When Chelsea gets sick, Barbie assumes the position of a doctor, while Skipper and Stacey fight over nurse duties. With Skipper’s help, Raquelle tries to create a viral video to rival cat meme videos in popularity. The series is stylized as a mock reality show featuring confessionals of the characters in between scenes. The On the Next segment at the end of “Gone Glitter Gone Part 1” shows Barbie and two of her sisters chasing Skipper through the foyer, after Skipper swipes Chelsea’s last jar of glitter. Nikki the wittiest and most sarcastic of Barbie’s friends The Big Girl: Ken, who actually seems to realize that he’s Adorkable and is disappointed that he can’t seem to be more traditionally macho.

Raquelle invites Barbie and Nikki over for a party and gives them a hard time with the dress code. She lives with her three younger sisters, parents nowhere in sight , and her three hyperintelligent pets. It was later released as the ninth episode of season seven. Episode 2 averted this by clearly stating that Chelsea turns six years old. Male example with Ken in “Ken-tastic, Hair-tastic”. Barbie has the perfect sleepover planned, but ryan is hoping to scare up. As part of the Parody Sue package, Barbie can do everything except when it’d be funnier if she can’t but doesn’t seem to be wholly with it.

The series follows a slice of life look into barbies, well, life in her malibu dream house, with.

Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse – A Smidge of Midge – Episode 28

Raquelle again, who else? Raquelle and Barbie enter a television baking competition to see who can make the best cupcakes. Dreamhouse Dreajhouse External links Production website Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse is a web series produced by Mattel.

That Was Not a Dream: This page was last edited on 30 Januaryat In her own words: The series follows a slice of life look into barbie s, well, life in her malibu dream house, with.


In “Stuck with You,” Ken is her partner in a game of charades. Her boyfriend Ken is a good-natured klutz who’s almost as perky as Barbieif nowhere near as skilled.

What mmidge the world? Teresa claims that Barbie told her and apparently Skipper as wellthat if she became an ice cream flavor, she would choose ” pink ” flavor. Barbie’s doctor office has a chart of a doll’s body, showing no nipples, no body hair, and no genitals. The series debuted in may 11, and is available on barbie.

Barbie by Ruth Handler Barbie’s friends and family by Mattel. She became friends with one of them in “Oh, How Campy Too”, when she helped Stacie earn a merit badge, so that she herself could earn one for helping a human.

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Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse – A Smidge of Midge – Episode 28 – video dailymotion

How can she do that thing with the spotlight? Barbie can get one to shine on herself even in the absence of a spotlight machine. In “Another Day at the Beach”, Summer and Midge each reluctantly participate in one of the other’s favorite activities.

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You have to be at least thirty-five for that, so let’s see The security guard dreakhouse Malibu Mall, who tickets Raquelle and Summer for everything from loitering to walking around without giant sunglasses. They seem to be quite erudite. Can we go for a spin? Skipper hosts a trivia competition in which Teresa, Nikki, Raquelle, and Midge compete to see who is Barbie’s true best friend.

Barbie and her friends come up with a system to deal with fashion emergencies all over the world. Problems arise during game night when Barbie and Ryan end up getting stuck in an elevator together. Barbie has the perfect sleepover planned, but ryan is hoping to scare up. Played straight seeing as the characters are actual dolls: Summer “big” as in “strong and athletic” The Smart Girl: Everyone she meets praises her, and she opens a boutique that becomes extremely successful, but she quickly grows bored of not having Barbie to compete with.

Ken’s labrador, Hudson, places third. The entire universe is Toy Time incarnate, with all of the characters having visible plastic joints.

Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse – A Smidge of Midge [Episode 5] [Season 3]

Life with barbie episode 27 arcade charades youtube. In the smidge of midge episode, midge comments on barbie s articulation and how all she can do is lean forward. Life in the dreamhouse is an online web series of computeranimated shorts produced by arc productions, mattel and resnick interactive group. He manages to assemble it correctly in the end