As technology evolves, so must style. The Blu-Ray problem might be one of the reasons why Cameron wants to go all the way to 60 fps. For the past century, cinema has trained us to recognize 24 frames per second as a reflection of reality. System Software Beta Testing Forum. You had this very rapid standardization towards how to shoot a scene and actually edit it together. But to the average viewer, 48 fps looks like an exaggerated version of a television program shot at the common video tape speed of 30 fps.

And the shooting schedule for both parts of the two-part film involves days of principal photography. Keep in mind that the movie medium we are accustomed to has used a degree shutter, resulting in the “texture” that we know as movies not television. Joe Redifer You need a beating today Posts: A Space Odyssey and Blade Runner , developed a 60 fps, 65mm process in the late s. Trumbull’s website describes a camera system he’s designed that could popularize variable frame rate filming:. Can you already return your Cat.

Our eyes know how to make sense of the real world, and they cienma how to make sense of a still painting or a movie. Cutaway Millennium Falcon Model Miniature! Cineworld told me it will present The Hobbit in HFR 48fs 25 of its 76 cinemas, once projectors have been upgraded with new boards that decrypt the movie file in the projector rather than on a server.

Bilbo Baggins waddles down the dimly lit hallway of his cozy hobbit hole, its cramped quarters at once instantly familiar, though they’ve lain dormant since ‘s Return of the King.

Such a visually lush movie presented in a frame rate that allows you to drink in every detail is a big deal for cinema. All times are Central GMT Don’t show this again. Smith’s attentional theory makes me wonder if the way we watch movies is something we learn subconsciously from the first moments loondon sit in front of a television. Digital cinema auditoriums are currently not equipped to support 48 fps movies, though work is being done to change that.

In studying film cognition, Smith worked to link the language of film–moviemaking conventions and guidelines like the degree rule –to their cognitive foundations.

The Film-Tech Forums are designed for various members related to the cinema industry to express their opinions, viewpoints and testimonials on various products, services and events based upon speculation, personal knowledge and factual information through use, therefore all views represented here allow no liability upon the publishers of this web site and the owners of said views assume no liability for any ill will resulting from these postings. It never caught on, but he’s returned to the idea in recent years.


Oatley reported that for The Hobbit production shoots TB icnema camera data per day.

The higher framerate is a breakthrough in cinematography that results in a sharper, crisper and less blurred picture — however, critics believe that images can sometimes appear awkwardly realistic and detract from the immersive nature of a film.

Each projector maker will have its own strategy for high frame rate support. Development of the postproduction process began in 48fpps worked closely with Park Road to enhance the system to meet the needs of the production. This makes it possible to digitally merge any number of adjacent frames in order to recover the appropriate amount of blur necessary for 24 fps display. Ultimately cinema-goers deserve to see it for themselves — so let’s hope more cinemas decide to offer HFR to film fans after The Hobbit ‘s royal premiere on 12 December.

SDI can only carry certain approved types of signals. Actually Trumbull keeps mentioning I do wonder if the downside is that it loses some of the magic of the image. Snub-Nosed Blade Runner Blasters!

Jackson screened 10 minutes to press at CinemaCon, where viewers were disoriented by how smooth and real the footage looked, saying it felt like a TV show rather than a film. Why does 48 frames per second look so weird? With just over a week before release, the situation has improved as the major multiplex chains have finally confirmed which cinemas will offer HFR. With the 48fps system now in place, Oatley said Park Road Post is now prepared to handle future 48 fps productions.

Or to reminisce himself into a flashback and be carried away into a PBS revolutionary war reenactment, where Bilbo’s outfit wouldn’t look entirely out of place. Hardly any British cinemas will show The Hobbit: But that idea doesn’t fly when it comes to movies. Galaxy S10 Plus ongoing review: Yes, HFR video requires far more storage space.

Don Shaw, senior director, product management, Christie Entertainment Solutions, estimated that worldwide there are between 40, and 50, installed Series 2 projectors that are capable of being upgraded.

An Unfinished Journey in 3D projected at 48 frames per second when it opens in theaters this December. I imagine the shutter speed and whatnot will all be set for 48fps. The acting often feels like a stage play, with the actors oddly positioned, the dialogue exaggerated.


This patented process will provide a compression of visual data that will bring immense improvement to the viewing experience, and also offers the unique opportunity to “embed” 60 fps object motion within a 24 fps overall “look”, thus preserving the cinematic texture while enabling unblurred fast action.

The effort also involved Christie and Barco. Smith shoots down the relationship between film and our limited perception of “moments” in time.

48 FPS and Beyond: How High Frame Rate Films Affect Perception

Shooting at a high frame rate HFR cuts down on motion blur and gives you a better look at the sumptuous sets, clever CGI and British telly stars in fake noses that comprise Peter Jackson’s vision of Middle Earth. Smith specializes in film cognition, studying how our brains process images and how perception interacts with the world of film.

Kerwin claims the brain can easily distinguish 24 fps from reality but can’t do the same for 48 fps, which throws us for a loop. There are roughly 50 days to go.

Film-Tech Forum: Article on 48fps for Digital Projectors

Adam Savage Repairs Totoro Costume! My TV can do both 48Hz and 96Hz your choice but most TVs do have have a refresh rate that is divisible by 24, 30, 60 and 48 like mine. In the 48 fps Hobbit, Martin Freeman’s visual gags fall flat. I don’t really see anyone winning from this whole 48fps thing. Or, at least, a readily acceptable unreality. Because that’s what it looks like, what it reminds us of.

I was winging it during The Hobbit 19 Nov Film gossip. But we can’t really see the frame rate directly. If the second installment is released in both 2D and 3D HFR incomparing the two will be interesting. Smith helped shed some light on the psychology of high frame rate film and why our brains so vehemently reject it.