Fleetwood is astonishingly good Neil Austin is a Tony- and Olivier Award-winning lighting designer working internationally on plays, musicals, opera and dance. Tristram Kenton Reviews Theatre. Tags Almeida Theatre Reviews. As Costume Designer, theatre includes: Following audacious, storm-summoning productions of Oresteia and Bakkhai, Rupert Goold completes the trilogy with his own take on Euripides, tying a great big ribbon around things — or, rather, an umbilical cord. Talkback Mon 26 Oct Post-show discussion with members of the Medea company.

The final speech is delivered impressively but without the terror, and there is no way to salvage the end of the production. A production like this needs a leading lady — and boy, do they have a leading lady. Sherlock ; Holby City ; The Bill. Dude, Where’s My Donkey? As Choreographer, theatre includes: As Assistant Choreographer, theatre includes:

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Review: Medea, Almeida Theatre

Additionally, Cusk makes a point of the themes of justice, power and feminism, without bombarding an already knowledgeable audience, and remains ccast to the jedea Medea. And Fleetwood, coiled with pent-up fury, at one point collapsing in a broken heap, has never been better. As Choreographer, dance includes: Free to same day ticket holders.

Her Medea is a successful writer whose marriage to a similarly accomplished husband is falling messily apart. Art Angel Television includes: One of the most noticeable contemporary additions to the script is its relationship with the perception of women, especially when they have children.

The Merchant of Venice. Kate Fleetwood is elemental in the title role, captivating throughout, cool and sharp as a Japanese kitchen knife but also faintly animal and fire-eyed. The commissioning of the admired novelist and author to produce a new version of the play looked at once inspired and mischievous when it was announced.


With live speech-to-text transcription by Stagetext. The Guardian Read Full Review. Visit our adblocking instructions page. View Medea on facebook View Medea on twitter. Together with author Rachel Cusk, he has made a version of Medea which is absolutely a play about women — or, more theatee, about women like Cusk. Andy de la Tour. Cusk introduces an old-fashioned, unsympathetic mother — with sidelined, almost silent father – who pins the blame for the domestic catastrophe on her daughter for her refusal to compromise: Telegraph Culture Theatre What to See.

A commericals for Pact. Evening Standard Read Full Review. The affection towards her children is lacking, showing casst moments of love and tenderness making it all to easy to see her almeixa for the result. Little Revolution ; Festen. It is an inventive idea that works with the themes of the play and the whole concept.

Production of Medea | Theatricalia

But the production is undermined by the permeating taint of privilege, of wealth, like tea seeping into paper, and it has a real impact on its potential almeidx devastate. Sherlock ; Holby City ; The Bill. Rupert is Artistic Director of the Almeida Theatre. But just as the evening begins to reach a peak of malign energy — the backdrop disclosing blood-red skies, the chorus thrashing in stylised contortions, the costumes subtly shifting to evoke ancient times — Cusk introduces an arty twist to the plot, and a concerted ambiguity that may well have you scratching your head.

Hannah Glasse hteatre Takes.

As a novelist and particularly as a writer of memoir, Cusk excels at exploring the under-discussed, the trauma of motherhood, the bloody rupture of divorce. Kate Fleetwood is elemental in the title role Medea as a Greek tragedy is a cathartic, stimulating work that challenges directors, actors and audience. Danger in the Manger. The ensemble is used with haunting, stylised physicality with the image of five clingy, disapproving stay-at-home mums, theayre children are cared for with endless devotion.


As Assistant Choreographer, theatre includes: We and our partners use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience alkeida our website. As Assistant Choreographer, thheatre and film include: As Choreographer, theatre includes: The searing torments of divorce — the acrimonious wrangling, the theatrs of it all, the futile rhetoric about moving on, the children — two boys here — caught in the crossfire — all this is laceratingly rendered, the dialogue flinty, perfect.

Proof of age will be required when collecting the tickets. The real-life stars of Come from Away: However, we cannot condemn those to choose to become full-time parents either, as I feel Cusk has does slightly in this production.

Talkback Mon 26 Oct Post-show discussion with members of the Medea company. Tristram Kenton Reviews Theatre. Richard II ; Macbeth. Installations and performances include: Well, maybe, but thousands of others too.

The final moments of the play do not bring any maddening horror theatde I felt entirely untouched, spoiling the concept for me. As Assistant Costume Designer, film includes: As a performer, theatre includes: If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

The reporting messenger is dressed half-man and half-woman, which makes an important point, resembling the force and confliction but relationship between the two sexes.