As the two chariots race across the field, the Immortal fires an arrow from his bow and hits the Celt’s charioteer in his chest. GSG-9 The Aftermath is back for blood with an all new season! In the lobby of the embassy, two KGB Agents and are shooting a film with a camera, while a nearby CIA Agent sits around listlessly with his briefcase. The sniper quickly vacates the area, hauling away the sniper rifle while the spotter crawls to avoid any further engagement and takes his AKM assault rifle. Use the HTML below. The Viking swings his axe at the Samurai’s back, but the Samurai’s armor manages to prevent the axe from tearing into the Samurai. Agent Saddam Hussein weapons: Meanwhile, the Ranger sniper comes to another part of the facility and whips off his backpack.

The Waffen SS leader grimaces as he watches his comrade fall and sees his still-twitching corpse. The Villistas cautiously wait for Crazy Horse to make his move, with one of them shooting into the grass with his Bisley. These two brutal crime gangs will face off with machine guns, machetes and explosive car bombs. Shaka throws his iwisa at Wallace, who blocks it with his targe, and then pulls out another. The Mongol, feeling as if he’s being watched, looks to the top of the ridge. The two remaining Musketeers hear him as they approach the rock. Frank fires the gun, hitting Capone dead center between the eyes. The Shaolin finds his twin hooks and staff behind a tree and picks them up before resuming his escape.

So as a counter, he orders his man with a semi automatic to lay fulk fire on their position, he does, bringing down 2 more Mafias before dying to a shot from a tommy gun. The Khmer Rouge rebel soon enters the alley and engages the bodyguard, but Pol Pot quickly puts him down from behind with a strike from his cane knife. The other one sneaks up to the entrance of the room the Spetsnaz soldier is in and throws another grenade inside.


Deadliest Warrior 2×04 “Aztec Jaguar vs. Zande Warrior” –

He gets down from his hill and prepares his tematlatl. The Pirate opens the chest and begins counting the gold doubloons inside, but hears the horse coming towards him. Army Rangers are getting set to raid a Korean occupied facility, largely resembling a factory. The Spartan, however, effortlessly blocks again with the Shield and thrusts his Short Sword.

The sniper quickly vacates the area, hauling away the sniper rifle while the spotter crawls to avoid any further engagement and takes his AKM assault rifle. Ivan the Terrible Team: It strikes his leg and forces him to the ground. Vlad dodges another swing from the Zhua and draws his kilij, slashing Sun across the midsection as he recovers.

Deadliest Warrior, Season 2

One of the Ming Soldiers opens up the Nest of Bees and launches a barrage of arrows at the Musketeers. The Centurion blocks the Chakram with his shield, and then throws his Pilum. Aztec Warrior Rest of cast listed alphabetically: The Rajput then swings his sword and cuts the head of the Dolabra off from the handle.

He quickly sets up the detonator and then hides in the back and waits for the Israeli Commandos. The Ranger sniper separates himself from the group and sets up his SR rifle, surveying the area. Deadliest Warrior, Season 1. He slams him face first into the bars.

The two Green Berets make their way to another room, where they hear another Spetsnaz soldier trying to scare them away with gunfire. As he readies another arrow, the Celt throws his Lancea. The Celt tries to swing the ajguar downward, but the Immortal flips the Spear over and hits him in the head with the iron counterweight on the bottom of the spear.

Back up on the ridge, the Comanche readies his bow and arrow and fires downward to the unsuspecting Mongol. Before the gunmen fire, Ivan quickly grabs one of his soldiers and pulls him in front of him. The grenade explodes, killing two soldiers. Jaguaf two Waffen SS make their way to a small river.


The Secret History of the White House. Use the HTML below.

Taking advantage of the situation, the Pirate grabs the chest as the Knight pursues him toward a beach. Relatively unharmed, Vlad pulls out the bolt and readies his hand cannon again, but Sun Tzu is nowhere to be seen.

Deadliest Warrior S02E04 Aztec Jaguar Warrior vs Zande Warrior

The Ranger takes aim and takes out the sniper. Meanwhile, the Ranger sniper comes to another part of the facility and whips off his backpack. The Samurai sheathes his katana and limps off into the distance.

Army RangerLt. He tries to pistol whip Capone, but Capone blocks the swing and counters with a punch in the gut with the brass knuckles. Zande Warrior Geoff Desmoulin The Apache then charges at the Gladiator and tries to jump and strike his head with his club.

It misses, but it distracts the Immortal and prevents him from getting a clear shot.

Both then draw their melee weapons, the Green Beret his E-tool and the Spetsnaz one ballistic knife. The Khmer Rouge guerrilla moves in with his gun raised, inspecting the flaming wreckage to see the driver dead. Lawrence of Arabia Team: The Azyec then runs past Villa, and noticing Crazy horse, charges at him.

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Eventually, the taiaha breaks the Shaolin’s staff. The Musketeers regroup and continue to run after the three remaining Ming Warriors. This prompts the Aztec Jaguar to raise his Atlatl and Tlacochtli arrow.

In the latest Aftermath, we’ll take on the controversies that erupt when the Aztec Jaguar faces off against the Warrior warrior.