However, one very rarely sees family feelings between these two. So we believed then. The situation with them has changed so they can express their feelings and, so to speak, become as close as childhood friends. I assume these quotes are from Anno, and also came from the interview. He felt a very strong responsibility about his stuff. These days in Japan, I think Japanese children need to know about those things more… instead of being protected too much from the society. One of my friends who is from Poland described his completely accurate impression of Rei as being related to the problems of post-war, in other words Rei is linked to the problems of Bosnia,etc. In Japan, I suppose that girls like that are very much desired.

I almost forget myself, because we saw the film two or three hundred times, and had so many different ideas about it. However, one very rarely sees family feelings between these two. A man who ran away for four years, one who was simply not dead. In the spring issue of Tokion he said regarding the dangerous potential of art: But even so, this [the Spear concept design] became designated settei [setting design work] at the project meeting. And Yamaga says it was he. He has few worldly desires.

Many simply put drawings in place of real-life images and they seem to want to push anime to look closer to real life film. I also worked in concepts that were popular at the time. Then he went back to Niigata, and about a week later he sent me his screenplay—and when I read it, I was laughing all over the place. Because of this, the complementation of the heart and soul continues.

She just keeps playing games. As far as that goes, I thought it was fine, but then when [the angel] speaks Japanese that was the end [of my conception]. I like the little legend that was made up about Honneamiseto explain it—about a bird who one day tried to fly to heaven and was turned by God into a fish for his temerity. However, despite being made as a group operation, there are TV series that are colored almost entirely by the personality of one individual.

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I interpret it here is like because of the preceding word kouiwhich has probably been mistranslated, thus deepening the misunderstanding. Among Japanese fans, Rei is the most popular character from this series, and I asked him why.


It seems that there exists a sort of recurring message in your series, that one cannot live alone, or even separated from a group or ethnic identity. His immediate response was Right, I must get this sorted out. Drawing frontal face is more difficult and often it could not be done well. Indeed, Takeshi Honda gave me the impression that towards the end, Abimestatic was rewriting the episodes the day before they were scheduled to sit down and start doing the key animation.

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Of course ANNO himself does it. However, he became dissatisfied with his early ideas. Due to epusode before-animated-review by TV-Stations, now that Anime producers have to revise scripts a lot. At the time I had no experience in that area, but it was something I really wanted to try.

Works that are just to been seen and enjoyed. When it is cut to a new scene, the audience will try to search for something to focus, and if it is a face, it episove be the eyes they look first.

The anime part of Gainax, I think, is Mr. We can communicate purely to children with no sense of difference between fiction and reality due to a characteristic of the means of expression called animation, namely, usage of the view of the world where everything are pictures drawn by people.

I suppose that is the governance of entertainment. The situation with them has changed so they can express their feelings and, so to speak, become as close as childhood friends. In actuality, they are ancient relics that were left sleeping all around the world by prehistoric lifeforms called the First Ancestral Race [!!!

On the other hand, I feel bad when I watch shows that are made sluggishly without such soul. The basis of this was used in Lies and Silence. Then, everything would follow: When I did the second half, I had long forgotten to explore what sort of person Rei was, so [I believed] it was necessary to develop her. Miyazaki risks ending up at Sazae-san.

Nanashias part of a NGE TV chronology, copies out the dates Episode 4 specified before they were cut from broadcast possibly contradicting other chronologies like the Rei Ayanami Raising Project calendar:. Consequently, there is more in the manga on the psychological damage suffered by the pilots, and extra scenes of Shinji recuperating in the hospital. As I am influenced by director Okamoto, I used camera line of sight more than usual.

Of course I wanted to add as much to it as I could, says Sadamoto, and to try and make the manga version slightly different. So unusually I put instructions in the storyboard like Eyes are looking here.


Protoculture Addicts 39 ; Anno in Newtype interview: Actually, I was thks to the two ancient civilizations bit mentioned in Sore o Nasu Monohere… I guess Aruka was supposed to zombiie the ruins of one of those?

His sexual desire is average. I got the concepts from this personal stocktaking [self-assessment].

He changed many of the later episodes at the last minute, and that was so frustrating for him that he did not speak to Anno until after The End of Animestaticc was completed…. That is the contract between companies. In those days, many talented and powerful people left Gainax. He animestatoc loaned a magazine-like book on mental illness that contained a poem by someone who suffered from a mental disorder, and that triggered his imagination.

American and European animation seem more and more smothered by their laws and codes of discipline, whereas Japanese animation offers more adult subjects and characters.

That animwstatic allows for the dissemination of despair and tension….

Episodes 25 and 26 as broadcast on TV accurately reflect my mood at the time. I think she is more adept at many other things…Hence when we look at them, her strategies are a little haphazard.

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And these images of discommunication belong neither to Kogyal child girl -like autism nor to otaku-like autism which has been defined in opposition to Kogyal-like autism. If we do not make the eyes big and treat it as a symbol for the characters, it will become difficult for many to draw. At 8PM the teacher gave up. Finally, I thought, when writing madness, one has no choice but to animestatix mad. When we aired our line drawings, some zpmbie in the industry called our work shoddy, even though it was impossible to consider it such.

And he still has a religion: Nice to see that there is actually some proof to back me up on this.

Anno-san considering V Gundam as the best TV anime in recent years. But in any case, they are the heroes of this story. Seventh Messengerepisode 21, scene description: