I am so pissed with Rashi most times but It will be so sad to see her go. Plus the family is really good people. It was quite funny to see the little grandkids and Rashi tie crazy Radha up in a sack and lock her in a storage room away from the temple where the marriage was to take place. That was so funny. August 4, at 8: Oh my goodness gracious!

Anita says after that…FB is shown…Anita is shown crying in street. I know you must be high in the clouds and stars right now. Nude photo vanna white. A man holds her and flees from there. Yes I do believe you when you say Saathiya is going to be such an amazing break for you. I knew Ahem would not be capable of controlling himself when it comes to someone hitting on Gopi.

Oh well and So I will be watching. Come to Tripti and Radha for help and revenge?! Gosh did they suit her well for a negative character! Anyway,so one thing I have also been thinking about is when Meera being alive will be reaveled to everyone. And I wonder if the Modi grandkids will help,out too.

She is sooo amazing and sweet! Anyway,so what I really agree with is when Madhu said to Radha that she refuses to get married to Ahem or else she is not her mother anymore!!

Her middle name is Sakshi but her first name is Shafaq. She knows the man is married and does not care.

But I know Kokila will teach her a lesson because she overheard everything! I loved it when Radha was trying to accidenf dumb and show concern for Koki and then she shows up and smacks the living day lights out of Radha. July 7, at 6: So excited to see what you thought of my entry in the show. But it will be interesting,though. And also,how could Rashi literally hate some keys so much? July 28, at 5: My first epi went on air today!


I just hope that poor Gopi gets a good loving family! July 18, at 1: Did you see ggopi I have a feeling she will though.

I mean they are only playing a role. Anyways,the monkey scene was really funny how the monkey was attacking Tripti! I almost died right then and there when Agem heard that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you and I hope you get the part and your dream comes true about getting the role.

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She herself said those were just rumours! August 5, at 4: Porno izle bedava clits. April 10, at 9: Do you know that Rucha Hasabnis will leave Saathiya in July? I took the audition.

You know that Radha is crazy so I was not surprised when she showed Madu so much attitude. It feels sooo good seeing the two sisters close like that! So have a great day. June 23, at 5: And yeah I did get a chance to see that.

Jaggi Apologises to Kokila

Sen porno porno videolari. There is a channel there called Dtfstarplus2. Now I am officially Anyways,Kokila gets her memory back!!!!! You are so right! The way she gave Gopi a dirty look while taking the keys like a queen and getting the money while poor Gopi was asking her what she wants to get Rashi was giving her the silent treatment and a dirty look. But,no,now she knows that it will not work the same because Gopi has gone through a lot and is more strong and accidebt now.


So yes I know you will be busy on the set when you start…. But I guess she is itching to go back to her old ways. July 29, at 9: Can you believe it? Part 1 and 2.

Gopi gets KIDNAPPED in Ahem & Gopis Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th March 2014 FULL EPISODE

Meera is so adorable I really was hoping that Meera would get to enjoy being a part of the family since she was gone so many years. The scene with Aunt Esther was elisode funny! So they better all watch out including Kokila. Rashi will give her a piece of her mind. Those keys are a responsibility to the whole house and family and she hates it because ahm has to do work?! June 21, at 4: