Tom Ballard pauses for a summit photograph on the summit of the Grandes Jorasses after speeding up the Colton-MacIntyre. The search will continue in base camp and through the icefall for any other victims. I was constantly looking at the weather forecast. Alpinist 40 Mountain Profile: Each of the ascents chosen took place in Tell me about your recent solo of the Northeast Buttress of Mt. Pfaff and I packed up my little Mooney single-engine piston aircraft in Denver, Colo.

They left camp at 2 p. The Piolets d’Or Golden Ice Axes were long considered to be the “Oscars of Mountaineering,” but controversy and a shift in general perception about the meaning of the ceremony slowly metamorphosed the event–now in its 23rd year–into a more or less competition-free celebration. Stuart 9,’ and let my tears release. Coldiron suggests that Blackwell Falls may be the best line he’s seen in the area so far, but was quick to add that the Cabinets still boast plenty of potential. A mile-long glacier descent passing beneath Mont Blanc, Grandes Jorasses, Les Drus and many other great mountains with significant alpine history. Then I would be a fencing coach and activist.

Tom Ballard’s Facebook Pageplanetmountain. Friends of a friend brought my skis and boots down to Chamonix a few days later, because I ended up in Italy.

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The group took thirty-five days to forge a route up the southeast ridge of the peak. What are your next alpine climbing plans? The classic six north faces of the Alps are on every aspiring alpinist’s wish list.

Because of instability, the Icefall Doctors have retreated and are no longer tending the area. Did you have a support team for each ascent or was it a total solo effort? Pitch 4 WI7, 35m is some of the most unstable and surreal ice climbing I have ever done.

New terrain has long had an appeal for Helliker, who says he’d rather fail trying something new than “repeating loads of routes which are hooked out by countless climbers before you. After completing the main objective, the pair still had seven days before the plane returned. The team completed the round-trip ascent of the previously unclimbed peak–the last unclimbed 9,foot peak in the Revelations–in twelve hours and fifteen minutes.

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Giraldo raises his arms as he and Helander near the summit of the Obelisk before completing the peak’s first ascent. Waiting for just the right conditions–enough snow and ice to cover the wall’s rocky buttresses–the pair climbed their new line in six long pitches.


Vitoria is the capital city of the province of Alava, as well as of the Basque Country. Cuisine Fish is a Bilbao speciality, and is used in rilm popular dishes: The climbing wasn’t hard, but the ice was very suspect. Browsing All Articles Articles.

McCrea says, “We climbed up over the bergschrund for several hundred feet, and then Clint led a M6 pitch. Santurtzi is a maritime town that has been able to preserve its customs in spite of its large growth. Once the chalk was embedded in the sandy rock it started to link together. We turned back south at Lourdes-de-Blanc-Sablon, crossed above the partly frozen Strait of Belle Isle, and flew down the west coast of Newfoundland to our destination: Its activity focuses on the car sector and on the food industry because of its excellent road connections with other capitals, such as Valladolid or Vitoria.

As just one example, little information has come from the Gorkha area near the Tibetan border, a remote region with a population ofnear Manaslu, the eighth highest mountain in the world. It’s a bit sandy: Jonah Job on Four-Play’s P4.

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Sherpa Adventure Gear employees sewing waterproof tents and fleece blankets for relief efforts on April If you have a film, submissions opened on April 13 and can be made here. The estimated number of people dead in Langtang village has increased since we reported on the entradaw impact on that region mdndi April The transition to the ice is terrifying, but not too dangerous.

The main earthquake is marked in red.

This was Pitch 5 for us. Santurtzi is a municipality belonging to the region of Greater Bilbao.

After simulclimbing a few hundred feet of WI3, they pitched out another six to seven ropelengths of steep ice, and a final pitch of mixed terrain, before their route ended beneath an enormous impassable chimney. Did you train specifically? David Roberts first noticed the Revelations while visiting the Kitchatna Spires in Janusz Kurczab [Photo] Janusz Kurczab collection.

I onsighted this pitch on our first day, after two false starts to the left. Alpinist 16 The Matterhorn.

Eleven tons of international aid, including needed medicine, shelter and food, have piled up at the Kathmandu airport and at border crossings from India, but are not being efficiently dispersed.


As of April 28, when Hart spoke to Haley, the Clouets had been evacuated.

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The prominent lines in the center of the wall, however, had remained unclimbed. Tell me about your recent solo of the Northeast Buttress of Mt.

Description of the place Vitoria is the capital city of the province of Alava, as well as of the Basque Country. With the good weather and low winds, the pair got after the peak on March 22, making quick time by using postholes and a rappel line Helander had left on the previous try.

American alpinist Colin Haley, who was visiting Langtang Valley with his French climbing partner Aymeric Clouet and Clouet’s family, has since been evacuated from the area and is scheduled to depart tomorrow from Kathmandu.

There is only one piece of gear on this pitch, half way across, and it is a 1 knifeblade in a seam. The day of the earthquake, Alan Arnette sent out an audio recording from Camp 2 at 21, feet; you can listen to it here.

Let yourself be seduced by the art of the Rntradas Museumthe Congress Palace or Calatrava Airport, and take time to savour a miniature art, presented bilbaao “pintxos” tapas.

To learn more about charitable organizations in Nepal, see this page by the Better Business Bureau. Ehtradas team simulclimbed the entire route except two mndi.

What do you see as the risks of soloing these big walls in winter and how did you mitigate them? UK-based organization providing charity to Nepal’s mountain people Sources: Alpinist’ s correspondent Menno Boermans shares his highlights of the event, which occurred on April I won’t lie, I really wanted to draw a straighter line up this wall, but in the mountains you don’t contrive, you just follow the path presented to you. The team completed the first ascent of the tower testival their route the Bonington-Whillans IV 5.

View the list of major ascents considered for the Piolets d’Or compiled by Claude Gardien, from Vertical Magazineand renowned mountaineer Lindsay Griffin here.