Haruko refuses, but Aki, who was a shy and gloomy girl in Tokyo, suddenly brightens and declares she wants to be an ama. But at one point, Natsu collapses in Sodegahama and Haruko leaves to tend her. When Yui’s older brother Hiroshi takes a job at the local tourism bureau and uploads videos of his sister on the town website, train otaku begin flooding the town. Just in time, the With Suzuka’s help, Aki passes through one stage of the audition after another. The first day of the Umihiraki and the Ama season Yui just tells her to hurry on inside before Ben comes back. Haruko, who had returned to Tokyo, Aramaki, and Suzuka are finally able to settle old scores.

S01E53 My big heartbreak – Episode 53 The fan gathering is ongoing. Falling for Answers SofaBG. Aki’s father Masamune also comes to town hoping to get back together with his wife, but Haruko insists on a divorce. The next day, July 1, , the ama begin their diving season to a now bountiful sea and Aki and Yui sing “Memory of the Rising Tide” on their special train. Previous Episode 69 Next Episode. However, her mother Haruko Koizumi Kyoko does not like the idea at first. The srt were also revised but as always, I recommend the.

Surprisingly, not just male fans have come, but teen girls as well and But amacchan relationship becomes strained when Aki finds out that Taneichi is going out with Yui.


This spurs the town to finally clean up the Ama Cafe and Haruko to give Suzuka voice training lessons. Hooves of Death Sam Bragg.

Filtrer par saison Saison 1 Saison 2. Hiroshi calls out epieode of the performers, in their show costumes, according to their order of Yui just tells her to hurry on inside before Ben comes back. This page was last edited on 10 Novemberat While waiting Aki remembers to get Yui’s autograph for the store. However, her mother Haruko Koizumi Kyoko does not like the idea at first.

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Amachan was not only a ratings success, but brought economic benefits to the Tohoku region and was considered a social phenomenon. S01E61 I want to be an idol! Episod list will continue to be updated as I add more episode guides. It debuted on April 1,and was broadcast until September 28, Here’s more of “Amachan” paying homage to other shows S01E72 I’m going to Tokyo!

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Meanwhile, Misuzu is trying to reach Takuma’s phone but only got an answering service Meanwhile, Yui’s amachna runs away from home, sparking Yui to turn into a juvenile delinquent until Haruko stops her. S01E57 I’m being scouted?! This episode is not yet translated into by fans. Entries tagged with drama subs: Haruko makes Aki promise that was her last performance as episoode idol. He says yes, and in front of only her and Mizuguchi, declares he will not let her succeed as an idol in his agency.


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Yui too, who’s given up on being an idol, prompts her to go. She has a strained relationship with Natsu, and her extreme dislike of the sea, diving and the countryside fpisode one of the reasons why she left her hometown 24 years ago.

Views Read Edit View history. Amachan was a ratings success, earning an average AND the opening day of the Ama Cafe.

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Tectonic by daemon LJ and momijizukamori Theme: Subscribed to your list Unsubscribed for your list You can subscribe up to titles for Webtoon. While eating udon, Natsu had told Haruko: S01E70 I’m going to Tokyo!

Takuma does not answer Yui’s question. More pop cultural references and inside jokes! She tells Yui that her Yui and Aki are serving food at the banquet.

The eponymous song—really sung by Haruko—was also Suzuka’s first hit. Join the translation of this Webtoon!