My reaction after reading the ending a few more times: Let me know if it’s worth another chance and I might try to dive into it again. There end was sort of abrupt and weak. Jo cheez dunya mein hain hi nahi, usey kiya dhoondna ” gave me goosebumps in real literal terms and I geared myself up to witness something bigger, something greater than the part one. Like In this novel It was clearly pointed out that why interest system is forbidden in islam and how much difficult it can be to get rid of it The words stop here.

Here is the episode 13 of novel Aab-e-Hayyat. Paperback , Anniversary Edition , pages. And then, when we hear that Anaya has never had any male friends much less close male friends because SHE has been brought up like that when at the same time it’s no big deal that her older brother Jibreel has been making female friends freely, ungrudgingly and can go see a woman alone at her apartment, and her younger brother can have girl-friends from an early age, Umera! It was just so unrealistic and so forceful. Is she the same writer who wrote Pir-e-Kamil? Apart from that, Umera Ahmed incorporated a bit too many supernatural details in the story which didn’t seem very practical. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The characters in the story are just as much humans as we are and so is the author so a little margin should be given to everyone.

The journey of two years finally coming to a stop, leaving me with mixed feelings. W ” which became her identity. When I first heard of it’s publication I was overcome by a sense of ambivalence; a part of me was excited to know what she had in store for the umwra as a sequel Disclaimer: Either too good or too bad.

Ab-e-Hayat Episode 25 Review (Final Episode)

Now he is surviving for the family. Especially when I thought how haayat this episode was going. Overall it was an absorbing, engaging and somewhat eye-opening read.

Amidst all this, we saw how Immama carried on with the domestic life with upbringing four children. While reading it, i was like oh look this was in my mind too. I sagged in relief and felt proud when Humain survived the bullet and went back, wounded yet determined, to finish what he and Salar had come for.


It’s hard but I am going to try to be very sincere with my review, and it is going Starting off, there’s much to be said about this book which will gradually unfold. I was quite hesitant in reading the sequel to peer e kamil, one of my favourite books, scared to ruin it but well I wasn’t disappointed.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Hasil-o-Mehsool The acquired and the toll Yay: No reason needed 4. I particularly fell in love with each and everyone of their kids and how each character complimented the other so well.

Also, I have no life. Maybe I am biased, maybe it’s hard for me to be objective but these are the things I felt and I have to be true to myself. Z rated it it was amazing.

First of all two protagonists i,e Salaar and Umama were not as same as portrayed in peer e kamil.

In the end I can understand she actually want us to think that “there is no end, every end is beginning of something” but it is a novel so we all expect to see a logical anmed Maybe because he was the only kid who was shown closer to Imama maybe even her favorite child 5. She has written about 16 books ujera, comprising of complete novels and compilations of short stories. It would have been better with explanations included, regarding his work in SIF.

Now in her place is a women who is weak, feels she is useless, is insecure and dependent, always in need of approval from Salar and cries A LOT.

But then… Then, the ending happened. Like I said in the start, the episode was going great. I might pickup this novel some other time.

Aab e Hayat Episode 4 by Umera Ahmed

Aab-e-Hayat is the Arabic term which indicates to Water of Life. And it made me laugh. This is the great novel and teaches to have faith on Allah. But some time passed, and, quite strangely, I found myself going back to those same short stories that I had hated, overcome by the deeper meaning behind those words, and appreciating them. Oct 20, Hiira rated it liked it. Feb 06, Rizwan rated it liked it. Notify me of new comments via email.

Aab-e-hayat was NOT perfection like its prequel. A family… So for rpisode i hayaat it would have been wrong if that tagged was been changed at ths point…. Or was the book missed that part as well? A girl who took big brave decisions in the previous book agmed turns into a Mary Sue!?!


It has pulled me towards realizing what ”eternal life” in the ”hereafter” means, what ”Jannah” means! As she herself episodf said, that in its way, this book is idealistic but I say we do need ideals to build upon, badly. Bait-ul-Ankaboot House of spider Hay: But, what I think would have been poetic justice and more realistic, even if I agree with Umera’s vision for her character as well was for Salar to have succumbed to disease and for Imama specially and his children, the boys and the girls, to carry on his legacy.

Here you can read complete episode of novel. I love Peer e Kamil and thats one of the reasons I didnt want to read this sequel because I did not want it to spoil Peer e Kaamil for me. But honestly I only liked the last 2 or imera chapters of the novel in which there was something serious going on other than Umama and salaar’s repeatative story.

The redemption of characters was exemplary, the e;isode of old home, Alzheimer’s episoed the family reunion was very apt, it really hit the mark.

The entire novel revolves around “wo hil nahi saki thi” and crying episodes. First episode of Aab e Hayat enlightened us with the fact that Aab e Hayat is like a set of cards.

That’s really what’s happened in this novel, that Umama has died. Surah Waqiah is 56th chapter of Holy Quran.

Aab E Hayat Episode 4 Pdf By Umera Ahmed

Are you excited to know whether they lived happily ever after or not? Dec 01, Sidra Irfan Malik rated it liked it Shelves: Every person face many many challenges in life until death and the story goes on and on. The preface says that its about the system xbe interest and how those Muslims who use it in any way lose their duniya and akhirah.

Jun 23, Sami rated it it was amazing.