There are a few videos but those are years old. By what academic department? You landed at the shallow lake at the bottom of slippery slope Eric and you did a belly flop too. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Your words would mean something if you actually used them when they were applicable. But it is worth noting that Eric has already formed an opinion on the game, thus brings the first difference between AVGN and Asalieri. Do you know how to do that Eric? This article relies too much on references to primary sources.

Actual journalists step into the fray and find research showing that Phil Fish only managed to be successful because of wide spread corruption at the awards show most of the judges had in fact invested in his game and those judges refused to play any of the games that they had to judge, this is in addition to them delaying the awards show to further increase the prize money Phil Fish would get. Yes No Report this. Okay for starters… go quasi-radio? Eric is definitely irrational. Oh sweet here it comes. BTW the image page just sums up my views of the man.

Board James TV Series Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources. JonTron TV Series NO Eric, its hard to look the other way when every time someone so much as gives you the benefit of the doubt you abuse it to cause more damage and hurt more people.

I guess you could but it would hard to do that without coming off as some sort of apologist trying to downplay wrongdoings even if it realistically is small. Jon Jafari, Jacques, Paul Ritchey.


Eric says that artist is silly because IMDB says that there is a wonderwoman movie coming out. The likes dropped below only to rise again shortly after. This of course results in more backfire when a journalist called Milo decides to investigate by asking the actual police and the police say surprise surprise that Anita never filed a claim for harassment. He is captured, and General Onward attempts to force him to play ET. Constructive criticism is the name of the game when I write these articles avng I have written an article about double checking your sources and I always provide evidence with every complaint avhn suggestion 3.

The Movie” Review iCritic”. Because one cop abused his power, all cops should be screwed for it. In fact you have explicited stated several years ago that this was exactly what you were okay with doing. Oh, and he is also the son of infamous physics theorist Bill Gaede.

BTW the image page just sums up my views of the man. Plus bat-dan gave many warnings about taking the discussion outside due to people starting fights and going off-topic. When feminists movir wave or not refer to no female driven movies they are refering to live action movies with a female actor as the lead.

Actions speak louder than words Eric. Anita Sarkesian decides to make a few moves too and claims she was harassed to the avhn of leaving her home and claims she called mkvie police. It takes weeks if not months, if not years to get to the point where you blatantly disregard evidence and keep expressing the same opinion over and over again.

Probably has to do with the terrible song Eric made and his lack of guitar skills.

Reviewing a Reviewer (Web Video) – TV Tropes

Zandor and the Nerd’s fans. It was like on par with some user reviews on Metacritic asalieir2 video form. To further expand on what I said about GamerGate, the bandwagon asalierj2 fabricated to be used and exploited by Eric Gaede and other people of his nauseating kin, as perfectly shown by this pic. However i did saw the comments of Joe form that video……….


Literally anyone can be pro-gamergate. Play oppression quest instead, its much more humorous.

Wow…I just lost total respect for BigAl. Jimmy has stalked and harassed people before, so exactly zero people are shocked with the fact he wants to e-date Metablob.

Some asalierl2 people are randomly clicking on videos because they thought it would be good. This ignoring the fact that youtube copyright law may restore your channel within in the hour but you still lost profit and time to this shit.

Mandi is captured by McButter while wandering outside of the house.

The first half of the movie drags on and almost bored me out. When it comes to asaliei2 and radicalism it was always start at a neutral point.


The people who hate you Eric were neutral at one point… Heck I was a neutral party until I found out how bad you were compared to Irate Gamer! His hilarious rants are replaced by incredibly cheesy dialog, lame jokes and bad slapstick. Alright move good news.

His subscriber count has gone over 7, as well.