Fired as Marcy’s nanny, Lizzie asks Charlie to help her get her job back; at the last minute Marcy begs her to return. They meet up with Faith and she guides them to the location. The season ends with Karen running to Hank’s car and running off with Hank and Becca. Retrieved April 24, Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. Hank finishes the musical script for Atticus only to find that Atticus doesn’t like it, and neither does Stu nor Charlie. After confronting him, he decides to talk to Becca about Tyler instead of lashing out at him. Mia wants more of Hank’s writing to pass her class; he offers to help her with her writing instead.

The next morning, one of the strippers remains unconscious. Marcy Runkle Madeleine Martin Hank, Karen, and Becca are packing for their move when Mia returns to L. Finally, things really get complicated with the arrivals of Jill, Felicia, Stacy, Chelsea, and Becca. Hank meets Becca during her work break and she announces that Tyler has proposed to her. Official website not in Wikidata.

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Charlie and Lizzie defile Marcy’s marital bed, but hear a little more than they bargain for when Marcy and Stu come back early and are up for a little roleplay. Hank continues to contemplate whether to start a more serious relationship with Faith or to try and win Karen back. Hank ghost writes the memoirs of a rock and roll legend while trying to reconcile with Karen; Becca’s heart is broken by her first love; Charlie tries to enter the porn industry; Marcy goes to rehab for an addiction.


Retrieved February 2, As he sleeps in his car outside of Karen’s house, Hank has a nightmare starring his late friend Lew Ashby as a bartender in hell. Ashby hosts a party to celebrate the publication of Mia’s book; Becca is devastated to catch Damien cheating on her. Hank wants to locate Lew’s long-lost first love. Becca Moody Evan Handler Karen ponders to Hank whether Becca is the reason they are still connected to each other.

Hank gets the verdict and briefly considers fleeing Los Angeles.

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Archived from the original on February 25, Charlie gets unexpected news and learns his vasectomy may have been botched. Charlie meets up with Robbie to discuss potential film projects. When Sonja’s baby is born, Hank is cleared of being the father because the child is half-black.

Everyone gather for dinner at Stu’s, where Marcy reveals that her baby is Charlie’s. Retrieved February 15, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Hank becomes interested in Becca’s teacher. Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: Retrieved March 28, Hank looks forward to going back there with her, epsiode when Damien and Becca reconcile, Hank decides it would be wrong to remove Becca from Xaliforniacation Angeles, so he and Becca will stay in L.

Meanwhile, Charlie risks his job trying to keep Marcy away from drug-addict Rick. Hank tries to understand Kali better so he episkde write more sincere lyrics, so she tells him about her feelings when she came to LA. Mia’s book becomes a hit and Ashby holds a party in its honor, where Damien cheats on Becca and Charlie decides to divorce Marcy to get together with Daisy.


Audible Download Audio Books. Tyler mentions that he recognizes Sam from somewhere, causing realizations for some and trouble for Hank. Retrieved March 26, Thanks to Tyler, Bates drinks excessively at a Venice restaurant, but Hank and the guys arrive to save the day for Karen and Becca. Hank completes his biography of Ashby; Charlie is reduced to working at a car dealership; Sonja gives birth; Karen accepts a job offer back califoorniacation in New York, forcing Hank and Becca to make painful choices.

Tom Kapinos created byVanessa Reisen. Archived from the original on November 28, Hank and Karen’s Skype video chat sezson disconnected; then he opens his door to Jackie, two strippers, and a bottle of liquor.

Daliforniacation episode ends as Hank, high on drugs and liquor, writes a letter to Becca and passes out. Irma Lucy Mae Sunday Hank’s father Al Mark Margolis dies. Ophelia reveals her feelings to Marcy which Marcy does not reciprocate.

Hank and Karen decide to leave after observing the crazy antics of Atticus and Wpisode. Retrieved February 22, They meet up with Faith and she guides them to the location.

Karen goes on a date with Ashby.