More straightahead punk statements preserve the poppy melodicity of old, reminding those who are willing to be reminded that The Adverts were never the quintessential style punk band in the first place ‘Male Assault’, ‘Love Songs’ — the latter almost completely sounds like one of those sleazy barroom-issued New York Dolls numbers. Posted by cnoise at 5: Once in the studio, however, the Adverts dispensed with every last vestige of familiarity, treating each song as if it were a completely new piece, and not, as in the case of “Male Assault,” the oldest song in sight, something which they’d dragged along to every gig they’d done for the past 18 months. Wednesday, September 26, The Adverts: Kill The Poor Posted by bat29 at 7:

Apparently, it was recorded in New Orleans when the Dolls had a break while on tour. Doug September 27, at 1: Sure, it does not rock with the same explosive force as the band’s debut — the same could be said about a million other bands, raising hell in the early days and calming down as time went by, and there is no unbreakable law about preferring one side over the other: Cast one thought in the wrong direction and you may get the evil idea that T. As always thanks for being the most regular of commnenters! Trash On Demand vol. Piranhas – John Peel Sessions This is a soundboard recording and the sound quality is excellent.

Sweet Home Chicago Isle full of noises.


His flourishes and textures would come to dominate the record he appears on all but two songsadding to the alien environment that was the new, ambitiously arranged world of the Adverts. There is only Vocals plus piano or guitar on all these songs.

This recordings has them playing mostly those later songs. Damned To Hell After that they disappeared until the late s when they briefly reformed and released a split 12″ with a band called Lifeline. He doesn’t expend much energy on such extraneous details such as bridges or solos; no, he just dashes off a few hasty verses in an impatient rush to the main chorus, making this is the quintessential punk album in terms of spirited style if not substance. This album and the Adverts themselves could only have come out during a specific time and place; released a few years later, and it would not have captured the zeitgeist, because that zeitgeist was long gone.

Only Solitaire blog: The Adverts: Cast Of Thousands

Newer Post Older Post Home. That Striped Sunlight Sound. Funland At The beach Tempest George Romney: Cast of Thousands is on my list of records whose bad reputation totally escapes me.

While there were a few good songs on their later albums I never paid attention to those until years after the ear. My Life’s a Jigsaw. It’s psychedelic baby, that’s what it’s all about. Thunders revived it for his first solo album in The only difference is — to love Crossing The Red Seaall you have to do is to have an appreciation for the punk rock spirit.


Ship Of Fools Steve, your post caused an investigation and while all the tracks are there, they’re not playing in exactly the right order.

We do all love Ms. Piranhas – John Peel Sessions Smash Up Derby V.

Fire Reissue The Adverts ‘Cast Of Thousands’ + ‘Crossing The Red Sea’ for RSD16

adverst Hang Over Heart Attack. For another thing, there is nothing inherently wrong with Cast Of Thousands. Saturday, September 8, Heartbreakers – Arnhem Holland Walls Of Mind Newer Post Older Post Home. Here’s everyone’s favorite San Francisco band.

I parted ways with them after the brilliant first album, caught up with TV Smith’s Explorers and had forgotten that they’d ‘gone prog’with the critically-panned second LP. Anonymous September 27, at 9: All By Myself The bad exception is “Wheels,” a juvenile little, “ooo, wouldn’t it wickedly suck if you were handicapped,” gross-out, but it’s not the much that the lyrics offend, but that the band slows the tempo to a doomy drag.

The Adverts’ second album is milder, more elaborately produced, but so what. Any htousands of posting the ‘Cast of Thousands’ album?