If this stuff were all just part of your natural run through of the planet, it wouldn’t bug me at all. I do hope to hear back from you. Darth Lachris has taken over the Balmorran war effort and wants you to help the Imperial military clear out the remaining resistance. Core Motor Parts Sensor. I will see what I can do though. Two comms each if I remember correctly.

Hey everyone, while leveling up via the various planets, you will encounter many heroic quests and bonus series. Blizz Gault Mako Skadge Torian. Exploration General Player Vs. Quel est le plan? Great guide for farming heroics for conquest points, good work as always, Dulfy! Lower level characters gain less influence.

For the rewards, some are class specific while others are not. I have personally verified the reward data for sorcerers on the Empire side and Commando on the Republic side. Voss Bonus Series 1. Last time I remember doing it Flight Plan Part of Bonus.

Master Story Missions Veteran. Jedi Sage Jedi Shadow. I’m only affected by the living. We just tell them that they’ll understand when they eventually get there, only for them to comment that they don’t see what the big deal is once they do.


Heroic quests & bonus series and their rewards–Empire – Dulfy

Thanks for an awesome game! From there I picked up a heroic quest or 2 I honestly don’t remember when, I was a bit loopy after the marathon session to finish this thing and finished a few more quest.

Lethal Attraction Part of bonus. Archived Eternity Vault Karagga’s Palace.

Crimson Fang Miscellaneous Story Veteran. Oh, one final quest to finish things off here, right? Unfortunately there is a limit to how many items you can link to torhead per page and have the tooltips load.

Repair only updated my achievement when I chose the lightside. It’s an odd problem to have.

That is, until they “finish” it. Imperial Neutral Republic Utility Zakuul. Dorn Base It is just a warning that you are about to leave this website. Das ist allein Eure Sache.

Balmorra: Bonus Series 1

Please post Hutta Heroics. Sith Assassin Eeries Sorcerer. I am very confused why the final boss of a bonus quest to a bonus series at the final stage would suddenly be in a heroic 4 area and not spawn at the end of the second stage. The prototype box and commendations will be listed at the top of the table under All Classes and the class specific gear will be listed below under the appropriate class.


You’ll help me in the future. Exploration General Missions Player Vs. Some snotty story teller from Bioware decided to give me the option to flirt with the quest giver. Which is a bonus quest line to: Hi Dulfy, great collection of quests and rewards.

Macht Euch das klar.

Balmorra: Bonus Series – Mission | TORCommunity

D3 CE is standing right in front of me, ready to be undressed. Great guide for farming heroics for conquest points, good work as always, Dulfy! Electrostaff Techblade Techstaff Vibroknife Vibrosword. Mission Category Required Level Balmorra: Regardless, the reward for all classes follow a pattern.