Would it still be noble idiocy if nobility’s no longer the only reason? Ms Koala, would you consider writing reaps for the rest of the eoisodes, please? Notify me of new comments via email. I didn’t see lee min ho in this drama, then why are you dragging him out. Joongirl October 14, at 3: Old seamstress might jog some memory for Seo Rim, though. The door to hell.

Therefore I’m unable to like SJK more than as an actor. Let’s just enjoy this drama to the very end, like we have been since day one. Seeing Joo Wal go inside, Eun Oh backtracks. She’s not denying her feelings for a reason that all viewers can understand, the laws of heaven and hell and life and death just aren’t on their side and she wants to spare herself and him the pain or parting and just deny her days away. Eun Oh will remain on earth as Jade’s special agent to fight demons. Donna Chan October 17, at 9: It’s lost on EO but not on me! Mu-yeon has followed him there, and once he leads the soul away, she sneaks in and lies down in the dead body, possessing her first shell.

Hard to say Gud Bye. Thank you so much for the awesome recaps here. Strong but subtle is something not easily pulled off. Very Buddhist and Confucian As you say, “They get to skip all the heartache they endured in the previous life, and ostensibly starting an ordinary, boring, and long life together I think you got Eun Oh down pat.


She asks how and he reminds her of what they learned—give the first soul what it wants most, and the second soul will be forced out. These cowardly steps that I took with a fearful heart, I will now end.

Bang-wool says the counter-talisman will take a while, so Eun-oh gets up and says that Arang was right all along. Its nighttime and a man with a knife is pursuing a woman and her daughter. Lord knoweth what will happen when one lets one of those loose in the world. I think it’s one of Big Bad’s stolen reapers. E is walking along and ghosts stop him At night E is taking notes about how each ghost died and what they want him to do for them. He would make a bad-ass reaper, but Arang might just want to be a reaper too.

Leave a comment Comments 0. She asks him to promise—that when Mu-yeon comes back, he not hesitate for one second to put a adang in her heart. To be honest i prefer watch not so handsome with great acting skill. No ifs, buts, or any reservations — this drama rocks my world maglstrate spins it on its own axis.

That’s superb speed, thought I need to wait till my noon time before I can read it ;D Will further comment after reading the recaps.

Or give better alternates. I am interested though to see how this will play out if Arang does get possessed. Thd the writer-nim, thank you for the foreshadowing, but I don’t want it to be just a dream juz for the sake to make EO braver to complete his mission! Nice Guy is already being recapped by HeadsNo2.


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But oh my, Eun-oh was just so gallant and romantic tonight. She warns that they must leave the forest before the break of dawn—otherwise Eun-oh dies. If you know of any others let us know!! She will hurt him more by doing that!

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It’s kind of built into the premise, isn’t it? Also what will happen to Eun Oh once his “time is over”? Wowow October 12, at On to the Forest of the Afterlife. I was expecting some epic show-down worthy of the build ups.

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Arang and the Magistrate Episode 8 Recap

ShinMina acting is slightly He flares it open, and it causes the trapdoor to crack ajar. Back in the present, she asks bitterly how he felt, giving her up to the Jade Emperor. I hope they make special for explaining all heaven rules Don’t let Arang’s body be used as a prison I hadn’t thought of love and I don’t want to think of that now.

I had fun watching it.