommend it. New unit seems even quieter than the old unit, performs great. Outside part has been almost completely replaced. Labor and shipping costs are not covered by the warranty.

I am hoping that our new York will be okay. Jenks, OK Satisfaction Rating: York has stood behind every problem I might have and remember your equipment is only as good as the contractor installing it. They are really bad; not just bad, really bad. I had to turn my TV up louder. A York rep came from Tampa, said the restriction was in the unit and got another. None of our pricing includes an air handler or furnace inside the home.

I would not purchase this brand again. Also shop in Also shop in. Two 3 ton York AC Units available. When I asked about a York, I was told to ‘stay away’ from York which surprised me because of their long history and name recognition in pa.

York Central Air Conditioner Prices | York Buying Guide

See cost them evan more in a lost sale. The information is updated regularly and submitted to us through our website, or seriss owners who have agreed to let us share their costs. Miami, Fl Satisfaction Rating: In great condition, only used for 6 months. My mistake, trusting a cooling company who recommended this garbage, I wish I had done research prior to buying.


York is considered one of the average quality brands of central HVAC equipment. Labor and shipping costs are not covered by the warranty.

Not a dealer or distributor? Before selecting a manufacturer, check out the contractor you are using. Keeps the humidity under control which is very important in gulf coast Mississippi.

York Air Conditioners

And I will share with every one know What is wrong with this picture? Had to wait four days for distributor delivery. Any company can slap in a piece of equipment, get your money and leave. Bought a new air handler but still had the same problem.

I measured the air exit temperature and it was in excess of degrees, so it was definitely being worked! Saturday, June 27, had no AC but a bill for an after hours service man to tell us there was no way he could jump start the compressor and get us through Florida 92 degree heat until the part could be found from a distributor in the area and installed.

Their customer service department can be reached at: The big difference for the homeowner is the person installing your systems, not the manufacturer. The part itself is warrantied but I have had to pay for the labor and the cost to replace the Freon! I have dealt with them before and trust their recommendation and service. My system cost exactly half of a similar Lennox brand.

Blaine, MN Satisfaction Rating: Tt break down again this week.


York Central Air Unit Prices | Buying Guide

My zip code is: My zip code is: He said the most important factor for a brand is good professional, knowledgeable installation. Being an engineer, that says a lot. I would recommend based on my experience if your builder or installer suggests York We also replaced all of the air grills, and he also re-did the air plenum attaching the top of the furnace which he found constricted.

The old ,x cooled down to 67 no problem just had a leaky coil that “couldn’t be fixed” whatever. Johnson Controls N. I need a new: My installer tells me same story of other consumers of York.

Keeps house very comfortable.

However, my contractor, who came highly recommended by friends and family, assured me the quality of installation is the driving factor in whether your system goes 30 years without issue, or is riddled with repairs from the start. Product registration is required within 90 days for maximum warranty coverage. New Orleans Satisfaction Rating: York is nothing but garbage and a waste of money. conditikner

YORK® LX Series

Because it can sell itself. I will advise my friends to avoid their products. Now 1 year later, the coil is failing and has also to be replaced.