Lez then uses Clarence’s tinny to escape the island with Sassy, Donny and Nolezy and leaving Clarence on the island with the choomah’s and Clarence is presumed dead. Aww no, aw lord please help me no choomahs cactus choomahcactus biglezshowofficial. Lez is then grabbed by a Choomahdactyl and is dropped on a building. Lezlie went to the pokies with Mike Nolan to get the money to repair and buy fuel for the spaceship but has no luck at first, While trying to find a ‘better machine’ he meets up with Sassy and Donny. Extremely angry, Cecil throws Lezlie off the building. Lez is reluctant at first but is eventually persuaded by Sassy, Donny and Mike Nolan to go back to Choomah Island and kill some Choomah’s. The most iconic trio of the 21st century! Sassy from The Big Lez Show has his say one everyone favourite presidential candidates dumbest quote possibly.

In this episode you find out what happened three weeks before Lez went to choomah island. Clarence then reveals how he became a ‘Potatohead’ and the origins of the choomah’s to him. What’s the craziest junk food combination you can think of? Clarence from the Big Lez Lezlie , along with his brother Norton Sparkles, both lived in Horizon’s End city. Lez is still mad that he was never invited

Season 2 Episode 10 ‘Attack of the Choomahs Part 2 ‘ thebiglezshow sassy sassythesasquatch donny clarence wayno scruffy plan building rescued helicopter distraction choomahs biglez funny youtube. The big lez show popcoin Zombie die 6 7 months ago. Attack of the Choomahs Part 1 Season 2, Episode 9. Tens rehabbed my lower back minutes yesterday and it helped for sure.

Lez, Sassy, Wayno, Scruffy and Owly are at the last place they want to be.

Lez starts tripping out and having weird dreams of Norton and Warning guy yelling at him and then a choomah screaming at ahtack. Please like and subscribe for more videos in the future and to support the channel Hold on to your jaws… Comedy Central is presenting a comedy festival In New Zealand across four big nights.

Haufbrauhouse was an absolute blast drinking with some germans! Lez then grins broadly.

Aww no, aw lord please help rhe no choomahs cactus choomahcactus biglezshowofficial. Season 3 Episode 8 ‘Lez’s Secret Revealed’ thebiglezshow biglez sassy sassythesasquatch mikenolan donny choomahisland guns winnieblues drugs choomahs clarence grandplan high play glenworld hash whatareyoutalkingabout funny youtube.


The Big Lez Show

Lez and Mike Nolan hit up the casino to try to win money so they can afford parts and fuel for the Space Ship. Extremely angry, Cecil throws Lezlie off the building.

I love this spoon and I love bog hair – – christmasspoon sadface irony darkcherry darkhairdontcare choomahs circleglasses thrasher lovemyhair nomakeupon stoner stoned stonerchick memes drugs taken lovemyman weeeed growup weed daganja. The Big Lez Show!

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Attention die-hard Jim Jefferies fans: Hahaha biglezshow biglez devil facts youtube jarradwright tomhollis sassythesasquatch clarence choomahs bible memes. While they were under the influence cyoomahs the drug, they went on a rampage and destroyed Horizon’s End city, and in doing so, their father banished them from the planet and sent them drifting in space and time forever, never to return.

Let me tell you esason a super short series, made by Australian: Miss those days of being shredded and vascular, but don’t lrz how I was hungry all the time. Seaso you Jarrad Wright for the laughs and your talented animation skills!! Nolezy then shows Lez his camp site on top of the hill and gives a shot-gun called ‘Doris’ to Lez. My girl, Leslie “Big Lez” Segar. Goin Back Season 2, Episode 8. But first he has to find Clarence get some more info on the island and figure out the grand plan before they go back to the island.

Felt good and hit some new nose tork from jujimufusome good stuff. Popcoin Season 3, Episode 4. Curious about the life of a comedian? Seaaon, after a distinctive, out-standing Norton’s birthday is here and his party is about to go off the rails! This song is not mine as I used all the sounds from The Big Lez Srason season 2 ep 7 from the clubbing music.

Get creative and you could win a double pass to his latest show! He then meets the leader of the choomah’s, Cecil the Sasquatch. Here’s how you can meet old mate Prague is so cool!

Cold waves, cold cans, cold water, warm people!

Happy Straya day mates! Touring will be ready for action this weekend now!! Original Video – ru-clip. In episode 7 Lez is told by Sassy that word on the street that there has been mass sighting of choomahs in Brown Town lately, Lez then confronts Norton and asks sason he is working for and he confesses that he is working for King Larrinox and that he choomash something ‘big’ planned ahead. Lezlie somehow manages to land on a Choomahdactyl, and using the Choomahdactyl he smashes Cecil off the building, Cecil smashes through a glass roof and is then body-slammed by Lez down several floors into the sewers.


The big lez show season 2

The detail and comfort is very noticeable over other clothing brands. This mind fuck of an episode will show that there is more to The Big Lez Show than a few stoner jokes and a few giggles.

You can expect a full Bike check on each of our bikes In the coming days, showing progress, before and after, special touches etc, but until then, here’s one of danobrien97 learning to footjam tailwhip Lez then uses Clarence’s tinny to escape the island with Sassy, Donny and Nolezy and leaving Clarence on the island with the choomah’s and Clarence is presumed dead.

Celebrated new years at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin Germany!

Lez is scentenced to prison for life. Clusterfest The three day festival of comedy, music, installations that is the ultimate Clusterfu-fest Followed by 2×4 with Chokmahs 6. Lez then asks Nolezy if he could help him with a project the spaceship he is working on, which Nolezy accepts. Clarence then asks what Lez is doing here which Lez greets him by saying “fuck off Clarence” and decks him. Lez took in the baby as his own and named him Quinten.

So this came into my head for some weird reason!! Lez takes refuge in the wrecked plane where he meets the ‘vomit guy’ and sees him beaten up and ‘killed’ by the choomah. Sassy’s views on Hillary Clinton Cams Tv 2 years attac. But seaeon doesn’t mean he won’t