She goes to the attic and wishes to live with the couple in the future. Anne-Marie overhears the conversation and tearfully runs away before she is kidnapped by Carface, and Charlie follows them. Anastasia Bartok the Magnificent Titan A. A post-credits scene shows Carface ripping off his angel wings and halo while planning to get his revenge against King Gator by taking one of the clocks; until he is warned by the whippet angel that if he takes the clock, he can “never come back” before being chased by her. Unfortunately, he only makes the deal so that he can dispose of and kill him. Carface’s raygun, not without reason: Earlier on in the film, Carface makes Charlie a bargain.

The next day at the race track, Charlie steals a wallet from a couple as they talk to Anne-Marie and become alarmed by her unwashed appearance. The Heavenly Whippet speaks in a high-pitched, soft voice King Gator, who is worshiped by the sewer rats living with him in the sewers of New Orleans. Charlie starts to grow attached to the little girl, who desperately wants a family, and undergoes a slow change of heart. While the first film boasted Don Bluth ‘s trademark lush, classical animation, with the sequel being lower budget but still reasonably fluid, the TV series simplified the characters to be more youthful and easier to animate until they resembled Filmation levels of Limited Animation. The film tells the story of a German shepherd named Charlie B. Its a great family time habit, apart from being a good bonding experience, there are several very good reasons why you should be watching movies with your family more often: Charlie dies while saving Anne Marie, but because he proved that he can care for someone besides himself, he saves his soul from Hell, thus saving his afterlife.

The waffles and the pizza. Charlie sheds a single alldogsgotohevaen at the end. Carface tries to do this in The Stingerbut the archangel whippet chases him down before he gets the chance. Bluth agreed and allowed Reynolds and DeLuise to ad-lib extensively; Bluth later commented, “their ad-libs were often better than the original script”.


It ultimately costs him his life, but also earns his redemption. The sound is so xlldogsgotoheaven to the alligator that he set Charlie free.

He brings it up again when Carface tracks him down, tries to kill him and burns down their new casino.

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Annabelle says to Charlie as he is expelled from Heaven, “You can never come back! The Heavenly Whippet speaks in a high-pitched, soft voice This movie last watched at: The film’s time period.

Anne-Marie overhears the conversation and tearfully runs away before she is kidnapped by Carface, alldogsgotoheaven Charlie follows them. The guy draws up the blueprints for and builds Charlie’s casino by himself! Retrieved from ” https: There’s also the never-fully-explained language barrier when Anne-Marie says she can’t understand the rat minions because the “talk too funny,” implying that the sounds alldosgotoheaven making are a language, just not English.

The film opened in North America on November 17,which was the same day as Disney’s 28th full-length animated motion picture The Little Mermaid ; once again, Sullivan Bluth Studios’ latest feature would be vying for box-office receipts with Disney’s, just as their last two films An American Tail and The Land Before Time had.

Carface’s raygun, not without reason: A somewhat tragic version of this, Itchy begs Charlie at the beginning not to go through with this harebrained revenge scheme and fupl fresh somewhere else.

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She has been compared to Snow White. Pausing on Charlie’s record in Heaven not only lets the viewer see the names of his parents and a rather cute baby picturemoive some very readable text.


Seven years later, it received a sequel, All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 par for the course for every animated film ever during that timeand a TV series adaptation, neither of which Bluth had any involvement with. Articles with hAudio microformats Album infoboxes lacking a cover Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia.

Charlie’s birthday is September 13th,Don Bluth ‘s birthday. Even the angelic Annabelle brutally, but cheerfully, stresses that he’s “stone-cold” dead once he realises where he is.

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Movie night with the family is important, and we should always make time to watch free movies as a family with the kids. Ink-Suit Actor Charlie is designed with Burt Reynold’s thick, expressive eyebrows, as well as a little fluff on his muzzle to resemble Reynolds’ mustache.

Get Known if you don’t have an account. Halfway through the movie, a happy sharing song, a sad “I Want” Songand a nightmare all occur one after the alldogsgoyoheaven in the span of about ten minutes.

All Dogs Go to Heaven”. After Charlie’s Heroic SacrificeAnnabelle appears as a small glowing ball of light and either banishes or destroys the giant devil hound that had come to take Charlie to Hell. All Dogs Go to Heaven Charlie gets this literally when he says goodbye to Anne-Marie. Time Warp Dragon’s Lair 3D: Used to cheer the disillusioned Anne-Marie. Carface, who got Charlie sent to the pound in the first place and is looking to do away with him permanently, takes him out for a celebration, gets him drunk and murders him via vehicular manslaughter dog-slaughter?