While watching the film, you could relate it to yourself and feel the thrill. Coming to RGV, he chooses an interesting thriller, and nicely sets it up to Indian sensibilities. It is one of the best directorial ventures of Ram Gopal Varma. This film proves that we are certainly not ready to accept western climaxes. As the rate at which the taxi driver tortures and kills his victims increases, there is lot of panic in the city and a lot of pressure on Gowtam to nab the serial killer. Rather than showcasing the counter attack of the cops and dealing with the key elements, RGV concentrates more on the emotions behind the killings.

Enjoy the Tasty food. Dialogues are neat and so is the editing. Yet another drawback of the film is the police angle showcased in the film. The Cons of the movie are no twists in the plot, simple narration. The performances of revathi and vishnu are top notch. Some scenes confuse us like the relation between killer and his mother, In a particular scene she asks her son to marry again and in the preclimax scene she admits that she knows how her son is. Surya acted as a psycho and by virtue of his natural histrionics, he had given a very good body language to the mental disposition of psycho.

Tamil hero in awe of Prabhas Winners List: There is a wonderful connectivity between audiences and the narration on the screen. Psycho character anukshaanm by Surya was simple, grabbing the attention. There are some forced scenes especially those of brahmanandam’s which water down the proceedings.

Vishnu delivers a decent performance showing the right emotion in the entire film. Archived from the naukshanam on 13 September All in all a good movie with excellent screenplay, direction and performances. RGV movies will not be viewed by masses like his previous outings unless some terrific word of mouth is in the air. It’s also incredibly loud and monotonous in its approach; however, a gripping screenplay and short run time saves it from being downright silly.


As grandfather arrives to his place, then Rajesh’s life takes several dramatic turns and troubled waters start in his life, including his love life, because of his grandpa’s village habitat. By the end you feel like you are watching completely different movie. As count and cruelty of murders targeted at a particular sex, age group and timing shakes the city, Goutham Manchu Vishnu is roped in to solve this mystery.

His latest presentation is the psycho thriller Anukshanam. It is one of the best directorial ventures of Ram Gopal Varma. Dialogues are neat and so is the editing. Vinayak to direct star hero? Natasha Doshi Hot Photos: Not worth the watch. anuksuanam

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The story is crime thriller about a Serial Killer and why he murders the girls and explores thrilled mind of a serial killer. A US returned psychologist Revathi helps Gowtam to analyze the behavior and pattern of killing of serial killer.

It is a grand treat for the lovers of crime thrillers. The police arrive in time to arrest him, but he escapes anjkshanam in the process kills two officers. It has added to the thriller genre perfectly well. Revathi, Navdeep, Tejaswi Madivada, Madhu Shalini and Brahmanandam have played important roles in the film and they have done justice to their roles.

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Major drawbacks of this film are the basic loopholes. Seems the rating is all beefed. Technically, Chakri’s music stands out. A series of deadly murders take place in Hyderabad, and the police find out that a dreaded psycho killer is behind these killings. But the serial killer continues the murders in daylight.


And now, Goutam launches a manhunt for Seetharam. This is one different film and it will definitely entertain you. He is neither slick nor sophisticated, but his rugged looks and his otherwise dumb expressions totally go with the psycho taxi driver character that he plays. Enjoy the Tasty food.

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Yet another drawback of the film is the police angle showcased in the film. Starring Manchu Vinshu and Revati in lead roles, this film has hit the screens today.

It helps the director to heighten the intensity of many scary scenes.

Lastly, the surprise star of the film is Surya, who did the role of psycho killer. Performance wise, Manchu Vishnu is carving a new image of own by selecting this kind of films. Music is also befitting the crime thriller. The way he showcases the psycho killer and his emotions are quite good but goes a bit overboard during the end.

Anukshanam is an experiment with a heavy risk of investment. Good Telugu Films Since its an Indian movie people expect that villain should be caught and punished.