Anonymous November 21, at 6: So excited to see this. I really should get around to actually watching an episode. There’s no place for kids to play in Korea which is why they all go to internet cafes and play games;; 8. They get close to their first stop, where they have a minute layover at the train station, and Dong-il suggests a game where the losers of rock-paper-scissors run and get snacks… and run the risk of being left behind. My friend has been telling me to watch this show since it started but I never really considered picking it up

Besides, joon is awesome, but not exactly funny. Rare Horror We are all things horror. Anonymous April 27, at 3: And man, I am glad for my choice. Hoo Baby is my New Wuv. Angela was hilarious and Sky and Cindy’s sensitivity was really touching. Sung Dong Il known for his strictness and low tolerance on spoiled kids. These kids are adorable.

Naugh April 15, at Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Min Gook frustrates me sometimes that he is the oldest but most potentially to pout I reallllly can’t wait till the next episode will be released! They started subbing on their own. Jong-hyuk leaves the others wppa their dust: Papa, Where are we going? Notify me of new posts via email.


I was curious back then but the feeling not strong enough to push me into watching it yet. You are commenting using your Facebook account. If I fall, I am pretty sure that my parents will blame me for being careless and there is no chance that they will say sorry for not paying enough attention to me.

I am not up-to-date on all the episodes so the situation may have changed, but one of the main things I like about Jia is that, although her father babies her too much, she DOESN’T seem to have much of a princess complex.


These kids are adorable. And then Dong-il has too much pride to actually run after the bus, so he just saunters past it. Thanks for letting me know the videos are down. When are u going to upload ep45?

Notify me of new comments via email. Javascript Episodd Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Oops my reply to your comment is right below btw. Maybe they should bring back the old games into the program.

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I also can see how they interacted with their siblings. This site uses cookies.

SakiVI November 27, at 5: I’m so glad you guys made one and was in glee that you guys all pointed out why I freaking love this show so much! Is there anywhere else alpa see it subbed? The train arrives and the four remaining families pile into the awaiting bus, where they wonder how long they should wait for the other two. Lee Jonghyuk’s cool image is now forever ruined. She’s actually kinda funny, with her whole old granny demeanour with her dad from time to time.

How long does it take to do one episode subbed: Women in Bollywood A journey through heroine-oriented cinema.

Dad! Where Are We Going? Episode 47

I am the only child but my dad never treated me that way! The dynamic with each Dad and all of the conversations with their children make for very interesting viewing.

Yeah, I was gonna say Anonymous March 24, at 5: Time ticks down and the waiting members start getting worried. Ep 8 episoce he says I wanted to cry but didn’t, the audience stood and cheered.

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So sad recently that Joon’s appa eposode for not accepting any CF anymore for his son cuz he don’t want him to be spoiled, which mostly netizens comments praising his decision. When Hoo couldn’t take it anymore and ran away, Joonie yelled odlga, “But Hoo, you were our last hope! Have I said I love this show? And of course, to anyone else, Min-gook is the most well-behaved kid in like the entire world. Loved it, thank you! Fidelity April 14, at And it’s weird alpa much Junsu is Jong Hyuk’s mini-me.


New Zealand episode also one of my favorite as those fathers struggled in speaking English but not their sons. I’ve been searching it all over and some forums too but cannot found the earlier episode: With Yoon Min Soo’s parenting style, no woner Hoo grew up as beautifully as he did. Anonymous March 31, at It was so hilarious.

Rare Horror We are all things horror.

Thank you for creating such a great show. Too bad most of the dads won’t be there anymore so far only looks like Jung Woong In will stay on, But i hope we get at least a look back episode where we get to see how the kids are doing. Hoo did not runway, he went to ask for more info but fell.

Even Uee, she introduced Joonie on her me2day accnt cuz she like this kid among the rest. Sung-joo finds a snack shop, only to find out the kimbap has to be rolled to order.

Anonymous August 28, at 8: