I really liked this post. Furthermore, because I was often shooting myself without anybody behind the camera, having the extra depth of field made maintaining focus easier on many occasions. In terms of iris control, a lot of lenses even EF simply aren’t supported. It’s amazing the surprise I hear when I tell people this. I’m going to be shooting an 8 episode web series in July and want to upgrade to a 12 bit camera from my GH2, but as of right now I’m really not feeling like ill be able to comfortably shoot with anything other than my GH2. Noam, thanks for all of your hard work and sharing the wealth of information! There are so many things to like about this camera.

Carey March 2, at Thanks so much Sebastian. These audio settings were used with BMCC firmware v. I respect opinions informed opinions. Now that is a deal breaker for me. Yes the image trumps dslr crap, but so does my Sony FS rig.

What camera systems do you have experience with? TUT July 21, at 5: Which fits your style of shooting? While it’s worth mentioning that the crop factor is workable and shouldn’t be a huge detractor for many, it’s pretty different from what I’m used to in S You’ll notice if you bring in your However, I was fully charged when it happened, so it’s still a mystery to us — and mysteries are scary.

Vikas March 17, at 4: We’re working on fixes for the camera, and we’re working on getting to NAB, and there’s a bunch of stuff fiml, but to say that VU meters are coming soon wouldn’t be accurate.

Also how many SSD’s were you using for the shoot?


I love my BMCC, and while some of these points are a problem for some readers, it’s unlikely they’d all be an issue for anyone. Noam Kroll July 22, at 5: This means if you decide to shoot RAW 2. What is this hack that you speak of?

Thank you in advance man! No big deal IMHO.

Wed Jan 09, 4: Just saw it used as C sort on a 2xAlexa shoot. Wondering also if they will slow phase the pocket out? This way, each adjustment is kept separate from the others, and you can change or delete nodes without affecting anything else. The dynamic range was amazing.

Blackmagic Cinema Camera Shoots K For Under $3k | Cult of Mac

Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Converting to Cineform is a simple step, an option, it’s not difficult. Also, be aware that the barrel size on the power connector is 2. Any comments on the image quality compared to the Pocket Camera.

Mon Sep 24, 9: Status Not open for further replies. Photo by Yorgos Lanthimos. 2.5j shot two short films, one with a Blackmagic 4K, and one with a Sony A7s.

Sony a 6300 or blackmagic 2.5k for feature film

Jose April 1, at 8: Canon 5D Mark II: Apr 5, 5 0 20 1. I had it on sticks for the majority of our shots, but also used it on a small rail system for a fillm of handheld shots.

When you grade footage it’s possible to push it into super white which can cause glitchy artifacts. New posts New profile posts Latest activity. I have been looking for something small simple and still get a cinematic look. Did you already test the global shutter, any comments on that?


12 Things to Think About Before Committing to the Blackmagic Cinema Camera for Your Film

Just because something’s been called ‘cinema’ camera it doesn’t mean it’s the best camera out there for the job! Exclusive micro-budget filmmaking tips sent directly to you every Sunday! I have a few questions- I am thinking about purchasing a BMMCC and was wondering what type of monitor did you use for your shoot? In terms of iris control, a lot of lenses even EF simply aren’t supported.

That is an opinion, but I just really love the image from the BM. Johnny Bravo June 14, at 4: As always, what works for you is all about the specific nature of your work. It’s a complicated process, the fact that we were able to actually get the camera out the door in a reasonable amount of time, granted we had lots of challenges, but a lot of the problems that you mentioned, some of them have been addressed by firmware updates or will be addressed by firmware updates, or have workarounds out there that are reasonable.

I would highly rent it again. I use FC7 and Premiere at times when the situation calls for it but the majority of editing I do for Commercial peaces and narrative work is all done in X.

Is the camera perfect?