Aladdin, Jasmine and the others have traveled to Odiferous to witness the wedding of Prince Uncouthma to his beloved, the strong barbarian woman, Brawnhilda. Soon only Genie and Iago are left, and they learn that a mystical gem which fell from a chest is the cause of this battle. Princess Jasmine voice Frank Welker Of Ice and Men After Aladdin and company take a trip to the frozen north they meet an ice efreet named Frajhid. The Lost Ones Children are disappearing all over Agrabah. He succeeds, but Aladdin and the others rescue him, and Mukhtar reveals he is working for hire; however, all but one of Genie’s old masters are dead Jibraic, who wants his servant back.

The Sultan tells Aladdin to take charge of the kingdom while he’a away. Mechanicles and Abis Mal meet and find they have the same common enemy: He gives Agrabah something they’ve never had: Aladdin and Rasoul must find a way to work together to finally beat Aziz without fighting each other in the process. Both sets of episodes are listed together here. Saturday, December 3rd, Queen Deluca turns the Sultan and Jasmine into gemstones and kicks Aladdin out of the palace. Ayam Aghoul escapes the Netherworld and uses his shadow to remove the shadows of Aladdin and his friends.

Genie has never won a game against carpet, but when he meets two game-loving wizards, how far will he go to win?

Mirage opens an enchanted music box, which plays a tune that puts everybody near it to sleep until it is episdoe again. Genie becomes the target of a shaman who wants his magical powers and will go to great lengths to get them. Twenty years ago, a much younger Sultan stumbled upon a magnificent garden and plucked a flower to take home to his bride.

While there, he gives surprising twists to Aladdin’s life, such as an evil twin and genie, and sets out to make his life more exciting.

Now everyone must recreate Sadira’s fantasy in real life, and Aladdin maclho give Sadira true love’s kiss before the spell can be broken.


The Sultan decides to don a suit of armor from an ancient warrior.

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She doesn’t know why, but she feels drawn to Aladdin. Back at the ship, Aladdin and Abu find that Merc is still alive, and convince him to help them repair his ship using the shark remains.

But when the 40 Thieves disrupt the wedding trying to steal a magical oracular talisman, Aladdin is drawn into a dangerous quest to stop the thieves and reunite with his Father for The First Tme! He gets his chance when he comes upon one of Mechanicles’ contraptions a giant robot built in his likeness. While Genie’s on his quest to find his home he meets a female Genie along the way. Beast or Famine Genie becomes the target of a shaman who wants his magical powers and will go to great lengths to get them.

Meanwhile, back at their lair, a shaman reveals himself to Genie and tells him his plans: The Ethereal Jasmine has a dream about the destruction of Agrabah. Tuesday, November 15th, While imprisoned, Aladdin reveals the reason why the others were left behind – Genie and Carpet because their magic could be detected, and Iago because he is a loudmouth.

The family begins to fight over the throne, which summons the same Alaedin Rift that destroyed Mesmaria. Complications arise when Brawnhilda decides she wants to marry Aladdin instead, as he is frail compared to barbarians, and aladin protection. Mechanickles decides to be a father and builds himself a robotic son, but things go wrong when this robot son has a makcho of his own.

The only way to cure this spell is a kiss from Sadira, but Jasmine won’t allow it. Saturday, November 12th, 9: Wednesday, October 26th, Wednesday, September 14th, 8: After Iago’s latest moneymaking scam of tricking the Sultan by having him place jewels in a mechanical robot he built is exposed by Aladdin and Abu, episods Sultan kicks Iago out of the palace as punishment. Aladdin and the others naturally go after Genie, but soon all but Al are defeated, until the Mukhtar returns, imprisoning Mozenrath with magic-trapping bolas and releasing Mxlcho.


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As Aladdin and his friends journey through the desert, they witness a battle between the Riders of Ramond and some marauders, which is suddenly cut short.

The only way to reverse the curse that binds Jasmine underwater is to return Saleen to the sea, which is easier than it seems, as Saleen’s enchanted water also enables Jasmine to connect with any water source. She takes back the gems Aladdin took and summons her three brothers, despite her husband’s objections.

Saturday, October 29th, 7: However, when Genie is captured while investigating Mechanicles’ latest scheme, it is up to Aladdin to rescue him. He pursues Mal and Haroud, just as they steal the eye of Fashoom and the cyclops is reawakened.

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After telling the story of how he met them, Aladdin and co. Tuesday, September 6th, 2: When they do the wizard attaches his head to his body then removes Aladdin’s head from his own!

Aladdin and Jasmine alardin soon captured, and while Mal takes Jasmine and the newly captive Genie to Fashoom’s lair, Al is left in a dungeon. After finding that a treasure called golden silk is being protected by a giant worm, Nefir poisons Aladdin and tricks Genie into helping him, with the promise that a small amount of the golden silk can cure Aladdin.

After taking Queen Deluca’s emerald, Aladdin destroys it, which undoes Deluca’s curses, changes King Zahbar back to a human, depowers the emeralds of Queen Deluca’s brothers, and removes the Great Rift.

An ancient civilization is giving premonitions to Abu. Confusingly, they were aired before the release of The Return of Jafarwhich takes place before the events of the series.