Her actually wandering off with what they know is actually a murderer and a pretty sick fuck was still a shock though. Triumphant, Peter is then figuratively and literally shot in the back, twice but not fatally. This is where the series gets serious. The chainsaw attacker soon turns up dead anyway, drowned on dry land and Grant suspects one of the river goddesses. I mean I expected it after book two, but then he took two more books to lure me into a false sense of security. Not a stand alone best to start with ‘Midnight Riot’, which is the first in the series, this is book number four. There Peter joins Molly and they stand guard until Frank Caffrey and his Parachute Regiment associates arrive, ready for a mundane assault while Peter and Molly continue to stand guard against magical shenanigans.

Incorrect page count 8 25 Apr 04, I so enjoyed reading this and I recommend this series without reservation. Grant follows up with the grandfather from the beginning of the book, who burnt his hands casting “lux”. Then re-read my favourite bits. Triumphant, Peter is then figuratively and literally shot in the back, twice but not fatally. Add to it that unlike most UF books, the police are not bumbling idiots or obstructive foils, and you have a UF detective read with a very different flavor.

Several of her supernatural cousins show up and vow revenge, but Nightingale convinces them to let the police do their job. I think I may have a crush. Previously Grant and the Folly had confronted an evil magic practitioner known only as The Faceless Man. Or at least, the end of this book. Backing out Peter callsexplains the tower has been rigged with demolition charges, and that he and Lesley will evacuate the few remaining tenants, with Peter taking the upper floors.

Nevertheless, there brojen a fine art in not giving away too much when building awesome, which is part of why I never used Aral Vorkosigan’s viewpoint in my own series. View all 4 comments. This installment meanders a bit, as it juggles multiple story lines, plus lessons in architecture.

Broken Homes (Peter Grant, #4) by Ben Aaronovitch

Now my self imposed rule of no spoilers makes things never easy when discussing fiction but even more so when you have a series which is going from be “crime of the week” in to a growing story arc which recurring characters and a villain they never seem to get close enough to.


There were things happening Donning their Metvests and grabbing collapsible batonsPeter and Lesley rush down to the garden and discover a biker trying to restart a chainsaw to finish ring-barking an ornamental cherry. Posted on Thursday, June 28th, Books by Ben Aaronovitch. This book starts with Grant and Nightingale investigating a car accident involving a person of interest in the Faceless Man investigation.

But I do not have a good feeling about the next book. Detailed plot synopsis reviews of Broken Homes London police constable and apprentice wizard Peter Grant investigates multiple crimes that seem to all lead to the evil magician known as the Faceless One. Once again, the city of London comes off the pages in all its nroken and multicultural glory, with Peter as its most enthusiatic troubadour.

You are not that good. Added to that is the sheer pleasure of working with and helping support the synopxis libraries of London. They have a very good scene where they all gather bgoken a Spring festival on the South Bank of Thames, but the episode felt like a distraction from the main plot.

Although the best parts happened in the off.

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The love of the city fascinates me as a perversion in its in its own right, since personally I th Benn, this was a delightful part of a story By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Mar 25, Penny rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Lost and Stolen Artifacts Database of the London police turns up a German language book on magic from a aaroonvitch book dealer. Michael Trick Must have been picked up in editing after the hardcover printing since the “dead” is removed from my kindle version as well as the goodreads preview. Very generous average, 3 stars. Good and bad magic. Some of the locations in Broken Homes are fictional.

Grant visits the garden and runs into several supernatural beings of his acquaintance, including Beverly Brook. Grant follows up with the grandfather from homea beginning of the book, who burnt his hands casting aaronoivtch.

A rather hideous and derelict high rise tower from the impractical ‘s plays a central part in the story, together with its down on their luck current inhabitants. He also spots a leaflet for a National Trust building and after checking into it he determines that they were recently burgled.


It’s a real pleasure to be in these people’s lives and experience what they experience. Peter and Leslie are at the Folly, developing their magic skills and researching an Oxford University dining club group that was learning magic a couple of decades ago.

I’ve never liked series where each installment is a synopsiw in its self, a standalone. So far so London. I hear you saying. The mysteries are too vague to be engaging. An investigation reveals the seller to be a known thief and Grant goes to his house to question him, but finds him dead, burnt from the inside out probably by the Faceless Man.

Rivers of London 4. See all aaronovitcu questions about Broken Homes…. He uses London slang, British police vocabulary, architectural terms and stories that are heavily influenced by local geography. The accident seems ordinary but there is blood in the trunk of the car and a search turns up the murdered body of a woman nearby. I found it refreshing; although I love a snarky remark, at a certain point, they become incongruent with the emotion of the story.

Hardcoverpages. I had a strong feeling of things coming together, fitting in, belonging.

The burgled building built by a famous architect, Erik Stromberg, the same architect who built the Skygarden. Nightingale subdues her and sybopsis questioning they learn that like him she fought in WWII, and that she was a fixer for the Faceless Man. Thief and burglar, Aaronovltch Mulkern’s corpse is discovered in Bromley, burnt from the inside out.

I love Aaronvich’s tone and style. At the conclusion of the battle, after the hostages have been rescued, the Night Witch is in custody, and the local force arrives. Is making a glaring editorial faux pas like dropping a line like “And our dead Volvo driver waronovitch on it” when the character wasn’t killed an acceptable aid to reader engagement?

Then, there’s the climax and the shocking “twist”.