Also one thing that stood out in this drama was the struggle with ‘no-goes’ of society espeacilly japanese no-goes.. Kakei having a mum and girl that a lot of ppl would look down at and still not ashamed for it, a guy being gay and of course not able to come out or a girl quitting her uni career in order to rase a child on her own though there was no other option I guess. A unique observational series that documents the universal themes of family life, as British families open their doors to viewers. Reviewed by kook05 on 22 December There were tears and laughter. Even the presence of Kimura Takuya couldn’t help the fact it’s a slow story. Kimura Takuya is such a nerd with those huge glasses! Sep 18, 11 of 11 episodes seen.

He’s got a talent for acting, even at that young age. Hide ads with VIP. Kimura Takuya Toride Osamu. Comments by ilovetakuya [Rating: And the fact, that nobody ever fell for the more beatiful, more mature, more interesting and probably the nicest girl in the world, pissed me off. Kimura-kun looks so young that time

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Reviewed by Sandi on 25 April I won’t recommend this, but still okay for killing time. Shimazaki Akira lives with his middle school student son. Anyway, the reason I loved it was that it somehow contained a lot of daily life of Japans 90s AND that, compared to the most dramas nowadays, it is more realisitc with sex or kissing scenes.


If only the story is not THAT slow. I also like how the show portrayed a gay man’s social struggles and repression of desires for the love of a straight man in the “friend zone”further lending to the story’s theme — that of “love for another who doesn’t love you back.

Minami is an out of work model. Kimutaku, Hikari Ishida, and Tsutsui kun did great performance. He teaches piano at a local piano school.

Also, the gay character seems to be easily disbatched dying as a father which then makes him more acceptable which doesn’t seem to feel genuine to the character.

I noticed, the more dramas I see of him, the more he bores me Still it was asnuaro good drama, some sad parts, but again hakusuo get me so mad, I won’t ellaborate too much, but it’s that double standard on cheating, somehow women are supposed to accept it. Haruna Yabuki, Adeyto, Shinsuke Aoki. And this drama contained all of it!

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Ishida Hikari Sonoda Narumi. I recommend this for anybody who is interested in the intracacies of the borderline relationship between friendship and love. Watch now on “UnMade”. Enjin TV Mini-Series Learn more More Like This.

Halu Kimura Takuya is the captain and star player of an ice hockey team, who is greatly respected by his teammates. Other reviews by this user. But because the other three friends are, like, IN LOVE with either of the two, they inevitably get sucked into this web of codependent relationships, a black-hole-cesspool of doom and masochism. I loved it and watched it several times.


So great job to him. And the next problem is that once the story starts to chronicle their lives after they have left school and entered the working world, the drama epislde to take an even slower pace and almost completely loses its watchability.

Asunaro White Paper

She couldn’t forget her hero so she hopes to see him again. Comments by dummyuser11 [Rating: Shuji, a confident young hairdresser working in Tokyo, has an accidental run-in with Kyoko, a wheelchair-bound and somewhat mousy librarian.

Reviewed by Ender’s Girl on 16 July In the 20 years it took to finally get Black Panther made, jakusho of different actors were up for the lead roles. I rented video tapes to several friends.

While looking around the campus she hears the sound of the piano and enters a room where other four freshmen are present.

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The story is slooow Okay, maybe not ALL of them well Suzuki Anju Higashiyama Seika. Kimutaku was around 20 years old in the drama.

So then I guess like a year ago, I found this quite interesting and started watching.