That’s why whenever there’s a newcomer, I make them share the room with you. Sakuto follows him around as he was worried for him but Yanagawa finds Sakuto to be a nuisance and he becomes mad and tells Sakuto he must have hit bottom rock to be pitied by someone like Sakuto. In accordance with the Privacy Act and the Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council, by clicking on the “Enable cookies” button you agree to:. May 17, 10 of 10 episodes seen. Like for example, see how Hiyama was so spiteful at the start yet he immediately warmed to Sakuto: Hiyama then says that the reason for his coming and him not coming is not just that.

Haruka thanks Hachisuka and tells him she will immediately go to Sakuto. Sakuto is transformed into a genius through surgery. He wants to be able to understand so that he can say things that will make her feel better. Of course that drug is just a beta, its effectiveness isn’t guaranteed. Rio says she still hasn’t thanked him. It seems so since he’s able to refer to the note he left for himself.

Regardless of the ratings, i really really enjoy it and deeply moved. Any amount is okay, he can write whatever he wants.

Sakuto asks Sugino to persuade Kawaguchi on the operation. Yanagawa asks him about Sakuto.

And if that happens, he wants them not to meet anymore. Legend Of Fu Yao Episode Boku, unmei hanataaba hito desu He didn’t even consult me with anything. Once again, this is a masterpiece.

Haruka comforted Sakuto here. Haruka calls Sakuto’s name but when they get apgernon face each other though, Sakuto just looks at her, looks at the notepad he’s been holding then walks away.


Edit this Page Edit Information. The operation of Rio proceeds. He deserves to have someone too: Kawaguchi says it’s thanks to Sakuto that his daughter is now awake. In doing so, his watch falls to the floor. Show off, to be thought of as a good person. It seems Rio’s operation was successful. It’s like cure for those boys using fpisode and kindness Saku-chan has. Don’t have a livejournal but I have read your summaries to know about the drama better!

Episode #1.10

It’s because you’re my mama I wanted to hold you tight. In accordance with the Privacy Act and the Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council, by clicking on the “Enable cookies” button you agree to:. In a car going home, Hachisuka tears. Week after week, you provided us with these detailed summaries.

To know what to say when a friend is feeling down. Learn more More Like This. Rio Kawaguchi 10 episodes, This is one of best Japanese dramas i watched in the past few years. Truly beautiful story indeed.

He doesn’t think at all about his family. Takebe just says it’s alright now and walks away. Yanagawa doesn’t understand that because if he did then he wouldn’t have come to there. Hiyama places Sakuto’s jacket on him then he and Yanagawa lie next to Sakuto.

Madoka warns Sakuto, you’re just like that person. And there’s the possibility that the reaction will instantly advance as well. Haruka is now alone by the lake as she remembers what Sakuto last told her, when the regression starts, he doesn’t want to be seen by Haruka like that.

We should be contented with what we have. Whatever they do, they wouldn’t be able to defend against it. Hachisuka asks her to wait but Haruka ends the call cutting what Hachisuka was about to say about Sakuto.


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Maybe Sakuto let him visiting his sister so that he could “entrust” Karen to guy like him. They run into her room. I want ow become smarter. Haruka cries and hugs him and said “I’m so sorry for making you eppisode through all this pain.

Sakuto goes to Haruka’s apartment and tells her that the professor does not love her, that he is only using her to stay by his side. Madoka tells her it can’t be helped anymore either.

The flower shop owner runs after him and tells him to calm down and Sakuto cries even harder saying he doesn’t want to be stupid and the flower shop owner said he understands, he will never leave him and will always be by his side no matter what happens.

Hachisuka was just calm algerno he asks, you just wanted to tell me that?

She remembers her plea to Madoka about Sakuto. Haruka soon follows inside as with Kokubo and the rest of the team.

Did he take the medicine Hachisuka brought him? Oomasa Aya Koide Mai. Sakuto and his team are in the operating room.