Both watches are very similar in function and design. Like many of the watches on this list, this one is a sizable investment. Summary Whether you’re hiking through the back country, or meeting with a client for lunch, this altimeter watch can handle nearly everything you can throw at it. While it may be tempting to think that the altimeter in your watch is taking elevation measurements with every swing of the arm, the truth is actually much more interesting. This buying guide of altimeter watches has been put together to show you the best researched and reviewed altimeter watches to give you your altitude, GPS location, and also a variety of other features to give you the extra edge when on your next adventure. While the case diameter is a bit hefty at 5. The battery CR is user replaceable.

The Barometer tracks the same but the Altis reads slightly higher than the Altiforce. Please share your experience. How to re-waterproof your rain jacket and other rainwear? Wearing Comfort This watch is somewhat bulky and oversized, so some users may find it a bit overwhelming. Durability The case, band, and technology of the Casio Pro Trek watch are specifically designed to be used in the great outdoors. However, to access the details of the activity you need to pair the watch with your Smartphone for synchronization. One of the reasons we picked Suunto to be our top pick is because they managed to get it down to a 5x4x4 and 4.

Reasonably priced for an altimeter watch featuring a GPS unit, this entry on the list is a great choice for those wanting to upgrade to take advantage of some wonderful technology. Last edited by Mystro; July 28th, at Part of this altimeterr the quality of the instrument.


In the setting mode of this function you can specify 3 altitudes for known locations. Tell them WUS sent you. Each has their advantages and disadvantages, and their uses.

What’s it like compared to a Suunto X lander? Both watches are very similar in function and design. I have tested both of these watches with this source and have found them to differ slightly but I guess as long factical it adjust the same amount up and down all things are equal. So far, my findings are positive. Most altimeter watches have two different ways to calibrate.

A really great feature. Power Supply – Rechargeable, or disposable batteries? What water resistant means is that the watch is protected from humidity. Price This altimeter watch, even with all the different features often sells for a fraction of the cost of some of its competitors, making it a great buy for those wanting a quality watch to add to their outdoor gear collection. Revkew time display by pressing one button, hold that altimteer button for a few seconds and the main time display will change to the second time zone.

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Another factor that most people overlook is how the watch feels against the wrist. Similar to the bigger brother model above, but severely under the price radar, Casio brings us a tzctical of Japanese quartz-powered clockwork, blended with a solar-powered digital display and battery. It is very, very black looking. The Altitude lock mode We dedicated this to the best of the best, focusing on function, flair, and the most reliable brands on the face of the planet.

Adele Watson Updated By: The Garmin Tactix Bravo watch offers great functionality and durability and thus ranks high in this selection of the best military watches.


Designed specifically to be used in the outdoor environment, this watch certainly takes the idea of rugged comfort to a whole new level. Great comparison, thank you!

So the two watches seem to match up pretty closely in terms of functions and specs, with a tip of the hat going to the altis in terms of case, strap and readability.

Altumeter Altiforce is really wstch nice stealthy looker! I also checked the Temperature and that too seems to read the same.

While there is a lot of great things going on with this watch, one of the areas that it falters a bit in the readability of the watch face.

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I can’t say enough about it Suunto Traverse Alpha Video. The Casio Rangeman GW receives time calibration radio signals up to 6 times per day. While some watches on atimeter list may be a bit larger or more cumbersome than others, they have been designed with the user in mind, and their comfort as well. It shows the coordinates of your current location in MGRS format and supports navigation by providing you with directions to waypoints or along pre-planned routes.

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I to am use to some heft on my wrist. Which product do you prefer? Garmin Fenix 5X Show more.