Adding details to the arena Talking about the possibility of wearing a dress and planning changes to the arena. Speed removing the cobblestone box in the arena Talking about the B-Team meetup, plans for the arena and Feed the Beast Relocating the beacon. Visiting Guude’s village and trying to trade with villagers Touring Doc’s treehouse Touring Etho’s base and killing cows. Talking about the upcoming fight with Doc and Pause Discussing his car negotiating strategy Landscaping in the arena. Making large trees Giving Etho a tour of his house Discussing the trial. Looking at the beginning of the thejims river Exploring a mineshaft under the arena. Testing out the newly enchanted shovel Pondering how to light the arena and testing different window options Adding buildings outside the arena.

Moving sand and threatening Adlington with death Discovering Generikb’s trailer in the village Caving for diamonds and resources for Generikb. Explaining how the classes are set up Inaugural Arena Games. Creating a fallen tree bridge Working on hidden lighting and the path. Sharing his frustration about the Nether tunnel damage Buying Wither skulls from Seth’s shop and preparing to fight the Wither Trying to kill a Wither. Opening a real estate agency with generik Negotiating terms and conditions Assigning values to lots. Touring Guudeland , Beef’s castle and Zisteau’s places Working on the entrance to the arena. Slaying of the Wither.

See B Team Trial. Mindcrack Server – Episode 76″. Mindcrack Server – Episode 59″.

Mindcrack Server – Episode Discovering Etho has taken over their lever shop Building bdoulbeo Redstone Emporium at Etho’s jungle base. Don’t break your shoulder!

Talking about Easter traditions Making an “Easter egg hunt” of noisemakers for eepisode. Making a skeleton trap with Etho and Guude. Commenting on generik’s “Shoop da Whoop” addition to his house Fighting nighttime zombies Discussing materiality and road design Working on wiring episodf contraption that will melt the snow on his lawn.


Working bdobuleo lighting his stairwell Discussing YouTube comments and depression Adding more decorations and stalagmites. Slaying of the Wither. Thanking everyone for their support at the trial Talking about the art show he went to with his wife Discussing mcgamer’s prank. Discussing the town hall logo and adding some details to it Finding a “baked potato on a stick” food truck that Kurt made and burning it down Working on ice windows. Collecting packed ice, dark oak and podzol blocks Finding the prank from the E Prankster and explaining the lack of a response for the.

Working on the Arena Visiting dboubleo blaze farm to get blaze rods for enderchests. Trying to make trapdoor windows Constructing trees. Exploring a mineshaft Working on building his house.

Receiving food from Etho in payment episod killing mcgamer Working on the fountain in front of the arena Fighting with adlington for cobble Growing food and farming XP at the Ender Ender. Talking about last Christmas Looking for Christmas gifts Opening and leaving gifts.

Caving Hinting at B-Team antics to come. Chopping trees, fighting mobs, and talking about basketball Building columns in the arena. Meeting NewMindcracker at the Town Hall and noticing that some areas are dark enough to spawn monsters Reconstructing epsiode bridge from his house to spawn Correcting what he had said about lighting in the Town Hall and changing some minor floor designs.

Touring the secret hideout Considering Millbee’s application.

Minecraft Building with BdoubleO – Episode 176 – Randomization

Mindcrack Server – Episode 57″. Showing materials collected and tweaking his entrance hall Discussing string to stop mobs, modifications to the Luck Box and his modified epusode pack Trying to build a sheep cryo chamber. Working on the city surrounding the arena Talking about the discussion of “likes” Discussing trying to get back in shape and hanging out on the HermitCraft server. Looking at the beginning of the thejims river Exploring a mineshaft under the arena.


Minecraft Building with BdoubleO – Episode – Randomization –

You coming at me? Farming dark oak wood Removing the upside down building company building Dinnerbone made Talking about how much he appreciates his viewers Rebuilding his building company building.

Testing the Luck Box and watching Arkas’ show Talking about Doc’s planned witch farm Making a chicken farm Discussing building an arena. Mindcrack Server – Episode 63″. Mindcrack Server – Episode 77″. Parkor in the arena village Removing clay and gravel left over from Baj’s prank on his house Working on the arena village and gathering birch wood. Mindcrack Server – Episode 73″.

Fighting a zombie siege on Mudbucket Leaving Mudbucket for the Spawn village Finding a sign from “E” telling Bdubs to go home before the map reset Checking out the prank on Guude’s spawn house and looking for evidence of the E Prankster at BdoubleO’s spawn home. Looking at the progress on the roof of the arena Making a musical gift for VintageBeef Discussing noteblocks.

Reminding viewers that everyone on the server is friends and talks to each other Rebuilding mcgamers house as a “B” Experimenting with lamppost ideas Talking about games he likes. Laying out the base of the town hall and talking about plans for the completed structure Discovering and taming a horse, and naming her ” Pamela Anderson ” Adding a staircase to an enchanting station that was haphazardly built atop somebody’s house Harvesting snow.