Eun-oh hears a rustle behind him and stops. Watch ‘ Arang and the Magistrate ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. The first step is to be a member, please click here: Yes, you are right, it doesn’t need to do much, even watching it Raw, but the visual technical of story telling made me understand the whole story!!! Can’t wait for the next one! He has a request concerning his daughter, and falls to his knees before Eun-oh to ask for his help. That sounds so inefficient.

I’m definitely in for the next episode. Joo-wal goes to see his father, who yells at him for interfering in the marketplace and showing mercy. I did cringe, however, with the failed attempt at a sad scene with the mom flashback. The three dramas on show at the moment are about to come to an end at similar times and April is coming along. The leader tries to pretend like they were waiting for her, only to get a fistful of Arang in his jaw. So excited to watch this! I spent a ridiculous amount of time just sitting around, but it was out of the city, so you can’t just leave after you’re done with your scene, which by itself can take foreverrrr

More “The Great Seer” starts off at 6.

A giant net falls from the sky and the ghosts all scramble in terror. Yoon Joo Sang Supporting Cast.

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And yes, My Lee Joongi has cone back!!! Shin Mina and Lee JunKi’s chemistry is just off the magistrahe for me. She leaves in a huff. The rest of the gang gets ready to join in, when Arang jumps right in their path, fuming.


I can’t wait to watch more of this!! She ducks and he throws, missing her on purpose.

What a great start! TV Arang and the Magistrate Episode 1. We flashback to their last parting, when he argued that he wanted to live with her. View all pictures for “Arang and the Magistrate”. As soon as they put him in the room, they wonder what kind of coffin they ought to buy, and Lee-bang tells them to go with the cheapest.

Kim Yong Gun Supporting Cast. He feels goose bumps as she passes him and he freezes. More Shin Min-ah has a episore with action! I spent a ridiculous amount of time just sitting around, but it was out of the city, so you can’t just leave after you’re done with your scene, which by itself can take foreverrrr So I’m not the only one who noticed, hehe.

Magistratr August 16, at 1: And speaking of which, wow, realised that all three of the Wednesday-Thursday shows are being recapped Joo-wal says he was merely in a hurry to get on his way.

LJK has such a delicate impish face. Also, it bugs me whenever I see someone who is allegedly travelling through the woods to get somewhere and it is patently obvious that they are walking around a well-groomed park, with no road or trail or underbrush in sight. And it is hard to look hot or manly in the pretty clothes. I already love the chemistry and the relationship between Arang and Eun-oh, and I could pretty much watch the kings of heaven and hell play badook all day eplsode.


My only gripe is that the show’s production looks cheap here and there. This feels a lot like a fantasy manhwa — with quicker pacing — gopddrama a good way. With the village scenes where there are a aranb of extras, there’s a much higher chance of someone messing up.

He only listens to the living. I super love this. Great introduction to the characters–fun, light, dark, storyline so far so good and love the visual of the drama. But suddenly the rope comes undone, and she bolts in the other direction, the reaper none the wiser.

Arang and the Magistrate

As for them together, I think this is going to work really well; both epissode good actors and able to show a range of emotions – it’s not likely magustrate to be an easy relationship, so I’m looking forward to that!

Jewel August 16, at 4: Been patiently waiting for this! I would’ve palpitated right then and there. To participate to HanCinema, you must sign up or log in. Shin Min Ah Main Cast. I agree the visual of this drama is very nice and beautiful, and I absolutely loved the grimreapers and the two twin gods!

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