After that, it immediately switched to next scene where the elevator opened with Athrun in Orb Admiral uniform and other people watching KiraxLacus hugging each other. If you know what I mean. G – O Masterlist: When leader on Orb nation Cagalli with married with Coordinator Athrun , that mean they give an examples both natural and coordinator can live in this life with peaceful. If athrun still love her.. Thank you for your analised this couples it give me chance to share my thought about asucaga Then, his twitter friend replied with comments that although Gundam Seed is good and he likes the 4 characters, the Gundam Seed Destiny is a failure with irrational story. Yes, they definitely reached their reconciliation and Athrun did choose Orb as his home base.

Thank you for your comment: Official Guidebooks, Official Game, etc. Both armies agreed to cease fire Soon, they shot a flare. It is not a mature feeling of love. IDK what to believe Hello Aleah, this is Pui,: It’s like a cold water splash over Fukuda’s head. I’m confused, for what reason do they think Meyrin likes Athrun?

Another vote for caagalli Of course, this was huge because the only times Athrun made a move was during significant moments such as when he apologized to her for being insensitive while talking about Patrick, when they had their first kiss and now, this. Kira didn’t have to be a middle agent anymore although he and Lacus were initially worried that Cagalli had taken off her ring.

They seem to find roles that suited them but again, it would’ve been great if there was a moment in the anime where Athrun had thoughts of Cagalli. Ads by Project Wonderful! I enjoyed the parts where athrun is finding out cagalli was not there in arc angel.

This war has lost many official families. Tears were quite prominent in her eyes because it was time to let go of her old self. Thank you so much!

Athrun basically had to knock the crap outta him to knock some sense back into him. Which is why the final battle between Athrun and Shinn was well thought out in my opinion, vagalli showed how conflicted Shinn acgalli due to the war.

Log in No account? With Athrun gone, Shinn became a Faith member and took on the responsibilities of a leader. Thank you very much for your effort in writing this because here, you voiced out some of my thoughts and what I really wanted to say and you gave answers to my questions that were in my mind for over a decade.


That is a return signal. I can have personaly read their most romantic scence and to improve also my reading and cavalli in japanese lunguage Okay, so a lot of shit went on between Athrun and E;isode in GSD, and Fukuda screwed up with the whole Destiny serie in general, but I highly doubt someone is just going to give up on a pairing because they’re having a hard time.

what is your favorite scene of athrun and cagalli?

My favorite part, though, was later, when Cagalli gave Athrun the amulet You look after athrun. Lets back on athruns. I tip my hat to both of you. LaPorscha Rodgers 8 January at You were very friendly. They really had escaped unharmed. I agree that Cagalli definitely is an independent character, as much of the show and Kira’s assistance caters towards her being a strong character, but for the sake of those growing up who want both a career and family, I would hope that the show would hint towards a relationship.

Quite a story in this series that is the source, not the opinions of others. I thought I have moved on from this couple, but reading your thoughts really made me fall all over again in love with this shipping. I’m fine if you don’t. Cagalli saying to meyrin you look after athrun not to breaking athrun or choosing his country she said that because she cannot go with them. This has been my opinion for years, even before I’m aware of the off-screen controvercy between the VA and Wiafu, which just happened today, through your posts.

Lacus was obviously going to be preoccupied with the battlefront and Kira so Cagalli, despite not knowing Meyrin very well, made a request that she care for Athrun. Phase 24 of Gundam Seed. He asked the arc angel crew. In fact, neither Kira nor Athrun even mentioned Cagalli, which was very disappointing.

He said wakaretenaishi it means “they did not breaking up!!

what episodes do athrun and cagalli kiss? | Yahoo Answers

Cagalli was just by your bedside and kept crying. Yes, Arthur and Shinn definitely don’t seem like the considerate type at all.


Additionally, I anr agree somewhat with the sentiment on AsuMeer, but I don’t really think the fact that Meyrin saved Athrun and he therefore owes her his life is a valid reason to sink the ship.

It nearly fails at annd As a supporter of AsuxCaga, I like all the scenes that consist of ’em. Official Guidebooks, Official Game, etc. Hi, I’d like to share my thought, or my theory, about the reason why Athrun doesn’t flatly deny having a relationship with Meyrin even though he obviously doesn’t Meyrin denies it herself. Tags Tags Forum Members Groups.

They are definitely meant for each other in our heart whatever other says. After that, it immediately switched to next scene where the elevator opened with Athrun in Orb Admiral uniform and other people watching KiraxLacus hugging each other.

But as I mentioned in this article, if it’s up to the Director, then he’ll keep AsuCaga going in visual interpretations instead of dialogue.

The Shipper’s Manifesto

HalcyonFields 20 December at Honestly, it felt like a bit of a cop-out. In the moment, he recognized his mistakes and felt particulary difficult and heavy. To anonymous, thank you very much for encourage me to buy gsd manga.

Anyway, thanks for your input and it did help answer some of my questions. Since when people asked how he felt, he would simply say “I’m okay. I would love for the creators to see this, so that they can see that AsuCaga fans are loyal, and would love a clearer ending. Fukuda released an anime music clip, based on his own concept, for the song of “kimi ha boku ni nite iru” “You are similar to me” by See-Saw which was the song played at the end of GSD final episode kisss 3 groups of people departing and walking separately.

Right after that, it shows Athrun in Orb’s Admiral uniform.