In Java, the term babad refers to both prose and verse texts and is one of several genres concerned with representing the historical past, which also include works titled serat and sajarah. The reign of each king can be used to periodise the narrative, apart from three brief periods when the Kapakisan family was not in control: The position of my work within this trend of scholarship is distinguished by my regional focus and my analytical methods. Despite the fact that the Kapakisan dynasty survived the Pande rebellion, the aftermath of the war is described in similar terms of emptiness and silence as the fall of Majapahit: Intercalation is a short-term effect and the instabilities produced by it are averaged out over the much longer span of the era, which generally lasts centuries or millennia. The lack of intervals means that occasions are singular events, which organise the text not by virtue of their connection with other occasions, but rather by their mention of genealogical, chronological and geographical labels.

Dulaurier and in by W. Olthof and its translations into Indonesian by H. Quality refers to significance of certain intervals in contrast to others. In general, the names of children cannot be determined by the names of their parents, and people will often adopt new names when taking political office. For these reasons, practical realist historians of Southeast Asia tended to choose indigenous texts that overlapped in content with European or Chinese sources, on the assumption that by comparing historical works characterised by different kinds of knowledge-expression relations, their biases would tend to cancel each other out, and the historian would be able to construct accurate facts out of imperfect sources. Writing the Past, Inscribing the Future:

It is therefore difficult to tell whether these chronograms were added in the mid 20 th century, or whether Warna A represents an otherwise unknown branch of the Babad Dalem tradition where chronogram time plays a prominent role. In the periods where genealogical time is indexed to several concurrent lines, the stability of that time is compromised.

Tinjauan Kritis Tentang Sajarah Banten: The temporal device called chronology, which forms the basis of the conventional definition of historicity, is in fact a combination two separate technologies: Kryan Tulus Ayu was born of Arya Wangbang. As with era time, it is not only the magnitude but also the time scale of the instability that matters. Competing Time Technologies in the Debates about Historicity This analysis of the Babad Dalem shows that the contention about whether the text should count as history is closely related to how technologies are used to organise time within it.


The usual approach in recent work has been to use close readings of Asian texts about the past as the basis for challenging the conventional category of history. Kerep grahana sasi lan surya. According to this text the Mataram regnal periods are: Each technology produces time that can be analysed in terms of the four attributes of regularity, stability, topology and quality. It is only after the death of Senapati that the year numerals become well-ordered and frequent: History as Prophesy in Colonial Java.

Javanese and Balinese chronograms may form complete phrases and may be arranged either left-to-right or right-to-left. Since all calendar intervals are indexed only within the larger interval that contains them, different intervals with the same label e. The greater the quality of a moment, the more likely it was to be dismissed as non-historical. Relevant examples are the Shaka era S of lunisolar 19 The symbolic quality of such points in the genealogy led some scholars to interpret these figures as legendary and therefore not historically real Berg [] I especially appreciate the sense of scholarly community and shared purpose that we have built together.

The text ends with a bureaucratic tussle between Susuhunan Amangkurat IV and a VOC official, representing the entrenchment of colonial power in Java during the late Kartasura period. As Anderson noted [] My approach is therefore able to offer precise suggestions for how our criteria for historicity may be broadened, in light of the kinds of temporality found in Southeast Asian historical texts.

Comparative Perspectives on Austronesian Ideas of Locality. Sinopsis the heirs episode 15 bentara asia. However, the symbolic associations of chronogram time make its topology and quality more complex than that of era time.

The Makassarese Chronicles of Gowa and Talloq. Sinopsis Heirs Episode 3.

The most frequent use of ellipsis is occurs when the narrative is told in summary, such as the lists of events in the Babad Gumi and the Babad ing Sengkala, where each sentence refers to a separate event and there are implicit ellipses between each of them.

The topology of age time is path-like, which means each age is followed by only one other age in a series that either repeats a closed path, i. I am grateful to Emeritus Professor Peter Worsley, my associate supervisor, for his sensitive reading of my work and for sharing his vast knowledge with me.

Since the only birth that is mentioned in the text is that of the Majapahit king Hayam Wuruk, the generational intervals for all the other figures begin with their accession to office and end with their death. A good example of this effect in the Sulalat us-Salatin is found by comparing the Melaka ruling line with the Bendahara chief minister line. Orality and Literacy in the Malay World.


This benatra is usually visualised graphically: The first episode released on a screening event on December 10,following the online release 3 days after. Without a year numeral specification, it is impossible to convert this date precisely to the Gregorian calendar and Common era, except the 4 th month usually occurs in October. Stability refers to the extent to which the durations of different intervals can be compared.

Both are descended from the Indian yuga system, with important modifications.

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Here, genealogy is the means of establishing the order of events, while the chronological technologies era and calendar are used to highlight the quality of particular moments. This linearity is complicated by the fact that the apical ancestor, the last Majapahit bentar Brawijaya, emerges relatively late in the genealogy.

This common etymology suggests that bamboo was a standard metaphor for the articulated structure of calendar time intervals. The events described immediately before and after the ellipsis constitute moments of time that are separated by the elliptical interval.

Characterising the Technologies In this section, I show that all of the relevant technologies produce time that can be analysed in terms of the basic attributes of regularity, stability, topology and quality. One method of doing this is to study Southeast Asian oral historical traditions in and of themselves J. episoed

Sinopsis the heirs episode 15 bentara asia

On the Genesis of a Global Time Regime. Bekung is replaced by his younger brother Seganing, whose period of rule is characterised by stability. The subjects of these texts are the heyday and decline of three great polities: The sociological views of time emerged in the 20 th century, evinced by social scientists such as Georges Gurvitch and Clifford Geertz. These textual histories suggest that it is more appropriate to consider the manuscript and print versions as concrete instantiations of a textual tradition, rather than as copies of an ideal original text that can be reconstructed by conventional philological methods.

For practical realists, it was possible via careful interpretation of the evidence to reconstruct the real past accurately, even though all historical sources are biased, incomplete and inexact in their own ways.

Sunardjo, Nikmah, and Muhamad Fanani.