Ganking Ganking with Amumu requires a lot of skill to be effective, because while a 1 second stun ensures that you will get to your target, he doesn’t have a whole lot of burst. Blast Cone — is a special flower, that explodes when you attacking it and you forced to jump from the explosion. Second, they can provide some pretty critical stat bonuses late-game that you may not already have. Having this item ensures your skills have a slow debuff whenever you hit enemies with your skills, allowing your team to catch and take out any stragglers. As we said at the beginning of the guide, Amumu wants items that make him Tanky AP- they increase the damage that he does while at the same time making him tough to kill. Moreover, this item slows enemies in a large AoE, decreasing their movement speed. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply. She can give some more additional damage impact.

The Sad Mummy really doesn’t have a lot to be sad about in Season 3. It is okay to build it right after you finish your jungle item. If there are a lot of enemy CCs, build Scimitar. Nidalee’s Heal increases dramatically. This buff lasts only for seconds, and disappear if a champion die. She is a good counter jungle champ and is powerful in small skirmishes. Revive grants bonus health for seconds after reviving; Teleport’s cast time is reduced to 3. However, beware that the enemy jungler may have had the same idea.

And a small tip, before you start killing a Red Brambleback, put a ward, just to be sure that you safe.

Throws a bandage to target location. That would make some possible end-game builds look like this: You should Gank whenever you can create pressure without harming you nor your junglw. The active on Zhonya’s makes Amumu invulnerable for 2. Initiating ganks is another important thing.


Arqade works best with JavaScript enabled. That means that the 1. If your laners are pushed it’s harder to gank, but still doable, however you have to mind where the enemy jungler is to prevent him taking Dragon or counter ganking you.

If the opponent uses Flash or any other escape skill, use to secure the kill. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion.

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What about for those people who don’t really need tankiness? Combined with Amumu’s passive and sorcerer’s boots, you will be dealing true magic damage to everyone early game. If you cannot counter their gank you can kill their monsters and steal buffs. Basem92 il y a 5 ans. If the enemy is running towards the bush where the jungler is then they should initiate, but if the laner is able amummu initiate the gank then they will.

Sly1er il y a 5 ans. Darkin deals some good amount of damage and he is tanky as well. Think of the kill gold as a bonus to make sure that the enemy laner falls behind in experience, minion gold and takes tower damage. Shyvana is also my favorite, no control though but really fun playstyle when you become almost immportal if you are playing this drake girl right!

I would never build sightstone on him or other junglers anymore now. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. After this you can do red and still have more health than normal after smiting it.

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I’ve seen people go with Marks of Armor instead, but the rationale there would be to help with Amumu’s early jungle. Amumu seasn one of them. This is property of Sean D’Hoostelaere. To gank successfully you have to look at the enemy positions and the position of your mates. Introduction to Amumu Amumu.


Every skill has aeason own skill hit range, and that is why I think hit rates are increased when skills are used diagonally.

Gamepedia’s League of Legends Esports wiki covers tournaments, teams, players, and personalities in League of Legends. If you are engainge 1 vs1, get closer by using and then give damage. Ganking as Amumu on Top In my opinion, it’s the easiest lane to gank before 6 and the hardest after 6. If you have a Red buff, slow down the enemy with basic attacks before using the skill. Since that’s not going to happen often, we’re going to talk instead about how to make the most of your ganks.

Kill them at wolves.

League of Legends – Amumu Champion Guide

In season 2, he reached solo-queue ELO again and competed in various tournaments with team Leethuanyan Members: Je le joue carry ap avec mass pene magique. This bonus damage is doubled against movement-impaired units. This is better if the enemy has a lot of mobility since this item can make up for it.

Ganking with Amumu requires a lot of skill to be jungld, because while a 1 second stun ensures that you will get to your target, he doesn’t have a whole lot of burst. Don’t really try to gank before 6 unless your teammate can stun himthe midlane is an easy place to run away from ganks.