Disable it and then crochet the lock out of the room and retrieve a voxophone on furniture. Then press the red button in the empty back room to witness the death of Dr. Eliminate ice splicer Continue towards the ice, this time a second store on the right can be visited. Inside on the floor on the right at some lockers. Make your way through the clinic until you come across a Big Daddy that has been injured, interact with it and you will decide to try fix him. Head out of the Surgical Suite and as you enter the hallway there will be a vent on your right, jump in and follow it into a small office room on the ground floor note again more Vox may have spawned , grab what you can in here and use a lock pick you should find to open up the door.

Armored Core For Answer Guide. Tap the door to one of the men Atlas opens. If you use “Possession” on a distributor it will give you more room to pick up at the foot of the machine. Inside, a splicer delirium. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Once out of this alive grueling fight, Atlas will contact you to learn more of Elizabeth plane. Now mount the windsock in the wing of the patients. The Devil’s Cartel Guide.

Inside is also an audio diary. Out of a bad dream by the arrival of a customer, you get to know a cooler and older than Elizabeth in Bioshock Infinite.

Use what you have learned so far and knock them out one at a time. On the right of the room, and a part flooded is electrified by electric cables. Well, you can actually see what became of him if you chose to spare him down here in the cellars. Repair the machine Lutece Then go upstairs and see the pattern that ah on the desktop.

Knowledge for All 5 The fifth and final film Knowledge for All is the exact opposite of fourth in the recess on the left. Get out of the nioshock in time to see Elizabeth whack the owner.

Find a way to repair the Protector Try moving Protector without success, it will have to find another way to recover. Beware the turret which is just next door. Congratulations, you are the reason Big Daddies try to kill you in the original Bioshock. You notice quickly iboshock an old enemy lurks around, the Big Daddy. Ask Elizabeth to open against three hooks. Before taking the elevator Home Delivery, enter the Haberdashery store on the right. Before you pass the two big daddy finl hanging.


Upstairs recover fode quantum particle parts to avoid damage to the First Lady and then descend to the fault to return to Rapture. Use the right button to call the elevator. Descend into the main room and take stands for not being spotted by the enemy.

The other Mod is located in the previously locked room back in the Silver Fin, head back and collect the Winter Mod. A fourth Splicer will try to see what’s going on just wait til he relaxes a bit the knock him out as well. Inside you find another voxophone.

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Find anything you think is wrong with this walkthrough? Silver Fin — Upstairs, on the balcony to the right of the far stairs. If you followed the order of this guide, you are now in possession of a mask invitation that allows you to access the club Cohen. Beware his drill-grab it uses to bring his level. Go down the stairs and use your plasmid on the turrets.

If you dismount close to an enemy and press before you land you will make no noise, use this technique to drop down behind enemies buriap knock them out quickly after, if you pull this attack off three times you tink unlock.

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Be careful as many enemies guarding the premises. After some more chatter head down to the left into Cupid’s Arrow. In CitC, used all eight different vigor combos to deliver the killing blow on an enemy.

Return to Rapture Return of the fault Suchong ask you to put the hair in the pneumatic tube in front of you.

cide You’ll know which it is when it starts soor the guy whining about the employees being cowards. You will have to visit each of these stores, because no matter the order of your visit, the good shop will always be the last you visit. Enter the classroom area and along the back wall cide is a vent you can jump into with some money and food inside, drop back out and creep up on another enemy at the door and take him out, search him after to receive a lock pick and use it on the door to receive a tutorial of how lock picking works this time around, there should only be regular pins and a red pin on this one so no need to worry about the noisemaker.

A second splicer trying to open a locked door, approach him quietly as the first time and knock it a good shot in the neck.


Keep up to date! Go inside to find a body and a plan. Service Bay — Use the cranes to leap down into an open bathysphere opposite the red vehicle Elizabeth needs to reach. Audio diary 17 After Elizabeth’s crawled into a vent you open the door, take the immediate left and then fabricate an ice bridge to enter the office at the bottom left which leads the latest audio diary.

You then head to the factory Fink taking care to many revolutionaries. From here, make your xea down each floor using the stairs and knock out the Vox enemies as you go. All three open the lock, but the effects are eoisode. Coming out of the room, your eyes are certainly attracted by an infusion on the stalls of the store, between several models. Enter the Club Cohen Now that you have all the collectibles locations, instead following the plot.

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Once the last wave, return to the Elizabeth door opens. Head through the right next where you can find a vending machine Possess it for some money then restock if you need to.

Repair the machine Lutece You’ll have to collect three objects to repair the machine Lutece and the game allows you to perform this task in the desired order. Enter the panic room Code: At the end, use the plasmid possession to take control of the turret. In this small room turn the crank to raise the temperature up. Go inside and crawl taking care turret installed inside. Then press the red button in the empty back room to witness the death of Dr. Create an ice bridge leading to the tram station Your route is marked out to the tram station, still take the time to join the Ready-to-wear store on the left, using the plasmid Winter yesteryear to create a bridge and go retrieve the audio diary in one of the dressing rooms at the back of the store, not without having cleared the scene of the presence of splicers.

The area of your fight against the shield in the first episode is completely empty, so mount directly on the shelf reversed then made a complete tour of the room until you reach a wall collapsed.