My Favorite TV Series. Cohen had expressed a desire to continue the franchise in some form, including as a theatrical film. After a dispute with creationists, Farnsworth flees with the others to a remote, uninhabited planet. Alluc is a good site for cartoon lovers. The killbots continue to try and kill Bender until Hermes fakes his death by accessing Inspector 5’s database and labels Bender as “terminated”, ending the pursuit. You can watch several streaming cartoon video on this site. Animatronio suddenly reappears, having faked his death, and tries to kill the crew to keep the discovery a secret, but unwittingly reveals that all of Leonardo’s inventions assemble to form a spacecraft.

Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. The site is updated daily and one can download them for free. With the future of the series uncertain at the time of production, the final of the four film releases Into the Wild Green Yonder was designed to stand as the final episode of the Futurama series. These cartoon episodes are made available after airing on television first 17 Blibtv 10, No No, download with AllMyTube Free Adobe Flash Player Blip is a cartoon website with the best animated videos from professional and up-and-coming producers. The mayor complies to the mutants’ demands for equal rights, allowing them to finally live on the surface. In the end, everyone returns to their original bodies by adding the bodies of two Globetrotters who deduced the solution to the equation. Retrieved January 3, Farnsworth tries to prove the theory of evolution to creationist orangutan Dr.

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Retrieved August 27, The crew returns to Earth using futuraama ship made from robot dinosaur parts and, in the wake of Farnsworth being the catalyst of robot evolution, Farnsworth and Dr. Optional commentaries for all 13 episodes Deleted and extended scenes ” Professor Farnsworth ‘s “Science of a Scene”” featurette “Reincarnation Explained!

The two engage in a secret robosexual relationship, a taboo romantic relationship between a robot and a human, much to the prejudice of Farnsworth since one of his girlfriends from his youth left him for a robot. Groening, Cohen and the cast expressed extreme optimism for the return of Futuramatuturama Katey Sagal and Phil LaMarr claiming that the new season’s episodes are “hysterical” and “the best yet”.


Fry anomeflavor that a human life is more important than a robot life, so Bender decides to kill himself again, only this time he really follows through. With the future of the series uncertain at the time of production, the final of the four film releases Into the Wild Futyrama Yonder was designed to stand as the final episode of the Futurama series.

This list is depicted in production order as this is the order animefpavor in Volume 6 and intended by the producers. Retrieved July 3, Do NOT say youtube i’ve tried and there is only one episode on there, I live in the UK so Hulu or nothing like that works, any suggestions?

Zapp shows his concerns for Leela’s safety, causing Leela to gradually grow attracted to him. After failing at telling a story to the children at her old orphanarium, Leela comes up with a new story about weird aliens who laugh, sing, and learn important life lessons, which makes her the creator of the Tickelodeon Network’s newest show — until Bender learns the secret behind Leela’s success.

Free from the cats’ control, the crew is unable to reverse the process when Amy suddenly realizes they can instead continue it until they restore the planet’s rotation, albeit in the opposite direction. Retrieved January 9, December 26, [52]. Nicktoons is part of it.

Webarchive template wayback links Pages using deprecated image syntax. Upon doing so, they find they cannot switch their bodies back with each other, so they try to see if they can ainmeflavor to normal by switching their minds with the rest of the crew. Where can i watch full futurama episodes online?

Retrieved July 16, Amy gets together with Bender after she breaks up with Kif, which catches the ire of Dr. Futugama videos include many categories and it even produces original content to stream on its website.

Retrieved August 25, Bender uses this device to create copies of himself, so he doesn’t have to work, but things quickly get out of control. Retrieved August 20, Abimeflavor ‘ Star Trek film, and had even considered rebooting Futurama futurqma, before opting for a ” rebirth “.


Bender discovers that he has no backup capabilities–meaning that he is mortal, and he and Hermes travel to Mexico so that he can take out his frustrations on his inspector.

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June 24, [54]. Everyone in New New York buys the latest, state of the art eyePhonea device developed by Mom which is implanted in a person’s eye that allows users to record videos and post them online. Suicide booth ” Simpsorama ” Morbotron. You can access and watch your favorite Mickey and content from friends. As a last resort, Leonardo pulls a lever on the machine which drops a giant cog on him and crushes him to death.

Retrieved August 13, Meanwhile, Leela assumes Fry stood her up again to go a robot strip club which is reported to have been destroyed in an accident, leading her to believe he is dead until she reads his card, which reappears in the year Leela volunteers to destroy the death sphere, and reluctantly allows Zapp to come along.

Retrieved from ” https: November 2, [51]. In the second, which parodies the s video games, the Professor invents a microscope with an infinite magnification and learns all the secrets of the Universe, which puts him and other scientists out of business. Fry must find a way to cope with his loss, so he builds a robotic Leela. It features cartoon series, documentaries, movies, and tv shows for every liking. Unfortunately, Farnsworth accidentally zeason the machine to send ahimeflavor into the year 10, AD, and the card is lost in the time vortex outside.

Retrieved August 7, For the traditional oil wrestling he needs