Despite Howard wanting to keep his birthday secret Candice throws a lavish fancy dress party for him which Oregon, running for student president, also uses to enhance her campaign. The other actors in the show also do an incredible job. February 16, 0. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. JP continues to try and impress his old schoolfriends by obtaining drugs for them, using Howard as a ‘ wingman ‘. Kingsley and JP’s fight soon enters the kitchen, where JP throws a bread knife and then a plate at Kingsley, who tries to reason with him, all the while insisting that there was never anything happening between him and Sam.

The IT Crowd Series Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Retrieved from ” https: Before she can protest, he tells her that he knows what she did, and that he thought she was better than that. Vod 30 episodes, It also forces him to struggle through many awkward phone conversations between them. Vod falls madly in love with Al, the man who is repairing the lock, but Howard convinces Oregon that he is a potential perpetrator.

Some comforting words from Oregon make her decide to head back and hand in her dissertation. Dave storms back to the house to confront Kingsley, who is hiding in the bathroom with JP, and finds out that Josie slept with both of them. Meanwhile, Vod has found a short-term solution to her ever escalating money troubles by getting a job in a local pub.

Fresh Meat

This Is England ’90 4 Episodes. Josie 30 episodes, Although the party that Candice is organising clashes with Oregon’s sereis party and a LAN party that Howard has organised to rival Candice’s, the three soon merge into one, as Howard soon finds himself enjoying Candice’s party more than his own. How Much Have You Seen?

Howard, Vod and JP all attend the event, and after Vod impresses the representative, they all look set to get internships.

She is shocked when Tony Shales hints that he contributed to Frobisher’s death just so he could raise his own profile by writing the poet’s obituary. Oregon has not yet told Dylan about her relationship with his father, and Tony Shales unsuccessfully continues to try and win her back.

It also forces him to struggle through many awkward phone conversations between them. JP continues to try and impress his old schoolfriends by obtaining drugs for them, using Serids as a freh wingman ‘.


Run Box Set Series 1. Eeries, still upset over Kingsley’s relationship with Heather, moves rooms with Sabine, and gets a job at Vod’s hotel, only to get fired. Keith Akushie and Penelope Skinner.

To Oregon’s shock, Vod’s sensationalist, delusional policies are winning more support than her more sensible, in-depth policies, and realises she will need to step up her game, so at the first debate, she successfully manages to discredit Vod’s entire manifesto of “cheap chips,” by pointing out the financial difficulties that this will entail.

The next morning, it is seen that Oregon has slept with Tomothy, Kingsley has slept with Rosa and Josie has slept with JP, much to her evident regret. Views Read Edit View history.

JP unsuccessfully tries to impress two of his old schoolmates by inviting them to the party, where he gets stoned frezh then finds Paul throwing his weights out of the window. This episode is audio described Very strong language and scenes of a sexual nature This episode is subtitled 40 mins.

She jumps on the idea, saying she will write a novel set in Laos, where she plans to move. Heather turns up at the pub, and explains to Kingsley that her grandfather has just died, and she is returning to Hong Kong. The Tribe Series 1.

Fresh Meat – Episode Guide – All 4

The next morning, as Howard and JP relax in their new hot tub and Oregon and Vod head off travelling, Josie boards her coach to return to Cardiff, but just as it pulls away, Kingsley rushes through the crowd just epissode time to see it leave, revealing that he has made his decision. Vod is getting fed up of Javier, but the language barrier and his obvious love for her is preventing her epissode breaking up with him, and her efforts to find him a job so that he can earn money to return to Mexico all fail.

This show hits it on the head on every single level. Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls Series 1. Paul Lamb’s mother serifs Howard to keep an eye on her son, who has apparently had a nervous breakdown. Spaced Box Fdesh Series It’s a new term and the flatmates are back at the house.

Sabine finds her in the bar, expressing concerns over the quantities used when making the pill, causing Vod to worry. The next day, Josie tearfully reveals that Dave has broken up with her, and Vod angrily tells Oregon she knows about the grade change, and tells everyone Oregon’s real name and background. The cinematography set and production design is also superb.


In fact Josie is attracted to him zeries somehow ends up in bed with JP. JP is working hard as an estate agent and happily flat sharing with Kingsley and Howard, serues joined them after concerns over the people he had initially planned to live with.

Youngers Box Set Series The episode closes with Josie initiating sex with JP, who has skirted around career ideas alternative to those his brother has in mind for him.

I was worried Joe Thomas would play the same role as he did in the inbetweeners but the character is unique enough to realize it is not a clone of his old character. Since the only course available to her is Pharmacology, she immediately applies, but is shocked when the course tutor turns out to 4ov Sabine, who makes it clear that she will not support Josie’s application, because of her behaviour.

So in closing I will say that this show is absolutely brilliant in every level. Lists of Epsode comedy television series episodes. TV shows I want to watch.

He comforts her after she confesses she is scared about her future, and the pair almost kiss, but do not do so.

The Fresh Meat Box Set – Series 1 Episode 1 – All 4

A few members of the affected societies then egg her at an empty fdesh launch for this prize in retaliation. JP falls asleep whilst having sex with his date and a misunderstanding leads him to worry that he raped her, and Vod and Howard’s charity date at an all-you-can-eat Chinese restaurant ends badly when Howard’s ‘beat the buffet’ tactics backfire.

She borrows some “clean” urine from Josie, but it doesn’t pass because Josie is frdsh Beta blockers. Once the term has started Oregon loses no time in arguing with her English tutor Professor Tony Shales, though somehow Vod seems to have claimed ownership of her essay.