He lives in Baghdad, Iraq with his two older brothers, mother and father. Their mother is sick with rheumatism and she needs a weekly treatment for this chronic disease which causes her much pain and distress. She dreams of studying at University but her circumstances are against her. Since the semester has already started, Mwanaisha has been desperately searching for support and funding for the tuition fees. Women used to fetch water from there on their heads. The most common procedures are peritonitis, bowel obstruction and septic wounds. Increased access to sustainable water and sanitation services by vulnerable groups, especially women, orphans, and others. Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children was established in by women health-care and education professionals in order to help deaf and hearing impaired persons in the Gaza Strip have their chance in life through education, rehabilitation, and job training and employment.

The direction she takes is uncertain at present but she is determined and has shown that determination by being accepted at a top University and is appealing to LFCT for support for her future. She was looking for a technical major that allows her to work immediately to help provide for her family. Ingenious yet simple, the Soular Backpack enables children in rural areas to study through the night and take control of their own education, and their own futures. TB patient very often also have secondary infections such as pneumonia. Investigations revealed right parietal cortical dysplasia on MRI seizure protocol and subtraction Ictal-Interictal SPECT revealed an increased uptake in the right parietal cortical dysplasia as well as in the pricureus. She has a dream of studying and lifting her family out of poverty. After a few months this trial did not receive the welcome the Trust had hoped for. June to August

The project will be started within one week after the actualization of the grant. The robust monitoring system involving multiple parties means that the maintenance of plants is a continual, monitored process.

All of the widows that are taking part, as of today, nearlyhave started earning additional income with pride and dignity For Al-Salihat Secondary School, starting the microfinance project means they can start generating income which can be used towards the cost of lunch. Every student is required to pay for all costs of studies before starting to examinations and if the student fails to pay they may not be allowed to sit the exams.

The marshlands are largely unserved by NGOs and the government, meaning daily life without even the most basic amenities for its residents. This non-sadaat family are receiving funding support from the LFCT for the individual children and the mother is taking part in the micro-finance project.

The naked flame from the lamp is extremely dangerous, often burning nearby clothes, and books. Please contact them for further information. Tahoun al char Saison 2 Episode 11 – hellocoton.


Water is available here feet below the village. Water is fetched by hand from these remote locations. The project is of course, still in need of vital funds whilst the widows switch over to microfinance and to support the workshop in Lebanon.

How would you plan for episide, cooking and bathing?

The project direct beneficiaries are 30 deaf women and men and other needy women aged between 25 and 45 living in different areas throughout the Gaza Strip, with special emphasis on aahlam living in rural and marginalized areas, regardless of age, race, gender, and class. In acute zamwn conditions they have to migrate in search tc water. Yaroo Lanjo Maro Cast of people living: He lives in Nabatieh Fawka, South Lebanon.

His father is 80 years of age and is suffering from hypertension, and diabetes. Now they want this water to be pumped to their houses. There are 7 widows among them all of their husbands had been killed by ISIS. We have looked for a driver and we have found one who is ready to hv Ibrahim in the morning and afternoon but he needs USD They were offered to procure the garments and start selling to generate ,ari income. We can place a prominent plaque or any other such acknowledgment desired, at the hospital in recognition of the donation from the LFCT.

Developing low-cost and user-friendly ways of treating arsenic and saline contaminated water for safe use by rural poor is a key part of this work. This water is collected from open, unprotected ponds, often shared with animals.

The initial prototype was tested in the Kikambala village in Kenya in December and was introduced through focus groups with mothers in the village, school children of different ages and interviews were held with families to understand even more deeply the effects of kerosene on their lives, and what type of solution would be best.

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She is a widow of 6 orphans children; five boys and one girl. Without these medical supplies the hospital could face a shortfall. Unfortunately, he has been suffering with cancer for the past five years meaning he has put his life on hold and lives in limbo. It will be he who will have to care for his father, uncle and brother and the children. Watch full episodes of Ash vs. Here also water is available down below from the village.


It intends to support the economic empowerment and social protection of 30 deaf women and men and other marginalized zsman needy women through maintaining their center-based job opportunities in the fields of traditional embroidery, sewing, pottery making, cooking and baking, carpentry, and painting on wood as follow: However, this month will soon be up for Mutuza and his life is aal on a knifes edge.


He was able to carry butane bottles and deliver to residential houses.

Through the village maps, survey and discussion with the villagers it became clear that there was a real need for a reverse osmosis RO plant and one that was large enough to serve the whole community and not just the village. The cultural compound in Tyre includes an orphanage, an elementary school, a training centre, a restaurant, a nursing institute, and a vocational school.

LFCT donors are requested to donate generously towards this UNIQUE projects towards operational expenses whilst it becomes established and moves towards full self-sustainability.

Initially it will require one year to install the plant properly together with capacity building of entrepreneurs and community.

The whole village had gathered to rv their needs. He was working as an assistant engineer and bringing in a good wage. The villagers have also conducted a water users survey to ascertain who would use the plant if it were to be installed, where users currently fetch water from and how this impacts their daily life. They have five other siblings and live with their mother in a small house in Kerbala.

Your reward is with Allah and He is best to reward. The growth aaman the economy is negatively related to restrictions on mobility, the withholding of taxes, lower donor aid. The village itself stretched for 1.

The place has about 10 houses and comprises of 60 people. Filling the modern eye area with clean and graded river gravel for filter of approved required size arranged M3 4. Tahoun walks on stumps 2 by Ashraf Tahoun. The story this month is of Hawraa and Abbas. As well as losing her husband, their mother had no source of income and was desperate for help with even the most basic amenities; food, medicine and clothing. Bonongwe Head of ObstetricsDr. Project performance and progress will be monitored through the following: The locality comprises of 18 houses with people.

In principles of national water supply management strategy, the management and administration of the water supply scheme is epissode to the beneficiary communities found at local level. The Principal of the school is delighted and the shop has been established at the school.