Niyati is a national level swimmer. Kaal Ka Haiwan – Part – 2 5 years ago. Watch this episode to find out. Watch him solve this case. All evidence is against him but KD’s intuition tells him that there is more to the case than meets the eye. As the layers of the case unfold, more suspects come into light including Raunak, the brat prince and also the successor to the family, Bharmal kaka, who is struggling with an ugly past, Rano, the king’s mistress and even the youngest daughter of the family ,Ritambhara, a six year old child. The case of aspiring Actress Bindiya Mhatare continues in the court. Who is the actual murderer?

Varun reveals to Inspector that Sourabh is not the one who murdered Rupal. Will Jin reveal the truth in the court? Part 1 Ep Dec 28, To know Judge’s final verdict in regards to Niharika and Nurse’s murder case, watch this breathtaking episode of Adaalat. Part 2 Ep Jan 5, Biren reveals in the court that the CD has deadly visuals.

Varun secretly fixes a hidden camera in Kajal’s house.

Despite of warning, will K. Pathak decides to fight the case and tries all possible ways to save Kabeer. Abhay does not have any clue about the bomb which was kept in his bag. Part-2 5 years ago.

Pathak that she does not have any clue about the book or the article. Id Majooba really dead or is it just another one of his tricks? Decision was made to kill Angel using a lethal injection.


Anokhi on A Plus Episode 62 – Part 1/2

Pathak that evil power exists in the Village. Part 1 Ep Mar 15, To know more about Anya and Satpal Singh, watch this thrilling episode of Adaalat.

Pathak has 25 minutes left to defuse the bomb. But he gets upset with her as she got married to a businessman. Niyati is a national level swimmer. Part 1 Ep Aug 9, The fear of Anaconda is spreading in the city. He then robs the workshop of Rs.

The couple’s daughter witnesses her mother killing her father in a rage, but the mother has no memory of any of this. Bhaskar take a drastic step against Romila and Prof.

Anokhi Episode 1 – 1

KD Ka Vadaa 4 years ago. Pathak prove Saaqib innocent? Khawab Main Hatiya Ep Mar 23, After Forensic research, Doctor reveals to Police that the Head is artificial. Prosecutor interrogates Swaroop’s Senior Dr.

Rahasya Kale Jaadu Ka 4 years ago. What will KD do now? Room No Ka Rahasya: Madhura doubts on her business partner and her best Friend Pranjal. Part 1 Ep Oct 5, Kapil escapes anolhi the jail. Fake Journalist reveals in the court that he saw Ankit’s Manager entering late night in the Bungalow.

Pathak tries to collect more information about the lookalike theory from Dr. Khooni Car Ka Rahasya 4 years ago. To know more about the case, watch this thrilling episode of Adaalat. Adrushya Qatil 5 years ago. Anokhi Chunauti 4 years ago.


Pathak succeed in proving Dhruv innocent? Watch, as KD solves this horrifying mystery. A Magician’s magical disappearence Part II – Two warring magicians are out to sabotage each other’s careers.

When questioned he says his brother Ankit visited him in his dreams and asked Palash to kill them. Pathak was present in the Fashion Show and firmly decides to save his Client Nilakshi. Will Saku reveal the truth in the court? Pathak shows a magic to Swamiji in front of the judge. Hariya dies in the court. Alien Attack part 2 Ep Sep 8, Pathak prove Alok innocent? Mr Prasad is found dead in the lift and his Step Son Aamaratya was found lying unconscious in the lift.

Varun helps KD in reminding some of his associates with whom he has worked closely. Satish Tyagi, a criminal, notorious for his escape attempts from a high security jail, is caught and imprisoned for the 4th time.

Who kept bomb in Abhay’s bag? Reena reveals to K.

Anokhi on A Plus Episode 62 – Part 1/2 – video dailymotion

But KD feels otherwise. Part 2 Ep Jun 14, Shetty reveals a shocking truth in the court. Part 1 5 years ago.