I watched every game which beats it all! It’ fantastic to see this game! Kidd is showing that he deserves to be the leader of the Spurs but the Nets must keep their composure to nail this one in! Regards to everybody in the world from Republic of Macedonia romrats, Philippines: All french people are proud , very proud of you!!! Their Filipino commentators are inane and uninformed. Come on you Nets! Go Spurs, i hope they can win the game!

Today is my birthday. I skipped my clinic just to watch the spurs win the NBA championship. We are watching the game on Solar sports and very nervous for new jersy. Go Spurs it’s your day we need this ring for the French people and TP. Spurs you have to win. We thing there should be a 7th game.

It’s time to change the score and see Manu on the court!!!!!!!!!! I think Kidd and Company are number one in the world!!!

Go Tony, go Spurs and knock down the Nets. Nba is a passion and we’re slaves of it.


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TP and Dream Tim, let’s ahv And as for Byron Scott, hey why don’t you give Mutombo some more playing time huh?? I am here in Egypt watching the 6th and hopefully the last game of this series. They are unbelievably perfect They will win the championship. But the Spurs is worthy also.

Tony Parker is the best. Chinese Bater to be win a championship ring. Their Filipino commentators are inane and uninformed. SPURS is the best!!!! Spurs it’s time to wake up, get going and win those rings today!! Go Spurs, i hope they can win the game!

I love New Jersey! Jason Kidd you Rule!

It will be a championship if it can win today! This year we’re the champion. Go Tim Go Spurs! Peter Posma, The Netherlands youssef Casablanca: Only sad thing with a Spurs’ victory tonight We might have only 2 million people, but that sure means 2 million Spurs fans Coach Scott please utilize Mutombo and i’m sure he can be a good help. It’s a sunny day because of the wonderful match! Peace Jose Dequito Philippines: Both Spurs and Nets are perfect!


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I belive, NETS will won in 7. Me and all Spurs fans hope to bring Washington with us as a challenger next year.

Grettings from South Korea!!! Pini Gershon Ata Moka Metumtam! Basketball is the best game in the world DemonShadow Martinique: This year we are the top1!

Manu will become the first argentinian to win a NBA Final. Nothing can beat The Spurs martihique The man at ATV are so funny. And dear Robinson, you will always on our mind!

Block all Spurs shoots!! Thank Duncan and Kidd for such excellent games. Tim Duncan did such a good job and deserves MVP.