She tells him to find a new passion, so he enrolls into a military school. When they get there she escapes. Don’t make me kiss you! Whatever it is that makes YOU happy, do it. I said I awaken thee with a kiss. Ahh, you decided to go with elm tree. However, Trish still refuses to go to school.

Benny hears and explains that Rupert is his favorite Boynado member and he knows all of Rupert’s parts. That’s enough rehearsal for now. I guess she had only did work when she had no one else around. We could be playing one of the trees. Austin books his first radio interview and decides it is the perfect time to give Ally the credit she deserves; however, during the interview, his plan backfires and the DJ invites both Austin and Ally to come back and perform live on the radio. After Austin accidentally breaks it, he gets electrocuted and is transferred to the year , where everything is plain white and music is just random noise.

Later, the mess is fixed, except trouble ensues when the plane suffers mechanical problems and is diverted to Philadelphia. Remember if Trish and Raini can get past it, so fu,l you.

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To raise money for Ally’s charity, Austin agrees to be in a date auction. Meanwhile, a delivery worker delivers items to all stores including Sonic Boom, but his request for a tip goes unnoticed. In the end, the group wins the case.


Yeah, I’m more upset than she is. Meanwhile, Trish puts Dez and Chuck in a competition to determine who is a better Santa Claus for Christmas, but Trish uses them to do her work. Austin feels left alone and has a dream where he and Ally are married with octuplets.

Beauties & Bullies

Dez then accidentally reveals episide Austin secretly met with another songwriter while Ally’s career was taking off, which upsets Ally that Austin was thinking of replacing her. The mother grabbed a handful of napkins and quickly took her sundae from my hands.

She’s in that castle! Okay, guys, game time. This kind of stuff doesn’t bother me.

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Before the concert, Jackson refuses to perform, but changes his mind after advice from Austin. With Austin’s career gone, he goes with Ally on her first tour while Trish starts her own management company with a bunch of new clients. You, lose the bread and your name’s not Julie.

It made me feel insecure. In order to prove her wrong, Ally helps Austin plan the perfect date for him and Kira, but in the process realizes that she likes Austin.

We all worked super hard to talk about a serious subject while trying to make it funny. I didn’t want the other people in line to become impatient.

It’s revealed Jessie’s “song” is actually Zuri’s school assignment. Rico Rodriguez as Benny. Hang your accomplishments up on a wall, look up inspiring quotes and recite them every day, listen to your favorite song and just rock out with your friends.


As the group comes back from tour, Ally and Kira spend time together and realize they have a lot in common. Dez releases Groovy the Goat and he jumps on top of her. The song didn’t work. Austin and Ally are suspicious when Anv and Dez are hiding something from them. You should let someone know. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse.

Beauties And Bullies

Soon afterward, bulljed begins asking Austin who he wrote the song about. Dez tells her she is not alone and that she has him. At the event, Austin and Ally perform a duet together and Ally successfully conquers her stage fright. When they get there, the power in the houseboat goes out. I attended all of their workshops that day and I heard their stories, and even told some of my personal stories about being bullied.

Eplsode role of sleeping beauty goes to Trish de la Rosa.