It may be used to initialize the flip-flops to a known voltage. Notice the built in gates with expansion inputs on the clock and Data inputs. The standard K Series output can sink 15 milliamperes to ground and can therefore handle a maximum of 15 inputs, each requiring 1 milliampere of drive. Selection Inputs Direct into Multiplexer: With these two counters, virtually any counting function can be easily implemented. If any clear input and the SET input pin J are grounded at the same time, the outputs will be undefined.

Input Voltage Without DaDmage: Also, multi-system installations where a few controls technicians will cover a lot of equipment. Each time the clock gate output changes from “1” to “0”, the op- posite of the current state Is read in. The K Interface Block serves as an interconnection interface for those K Series modules that communicate with external equipment. The A is pin-compatible with the A Oper- ational Amplifier. All of these factors tend to make solid state control systems increasingly attractive, particularly as their costs come down.

The A is an economical Operational Qmplificador featuring fast settling time 5 LIS to within 10 mvmaking it especially suited for use with Analog-to- Digital Converters. Also 19″ rack assemblies are available with power supply 16 sockets or without power supply 64 sockets.

More than 4 bits can be compared using any number of K’s, by tying all K, pin J, outputs together at the same AND expansion node. Also included on the A are eight channel select lines which may be controlled from an external source, such as a shift register, clock, or gating functions. Please assign your manual to a product: Inputs to the least significant stage can be either pulses or logic transitions to ground; risetime is not important.

The limit of two DC Driver modules is due to the fact that they cannot be reversed in their connector sockets. K X cable connector.

SPA Power Amplifier by DB Drive Valuation Report by

Logic “0” turns the driver off, logic “1” turns it on. Four connections to corresponding module socket pins of a K or K binary-coded decimal counter completes the input wiring. John Bloem of the Control Products Group engineering staff who prepared and assembled most of the technical material for this Handbook; Elliott Hendrick- son and his staff drivee their art direction and production assistance; and Joseph Codispoti for his editorial assistance.


Logic “0” turns the driver off, logic ‘. It also employs advanced shielding techniques and optimized circuit layout, ensuring stable operation under normal ambient electrostatic and elec- tromagnetic conditions, as well as allowing minimal crosstalk between sseries. Electrical and mechanical characteristics are given below. Very large or computer-oriented systems leave little justification for the use of relays. Bounce filtering is designed to pick up by zeries end of the first full ampoificador of contact, and to drop out return to “zero!

Noise Suppose that on the basis of the above, you find you should be using solid-state digital logic. Output Switcii On resistance, max.: Timing ranges are selected by connecting the desired capacitor as shown in the table below either with wire wrap or grip clip patch cords.

DB Drive A460 Speed Series Amplifiers (60W X 4)

The diode map below shows the physical location of the diodes on the K and how they are con- nected to the module pins. They feature maximum speeds of IKHz with a single connection on one circuit for slowdown to 50 Hz.

Don’t, unless it is necessary! Better still, noise-free direct digital sensors and actuators can be used in the design of new process equipment. Answered 3 days ago. Moreover, there are some applications in which moisture and contamination cannot reliably be excluded from the electronics environment, making KQ timing resistance imprac- tical due to leakage along board surfaces.

Full output voltage, min: Combine two K0b3 expanders as shown below, where three counter outputs must be sensed to divide by 8, 12, 14 or It may be removed to suit circuit re- quirements. Gray Car Stereo Dimmer Wire: Typical pin connections are shown. Computer Tie-In There are several levels of computer involvement possible, extending from incorporation of a computer as a part of an individual control system to the use of a central computer to monitor the performance of many independent control systems.

Little likelihood of important modifications. The K circuit is similar to the K Timer and uses the same techniques of noise rejection.

Shunt capacitors and shunt devices inhibit false triggering on line transients. For those not familiar with this standard, the basic symbols are defined below, along with equivalent symbols from U. The input minimum noise rejecting time thresholds’ are us. Pin T is high for – – low for. The voltages at the noise source itself are usually measured in thou- 12 sands of volts. The one shot recovery begins when both signals at the input gate rise to logic 1.


Circuits cannot be paralled to increase ratings. Our staff of control products specialists in over 60 offices around the world and our home office applications engineering staff are ready to assist you in developing solid state controls for your needs.

Dimensions for trimpot mounting are: In digital circuits, the noise can be disregarded as long as it is below an “off” or “on” threshold level. Both inputs and outputs are high for assertion. Several 1″ high holes using a standard chassis punch may be cut on 0.

DB Drive A Speed Series Amplifiers (60W X 4) Overview – CNET

Lamps and lamp drivers receive their supply voltage through fast-on tab connectors. As before, since the K has no noise filters, the com- paritor output should only be a sensed logic level and not a source of pulses.

The metal -to- metal contact area sees physical and chemical actions of remarkable complexity. The capacitor on pin Spedd may be used with either the upper or lower knob-pot to obtain a range of 1 to 30 seconds. Posted 3 days ago Be the first to answer. The module is equivalent to a single-pole. After the panel is completely filled, a steel bezel is snapped into place over the panel pieces and the panel is complete.

With proper input connections, the K non-inverting gate performs the exclusive OR function. The A is supplied with a zero balance potentiometer.