Am looking forward to his and MS’s turn around–I hope like many, that a boytoy comes around and plays with his wife so he goes chasing after his wife!!! DJ still a hottie-though needs some work in the abs dept but I’ll take him love his bull in the china shop ‘tude with YS!! The cellphone stays on but not plugged in for recharging when characters are home sleep. She asks if he has proof that a pretty, rich girl gave him a kiss right now. She also thinks she has a chance with him because he treats Me Ahri like a baby. Gentleman of the Week: He’s one hot ajussi.

Thank you for the recaps orangy! So there is hope for Kim Do Jin after all. Afterwards, Seo Yi Soo could not stop thinking about it even though she knew it was a mistake. He moves past her and jumps over the school wall with his friends… only to find Yi Soo on the other side with a baseball bat. She is adorable, and I like the way she gets Yi Soo in all kinds of trouble. I’m super glad they went the gentle route. LOL Btw, the manager asked Mea-ri did the attorney really hit her but did anyone realize the manager was at her back during the incident occurred?? When she tells Choi Yoon to close his eyes, he reluctantly does so, but keeps them closed extra long, expecting something.

Hahaha, you’re all totally going to track me down and smother me in my sleep!

I know he was jealous, but he could have seriously injured someone. Do Dignuty tells Tae San to stay safe and that he loves him, all while staring down at a flustered Yi Soo.

As soon as she makes that request, Yoon shows up and urges Jung Rok to find another part-time worker.


A Gentleman’s Dignity

I believe Do Jin bought more expensive shoes partially to out-do himself and also to prove that she means more to him than before. Truly great she’s not easily swayed by DJ Episode 4 by Regals.

And every time i heard this song being played, can’t help myself by thinking of Yoo Jae Suk who memorized the full lyrics during the karaoke mission at one of the episode of Running Man Otherwise I have no hope for Yi Soo and demand that you run away with Yoon. What stood out, in particular, were his two strands of dyed hair, gentlemah trend that was popular with idol groups in the 90s.

Now that seven episodes over, I suspect the writer is actually creating a playboy version of JDG’s perfect man character from All about Eve. I love how funny this show is, but I’m glad to see the writer delving into character’s emotions a little more. I think my sympathy for her has to do with the actress being really good at conveying that Sera is more layered than “requisite-k-drama-bitch”.

You guys are so cute. But Yoon is just such a nice and warm person. Loved the gentle sexy KISS! The only character I’m don’t like is Se Ra. Episode 6 by Helcat. Yoon sighs and walks away silently. The crash-the-car-out-of-jealousy was a bit disturbing.

Just a few notes. I was also surprised xignity Do Jin’s epiode kiss. Colin asks Me Ahri how she knows the four men and she replies that Tae San is her older brother while the others are his closest friends. Afterwards, Seo Yi Soo could not stop thinking about it even though she knew it was a mistake. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: He ignores her demands to kick Tae San out with a smirk. He whines that he wants to maintain his body for her.


Jung Rok tries to convince her that the sender is a man but Min Sook is sharp enough to know better. Ultralite Powered by Tumblr Designed by: The shower scene is sexy!

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And the young guy, who is his dad??? His telling SR to be a worthy girlfriend of TS and advising Yoon to be true to his own feelings just stack up the brownie points as a character.

JDG is so wasted in this drama. So funny, when Do Jin mind goes in a tailspin thinking that Yi-Soo is really getting in that car with the first man who offers her money because in the short red dress Yi-Soo is dressed like a call girl of the night. He definitely has a bad stylist. I know it’s not really egntleman to compare the two dramas, but considering both are from the same writers, some of the elements really seem to overlap haha.

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Yi Soo can do nothing but laugh at his silliness. You better check the CCTV!! I can also feel like she cares about Yi Soo even if she is lashing out like crazy now. He stands up to scold her and she finds herself fighting tears again. What’s the song playing during the bubble bath scene at the end? I’m seeing the green eyed monster. I surprise cellphone memory storage of important numbers or items saved does not get destroyed.