Tamora Pierce , YA literature. Pierce drew much of her inspiration from other fantasy series such as The Lord of the Rings by J. To avoid their respective fates, Alanna and Thom hatch a brilliant plan; Alanna will disguise herself as a boy, call herself Alan, and take Thom’s place as a knight. But a TV series with all the appeal of something like Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings , for that matter specifically aimed at young girls could accomplish something nothing on TV right now can claim. Characters from Alanna’s adventures appear in Daine’s. Thom will go to the City of the Gods, where he will hopefully be able to train as a sorcerer. Set at a time and place where girls are forbidden from becoming knights, the novel details the beginning of Alanna of Trebond ‘s training as a knight as she hides her real gender from teachers and fellow pages. A list of characters is found here , but because many of the characters appear in subsequent series, there are many spoilers.

All the squires were warned to stay away from the Black City, a city just within view of Persopolis, by Duke Roger. One day I will write a piece about what her books have meant to me and how important they are for young women, but io9 currently has a wonderful primer up on their site. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Tricia Ennis Tricia Ennis. Chosen One of The Day. After this, Jonathan chooses Alanna to be his squire when he is knighted that year.

If you follow the pattern of a single book per season, the length offers writers and producers an opportunity to expand trbond the story they’re adapting, rather than making massive cuts or logical leaps in order to move things along. By submitting your information, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

In the hand of the goddess. Because of gender inequity, women’s contributions are often ignored, which is quite common in our society. What all of these franchises lacked was the ability to run organically for a decade, not to mention wide appeal across ages and genders.


Jonathan saves his shock for later, as Alanna and Jonathan must combine their powers to defeat the Ysandir. Jonathan said that yes, he had, but only so that Jonathan could rid Tortall of a great evil. Languages Svenska Edit links.

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Languages Svenska Edit links. In the second volume, Alanna also acquires the magical cat ‘Faithful’, who accompanies her thereafter Faithful is hinted to be an immortal, but his origins remain unknown. My film agent tells me that the largest barrier to my getting a film deal is one of the things grebond fans like best: King of the Thieves until she can beat him herself.

Alanna has a powerful healing Gift, but is frightened to use it, alannz she doesn’t tell anyone that she can heal. Characters have to be combined and condensed, plot points glossed over or omitted entirely, and writers and producers are so rarely offered a chance trebonc put their own mark on the story.

Yes, I am aware that the vast majority of you reading this right now have no clue what I’m talking about, but that’s part of the beauty.

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Song of the Lioness is the first series set in the Tortall Universe and stars Alanna of Trebond, a young girl who disguises herself as a boy to become a knight. Due to this refusal of her abilities, Francis of Nond, one of trebonr friends, dies.

This causes quite a bit of discourse in Alanna as she struggles filmm identify herself as a female while living as a boy. Every book has a beautiful illustration, and even has a new foreward by Pierce herself!


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In the Hand of the Goddess. The books follow her from the beginning of her training to adulthood as she struggles with issues both internal and external: With such a variety of heroes existing across the timeline of the show, it’s a great way to bring a fresh tone and a new perspective to the show every couple of years.

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To her credit, Pierce takes it all incredibly well. Will they have to behave differently, now that you are of the tribe? Think of a series like Game of Thrones.

Pierce saw the need for a female protagonist in the significant lacking of such heroes in the fantasy novels she enjoyed as a child, often stating that she wrote what she as a young-adult would have enjoyed. Chosen One of the Frebond Unfortunately, Alanna is shortly to teebond dispatched by her inattentive father to a temple in the City of the Gods, to learn to become a young lady – to her, a fate worse than death – whilst Thom is similarly destined for the royal palace, where he will train as a knight; his worst nightmare.

Better that you die and become a legend. Tamora Pierce’s ‘Song of the Lioness ‘ “. You are too new; you are too different. Subsequent series introduce us to Daine, a young woman just discovering her abilities with magic, or Kel, the very first girl alxnna openly train for knighthood.