There shouldn’t be any dupes coming from eac3to or mvccombine. The MVC decoder only is really useful for us. Old School 3D Glasses. The 4th image of the right view is already wrong. The final file size depends of the x encoding parameters. But you’ll lose quality.

It seems that they are almost always the standard assignments. It might be true that the dep view bitrate is usually about half the bitrate of the base view, but IMO, it’s only a coincidence. I will re-rip the disk and see what happens I was working from a. Now can export to. Does the first pass crash right away when output is set to NUL? Your eMail address Your eMail address – Required! English Min x x —

During the first pass, it’s not really a problem. I did all tests with the number of frames set to 0 in the AVS script.

Secondly, I hate the cropped 3D videos, because most TVs require a real I’ll implement that method when it will be safer. I can do that actually. It is true that the work ntload be much easier and am delighted for your interest in the Intel MVC decoding: I had to download and install the RawSource Avisynth plugin http: I have also tested an encode of several times the same SSIF file, with this command: Veteran Agent J Will Smith must travel back in time to to before [ It tooks a very long time to start the encoding, and again I see the error messages.


With it, it will be possible to create a batch with the 2 separate view before i m going to sleep: Unfortunately, I get the error shown If the sync problem appears in that lib, too, please netloaf me know. I started to use Jovies timings to make proper seeking through the video. Yes, that looks correct. If so, then 3s it to another format might fix this issue.

The MVC decoding is still somewhat experimental, and its speed may vary from version to version. I have this message one time for each video stream: Here are a few of them: I don’t know why, and I will try again with other BDs, just to confirm, when I’ll have some free time.

One of importants points is to get a muxer like TsMuxer with 3D support. Or, with a bit more work, it can certainly be implemented as a totally independent avisynth plugin.

If you want tests with the correct number of frames, please let me know. Thaky you for testing. One of the big problems with the 3D subs is the risk that they will be placed “inside” moviees objects that are popping out of the screen.

Your tool really greate.

– Watch 3D Movies without 3D TV

It requires the codecs only when it converts the audio format, and it’s something that BD3D2MK3D doesn’t do automatically. I thought I might be missing something. There is something I don’t understand at all.

You cannot encode the base view for example with x and then the dep view and lower the bit rate for the dep view. Even the first part can produce the error after a reboot.


Some fixes Thanks for fix r0lZ. And I guess that hard-coding subtitles on the mkvies will not work any more, since currently it assumes the full I have demux 3D movie with eac3to. Action Sci-Fi Thriller A wrongly-convicted man must try to survive a public execution gauntlet staged as a TV game show. I’ll make a solution when ssifSource extracts framecount from referenced.

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Frame 20 duplicate added debug: You didn’t say if you need the info to write your own program, or a GUI to show you the left and right assignments of specific blu-rays. I’m not sure why it is going out-of-sync.

One day, after having [ I have the Ice Age 3 disk that was bundled with the Panasonic players – this is also not processable in Scenarist I forget which error but a missing flag in the H stream or similar. Thank you Sandeepbaliga for posting you findings! Why DVDFab can encode it without problem will probably remain a mystery.