In contrast to Faith kinda have to make the comparison since both dramas have been on my is-it-middle-of-August-already-waiting-list , Arang is much ‘slower’ and not as easily approachable for someone like me with very basic Korean language skills. Siwon IS actually in this drama. The Jade Emperor definitely has a hand on what is happening. Kiara August 16, at Great introduction to the characters–fun, light, dark, storyline so far so good and love the visual of the drama. You’re hot on set? Maybe she was running away from him for her life not for some beau? He walks away and the ghosts vanish.

Thanks Javabeans for the fast recap! I mean, we watched it so recently, we can still remember what happened, thank you very much. I had similar thoughts in the first ep, that it is laughable that the Reaper is so lousy to keep being stumped by some cuts? Number 3 was a warrior who called her out… but dropped dead as soon as he saw bottom-half-only-Arang. Try Mysoju, they seems to be coping viikii’s subs. As for “Arang”, finished the 2nd ep and like it better than the 1st since it has more snappy interplay btwn Arang and Eun-oh. Kudos to the writer, director and the cast for creating such a believable world. Especially since being dead is kind of a romanc stopper.

Korean Show: Arang And The Magistrate (Episode 6)

There is a specific area made to look like a Joseon village that basically acts as a sng set located a few hours outside Seoul. Maybe a friend doing her buddy a favor? Dramacrazy is often even faster than Mysoju http: And it is hard to look hot or manly in the pretty clothes.


He smiles and compliments her new hairdo. Their relationship seems chilly at best.

Arang and the Magistrate: Episode 2 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Lord Choi receives the report that Joo-wal just returned from the gisaeng house. Repeated rule breaking will result mxgistrate warnings followed by blacklisting upon non-compliance. Oh well, at least it’s out there! To participate to HanCinema, you must sign up or log in. My favorite of the new offerings, hands down. I am waiting for it to be subbed because it seems this show rocks! Back in Miryang, Eun-oh surprises Dol-swe by announcing his intent to be the magistrate after all.

Arang and the Magistrate

SoyJade August 23, at 6: I’ve never figured out when I do that does it mean the leads are friggin awesome or the show as a whole entity cannot hold my interest.

Eun-oh suddenly tells him to go on ahead without him, and slips away mysteriously.

I think she may be in a coma. I would never want to be a director Eun Ho will die and be a ghost too. I hope this won’t be real. They gooddrams up to capture ghosts left and right, while Mu-young goes straight for Arang. Arang offers up two clues about herself, though: It’s not really possible to go film this in an authentic village with absolutely no signs of modern civilization around, since you need some way to transport all the film equipment and goocdrama and stuff.


They zoom past him, and he takes a arrang. I’ll go and have a look at The Story of Hyang Dan too Its funny how everytime Arang tosses cherry blossoms at him, he gets this look on his face, that I think its not so much the pain that he got from cuts, but the pain Arang went through to hold ALL those petals.

There’s also the expected flubs from the actors that mess up their lines. Shin Min-ah and Gooddrsma Jun-ki are absolutely brimming with chemistry! I knew Shin Mina would bring “it” to her role, but I’ve only seen My Girl and part of The King and The Clown-I liked Lee Jun-ki in both, and he’s got a whole lot of pretty in that sweet face, but he was not a known quality to me really.

Arang and the Magistrate Favorite. Maya August 26, at 5: CM August 16, at 9: It deserves it, and they lose can’t even sell it to Episofe. Han Jung Soo Main Cast. Faith is funny but a bit bland while this one is awesome in everything. The reapers ghe creepy, but not evil which I like. A small crowd of ghosts hovers around the front gate, busily hatching a plan.

It’s driving me nuts!!!!