I cannot believe people still believe that once the daughter is married they are not supposed to look back. I was correct in my assumption that. Adhoori Aurat Review — Last Episode! Both of these episodes were a bit slow, I would have liked it if it was faster paced. She is still unaware of the reason behind his changed feelings and I wonder how she would feel or react when she would get to know them! July 30, Drama Serials 0.

Now this was a perfect episode in my view! By Farwa Batool Naqvi. She wanted to go back to her house with Zayaan to win his approval but Zayaan was least bothered about this. The whole episode was a drag and the real story is still yet to start. She stood up to Zayaan for the first time and gave him the attitude that he truly deserved. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: It will be interesting to see what happens next.

Both of these episodes were a bit slow, I would have liked it if it was faster paced. I am really curious to know what will happen next! Unfortunately, people like Zayaan who are obsessed with perfection do exist auguust real life too. And she aurta knows that, at the moment, she is the woman who matches his standards. I wanted to see this show in the first place because Faisal Qureshi and Ayeza Khan were the.

I have no clue what the writer was thinking when she added this track!

She remembered the words her father had said to her before her marriage and she did not want to disappoint him. Adhoori Aurat Episode 19 — Drama Geo Tv In this episode 19 serial drama Adhoori Aurat, when Mariam was go to their parents home without husband permission and after that matter the mother in law and husband of Agust were talking to her.


Maryam was on top of this world when her daughter Ashiya was born and Zayaan came to meet her in the hospital in high spirits. August 27, Drama Serials 0.

Adhoori Aurat Episode 18 – 360 Degree Change In Maryam!

When will they both stop trying! Mariam mother want that she live with us but she did not want to live with their parents while she ….

The story is getting more and more interesting by the day and we got to see a lot of twist and turns in this episode. This show is going to end soon and I am waiting to. Whether it is a negative role or the role a typical romantic hero, Faysal Qureshi can pull off everything with an ease and grace which are found in very few actors.

It is true that Maryam will get hurt if she ever gets to know what Zayaan has in his mind. I saw the perfect chemistry between. The whole journey of this show has been wonderful, and it was always a pleasure to review it, though the show did get a bit depressing at times.

It completely revolved around Ashiya and how she ends up meeting Zayaan accidentally. This drama is presented by Geo Tv on every Tuesday. If they are facing problems with their in-laws and if they have someone in their life Zayaan then they should definitely turn to their parents for help.

The new turn of events will definitely keep us all hooked. I was correct in my assumption that he is behaving like this because he considers Maryam imperfect now.

Adhoori Aurat Episode 17 – Zayaan’s True Feelings Revealed! |

She stood up to Zayaan for the episoe time and gave him the attitude that he truly deserved. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here August 20, Drama Serials 0. The episode started off on a good note as Zayaan was back to his former self.


But after seeing this new side of Maryam, even this reason was no longer enough to stop him.

Adhoori Aurat-Episode 13 – video dailymotion

I expected her to break down after witnessing such a scene but I was in for a surprise as we got to see the brave and determined side of Maryam again after a long time. Maryam wanted to make Zayaan happy and be close by his side and this is the reason why she refused to go home with Tasneem.

The whole episode was a drag and the real story is still yet to start. A lot of shocking twists and turns happened this week in the show. Zyan and Mariam parents are very upset about …. June 18, Drama Serials 0.

There aurxt a new surprising twist in every scene; a few were completely unexpected while others were a pleasant surprise. It was about time she stood up for herself. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Zayaaninstead of being regretful about what happened, told Maryam on her face what his real problem was. His unreasonable attitude is unbearable to watch at times. The preview for the next episode seems promising.