Also Taryn Manning’s role as the ex-girlfriend is almost unnecessary. He is close to his mates and they’re always touching hands and gently hugging each other. His relationship with his mother Basinger is much more amiable than it is in real life, or at least how it comes across in his music. If you don’t mind the obscenity and violence and there is a bunch , I’d definitely say this is a movie worth seeing. Overall I enjoyed the movie. The film also has one of the best soundtracks I’ve heard in a long time.

Even when he choses not to compete and hands the mike back, this moment is full of power. Eminem plays Jimmy Smith, Jr. The rapping happens because it must happen to these characters at this time, not because Eminem is a rapper. Some may not enjoy it as much, but that’s probably because they go into the movie with different expectations. Paradoxically he projects a powerful inwardness, so that his turning away from everybody makes his face jump out at us. The comparison with Shakespeare’s Henry IV isn’t out of place. But could he take this to the big screen?

There are some scenes that leave you scratching your head.

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The whole focus is on his personality, and in particular his stillness. I have never been able to put a finger on Mr.

It’s surprising – admirable, really – how well Curtis Hansen and his crew keep track of the plot from scene to scene when not much of it seems to matter other than Rabbit’s problems with his mother, Stephanie Smith — Kim Basinger. Also, he does not rap about the things that some people englisy to think is destroying rap music.

In my opinion, they have only listened to small clips that subyitles been played on some discussion about his controversial lyrics. Bassinger is a blue ribbon southern white trash trailor park mom.


This rapper is good just standing there.

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AG] sub download -1 English subtitle 8 miles sub download -1 English subtitle 8. The movie is about his going off to be on his own and give up his rowdy playmates to become a winner, and he walks off by himself in the final scene. The presence of her character is a key plot element that sets up the film, but the appearance of her character in the film by its end seems unnecessary due to the fact that it is mioe.

Brittany Murphy acts as his love interest, but most importantly his muse. AG] sub download -1 English subtitle ckapasia sub download -1 English subtitle 8.

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Language Set favourite s Login. The rapping is really top-quality, cutting edge stuff, for the most part, and it is integrated into subtitlds script so well that it is always clear that the characters choose to rap, not that the script forces them to do so.

This movie only takes its hero to the moment when he walks away, having shown that he can be a star.

Paradoxically he projects a powerful inwardness, so that his turning away from everybody makes his face jump out at us. Given the cast and premise, you probably expect one of two things, either a silly excuse for self-aggrandizement or an overblown caricature of hip-hop culture. This is a movie that goes places movies don’t generally go where, for good or for ill, many people do live every day.

Are they really necessary? This film says something about rap and the human experience that hasn’t been articulated this well many times before; it bridges the gap between rap and poetry in a big way, and makes that gap look a lot smaller. I feel that many of the people who hate Eminem have never actually listened to one of his songs. No, because most likely no one would dare even produce him. Despite all of this, I think that people have overlooked the fact that he said the only thing that truly matters to him is his daughter, Hailie Jade.


Confidential’ six years ago. His rhymes are sharp and intelligent and he always performs them with pure justification. Rabbit’s mother Kim Basingeris on the verge of being evicted from her home and is slutting around with a man who is about the same age as her son. The film is detailed, finely crafted, and has a eenglish heart the size of a boxcar.

But those who say Eminem is sanitized here for mall viewing have an odd notion of language.

Even when he choses not to compete and hands the mike back, this moment is full of power. The film itself is loosely based on his life growing up in Detroit. Man, was I relieved. Home 8 Mile 8 Mile Drama, Music. You don’t get either. All in all, the thing that really defines 8 Mile is how committed to this idea the cast and crew must have been in order to make this film. Things in Rabbit’s life take a turn for the better when he later falls in love with Alex Brittany Murphyan aspiring young woman who dreams of becoming a model and moving to New York to start life a new.

For one, 8 Mile might have the most believable, most powerful representation of an automobile factory of any film in the last twenty years, and it still manages to use the location for sophisticated, plot driving drama. AG] sub download 1 Greek subtitle 8 Mile sub download 0 Greek subtitle 8.