It boasts the intriguing synopsis: The next hot blonde actress. Yeah, with backing by Severin Films, we struck a deal last week. I went to the film school of Hitchcock cinema…but because of its limited budget, and also the sincerity in the story. The Arctic Sea [ice] is melting. It happens by accident.

The special effects in the movie are pretty distinctive. It was my breakthrough movie into Hollywood. Also, I had to carry all the equipment around to different locations. But at what price? And the premiere in Hollywood with Tim and Eric hosting was fun and hilarious… we had a lot of fun. It was the first YouTube, really…before what you see today. Yeah, solar technology and so on. What Birdemic might have lacked in budget, it clearly made up for in dedication from the entire cast and crew.

I biddemic solar panels just like Rod at my house. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Like the solar panel [that Rod installs on his roof]. This, lest we forget, was the man who penned such mind-altering lines as: This wasyou know? Would you like to give a pitch to readers who might be interested?

Do you have any other creative inspirations birdeic Hitchcock, either in film or other mediums? Your films seem to be of a very personal nature, in that your lead protagonists are unfailingly software salesmen.

Nguyen might have just been asking YOU who would survive, because the movie was so intense that he probably forgot. It was the first film to ever address environmental issues and global warming in a major way.


Interview with James Nguyen, director of “Birdemic”

Can you believe that? Number two, work with what you have. I love all his films. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Could intervkew give any insight into how they were created and how you visualized them during production? Try to get the budget, if you can get a crew, all that stuff, see if you can successfully raise some money to finance your film. Where in the process are you and when can we expect to see it?

Special Interview: ‘Birdemic: Shock and Terror’ Director James Nguyen!!

Did you in any way anticipate this kind of reaction to such an overwhelming amount of people? I made it because I love making movies. We nearly…a major studio, we were that close to closing a deal.

For now, I stay focused on romantic thrillers, and like what I was saying with my current projects, Peephole: Some days I would have to hold a boom between my legs when we were filming.

I have a little small office at the corner of Sunset Blvd. The same way knterview became your breakthrough movie, they also gave their breakthrough performances in it. How long did you guys shoot for? How are they going to answer those two questions?


Special Interview: ‘Birdemic: Shock and Terror’ Director James Nguyen!! – Bloody Disgusting

But I would love to…be a respected Hollywood director, and do it full time. It was my breakthrough movie into Hollywood. How did you manage to balance all those elements?

Is there a specific movie that inspired birdfmic to want to make that choice, or do you just like the trend of studios remaking blockbusters for the third dimension?

I saw she was beautiful, she was talented, she was gifted.

So I worked with what I had. Shock and Terror is getting—I mean, the Hollywood premiere is the first time I really watched Birdemic with a full house. Also, I had to carry all the equipment around to different locations.

Part of it is kind of like…you asked me at the beginning of struggling to make it in the movie business as a director since So the only way we can fix it right now is to…slow down the process by living a green lifestyle in every way, like I just mentioned. I think from a distance I think those eagles and vultures look pretty shocking and terrifying.

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