Faust p HD. Down with the executioners! The target— the Odessa theater. Eisenstein wrote the film as a revolutionary propaganda film, but also used it to test his theories of “montage”. Startseite Neuheiten Suche Kontakt. Let there not be differences or hostility among us! To the rifles, brothers!

That way is not for you! Matyushenko, under the guise of breaking ranks, calls the sailors to the gun turret. They try to sneak through the admiral’s hatch. A Symphony of Horror p HD. Land the troops and the army will join you. Let’s take revenge on the bloodthirsty vampires!

The squadron draws near! Who are you shooting at?! Fire right into the canvas! My boy is badly hurt.

All hands on deck! Benutzer, die diesen Artikel gekauft haben, haben auch gekauft. That way is not for you!

The ship doctor Smirnov. Cover them with canvas! The sailors refused to eat the borscht. We’ve had enough rotten meat! Unfortunately, no English subtitles and quite a bit of the film is not in the sharpest quality; but for documentary interest and a look at life as it REALLY was in s USSR, you can’t beat this film.


You’re free to go! A tent on the new pier in Odessa is the final resting place for Vakulinchuk. Directed by Sergei M. The people of Odessa are waiting for the liberators!

A Symphony of Horror p HD. They are dead fly larvae. Death to the oppressors! The target— the Odessa theater. Potemkin and destroyer No.

Find books, banknotes, passports, IDs, newspapers and other collectibles at our sister store: Night came, full of anxiety. To the rifles, brothers! The time has come when we too must speak out. Dokumentarfilme Amerikanische Wochenschauen Ost- und Zentraleuropa: Have fear of God!


The enemy is within firing range! Land the troops and the army will join you. A tremendous, mysterious process was taking place in countless hearts.

For a spoonful of borscht. With one heart, they decided to face the squadron. A reconstruction of the Russian premiere version directed by Enno Patalas in cooperation with Anna Bohn. In both the Soviet Union and overseas, the film shocked audiences, but not so much for its political statements as for its use of violence, which was considered graphic by the standards of the time.


In very good quality. Crew of the squadron battleship Prince Tavrichesky.

Battleship Potemkin with English subtitles online

Above the heads of the tsar’s admirals thundered a brotherly suhtitles. Unlike some of the propaganda films commemorating the anniversary some of which we have for salesome of the scenes of daily life shown in this film show aspects of life in Bolshevik Moscow, which would have created a far different, negative effect on some audiences than the director Mikhail Kaufman and the censors intended.

Matyushenko, under the guise of breaking ranks, calls the sailors to the gun potsmkin.

A delegate from shore. Geben Sie eine Produktbewertung ab. The squadron was sneaking up in the darkness. And then the brutality of the military authorities in Odessa was answered with the battleship’s shells.