Watch Begusarai – Episode – January 13, Just then, Laakhan reaches the scene and seeing his father and Phulan worried he enquires about the matter with Mithilesh. Watch Begusarai – Episode – January 27, Later, Phulan decides to prepare his ‘last will’ for the entire family and he asks Manchita to collect the entire family together. Will Laakhan ruin Poonam’s first day in the college by bullying the students of her college? Admision notice , Guru Govind Singh Indrap

Priyom leaves the window disappointed and Poonam opens the window with tears in her eyes as Priyom get into his room. Priyom at the same time, requests Laakhan to let him drive Poonam to her college and Laakhan agrees. Begusarai – Episode 12 – March 17, – Full Episode. Begusarai – Episode 16 – March 23, – Full Episode. But before things get worse, Priyom reaches the college along with Bindiya. Begusarai – Episode 23 – April 1, – Full Episode. Watch Begusarai – Episode – December 15,

Poonam feels pleased when Laakhan hands her a college form and asks her to fill them up. Just then, Rajkumar enters Bindiya’s room and she decides to woo him instead. She feels restless at night as needs to full Priyom for what he had done for her and she jumps the wall of her house and reaches Priyom’s room only to be scared by him.

While everybody is happy about this, Laakhan ends their happiness by objecting to this. Will Laakhan ruin Poonam’s first day in the college by bullying the students of her college?

College students should contact their principal’s office for applying for Learner License. Will Poonam continue to fear Laakhan until the end? Later, she learns from Priyom that he had used a video to convince Laakhan to send her to college. Poonam is stunned when her father falls down unconscious. He later is horrified when he learns that his mother has crossed all limits of her greediness by getting him immediately married to Poonam in order to lay her hands on her family’s wealth.


Watch Begusarai – Episode – February 01, But looking at the large guns that gaurd the area, she episod that she is no match for them.

What will Phulan decide in his ‘last will’? Eipsode Begusarai – Episode – December 05, Epizode Begusarai – Episode – January 29, The land where respect, money and power are earned through bloodshed.

Begusarai – Hindi Serial – Episode 222 – January 4, 2016 – And Tv Show – Webisode

Priyom is not very convinced and he goes away. Epiaode at Government College of Nursing, Haldwa Watch Begusarai – Episode – December 24, Later, Priyom arrives at the scene with his two friends. Later, when Maakhan leaves the home he finds Priyom waiting for him. Later, Priyom decides to speak to Maakhan on Poonam’s behalf, to allow her to continue with her education.

Begusarai – Episode 225 – January 7, 2016 – Preview

Priyom and Guddi somehow manage to escape the eyes of Mikhilesh and enter the house. Bindiya gets furious and accuses her of having relations with Maakhan and yet being in love with Priyom. But his secret is out soon and he requests Dadi Maa to pay for the bike but she refuses. Begusarai – Episode 21 – March 30, – Full Episode.

Later, she along with Phulan Thakur’s sister, Guddi go in search for a newspaper to learn the results. He later clarifies that he has already given his word to Bindiya that she will be leaving Begusarai only after she performs on the day of Laakhan’s marriage with Poonam. He narrates his story of friendship with Poonam and concludes by saying that he is sad to learn that she had for a change decided to inform about Bindiya’s matter to Laakhan instead of him.

Watch Begusarai – Episode – December 23, Begusarai – Episode 10 – March 13, – Full Episode. Phulan later watches his sons enjoying with each other and feels good but he still is unsure about giving the responsibility of Begusarai to any one of them.


The channel has roped in noted film maker Tigmanshu Dhulia to design the first look of this multi-starrer on the small screen. Priyom later gets serious and explains to Laakhan that Poonam’s happiness lies in this college. Watch Begusarai – Episode – December 07, Watch Begusarai – Episode – December 22, Watch Begusarai – Episode – December 11, Watch Begusarai – Episode – December 04, Badi Dadi later calls up Phulan and gives him this news and he along with Bhushan leave their work immediately and go to their home.

Maakhan’s mother on the other hand is extremely happy with her son’s stand and she encourages his guts begusaraai going against Phulan’s orders. Begusarai – Episode 16 – March 23, – Full Episode.

“Begusarai” Begusarai (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Begusarai – Episoe 18 – March 25, – Full Episode. Meanwhile, Bhushan’s wife is cursing him and their son for their closeness with Phulan but when she remembers that they have to visit Phulan’s place she immediately changes her mood. Watch Begusarai – Episode – December 18, Will Laakhan help Poonam get her admission in the college?

Will this insult faced by Laakhan give rise to further fulll between Laakhan and Mithilesh? Begusarai – Episode 11 – March 16, – Full Episode. Priyom at the same time, requests Laakhan to let him drive Poonam to her college and Laakhan 2223.

Priyom however manages to take out some money from a sack himself and he pays the delivery boy. Watch Begusarai – Episode – January 20, But Laakhan in his anger pushes Mithilesh away, unknowingly.