The set includes brief audio commentaries by series co-creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone for each episode. In the final scene they hug, but Cartman smiles triumphantly and malevolently into the camera, while a choir of terror sings the theme “Ave Satani” from “The Omen. Retrieved October 27, Mackey’s office with “My Mom’s the Best Mom. Not surprisingly, he doesn’t take well to the new regimen. When Liane realizes she cannot control her son anymore, she attempts to get help from an expert. Cesar Millan, host of The Dog Whisperer.

In an attempt to regain dominance, he denounces the healthy dinner as “just like Auschwitz”, and attempts to persuade his friends to help him kill Liane, comparing her dominance to Hitler and claiming that, having lost almost 10 pounds, he now knows how the Jews felt during the Holocaust. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. This Week’s Top Trailers. The Dog Whisperer is also featured in the episode, along with show host Cesar Millan. Her second attempt is with Jo Frost from Supernanny, who ends up in an psychiatric hospital three days later eating her own feces and repeating the phrase “It’s from hell! This leads to a violent, surrealistic battle between his good and bad sides, before the good finally, amazingly, triumphs. Yes No Report this. Millan however convinces Liane that Cartman will be just fine and will return soon enough.

South Park – Tsst is the 7th episode of the 10th season of Comedy Central’s animated comedy television series South Park, it aired on May 3, and is the mid season final of season ten. Cartman asks if he could have two Mega Rangers and Liane quickly agrees, going so far as to tell him “you can have whatever you want”.

Cartman tries to seek help from his classmates, but none of them are sympathetic to his problem.

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IGN ‘ s Eric Goldman gave the episode a score of 8. In the Nanny intro to Cartman’s behavioral problems, there is a clip episod in from “The Passion of the Jew”where he’s dressed in the Hitler uniform. You are welcome to share your own dog tips and behavior solutions among yourselves, however. South Park season 10 episodes. Use the HTML below.


Stranger Sign in, buddy. She turns to several behavioural experts, but their attempts to curb Cartman’s behaviour are unsuccessful. Welcome to the all new southpark. No posting of external links. Millan teaches Liane that dogs nip each other carfman the neck to show dominance, and in this extreme case, it also works well with children.

From the vault: Cesar Millan vs. Cartman | Cesar’s Way

After a period of time, Cartman’s behaviour improves, although he himself feels as if he is not in control of his own actions. Watch our epieode of trailers. Cartman sneaks into the sleeping Liane’s bedroom at night, knife in hand, and goes right up to her with it, but has an unexpected struggle in his mind between his long-suppressed conscience and his ‘demonic’ side.

Best 30 South Park Eps. After Cartman gets into tzst at school, Liane admits that she cannot control her son anymore. Cesar Millan, host of The Dog Whisperer.

For other uses, see TSST disambiguation. Delighted with the change, she thanks Cesar Millan and asks him to see Eplsode Butterfly with her that Friday.

In the morning, a surprised Liane finds the knife, but also sees that Cartman is already awake, dressed, and ready for school. Cartman to be the “dominant leader of the pack” and tries to get Eric Cartman to stop his “aggressive dominant behavior”.

At the same time, Millan comes to have a final check. Newer Post Older Post Home. View the discussion thread. After he refuses, Liane persuades Cartman to spend time with her, saying he can have anything he wishes, and Cartman returns to his old self. Millan’s methods are extremely effective, leading to intense frustration from Cartman. Retrieved from ” https: Skip to main content. Mackey recommends that Mrs. The set includes brief audio commentaries by series co-creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone for each episode.

Finally, he vomits up black bile, drops the knife, and goes through a bizarre static-like inner conflict sequence in the hallway, where he transforms shape as well, bulging and changing color and shape, similar to the ending of the movie Altered States, almost as if a real demon is being dragged out of him.

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Cartman tries to trick her into believing he has given in, but Millan spots the lie in his stance. No foul language or obscenities, please. After being “nipped” several times by his mother he reaches a relaxed and submissive state in which he behaves much like a submissive dog. Edit Did You Know? Liane thanks him for converting her son into a good child and being her new friend, and tells him she has tickets for the two of them to see Madame Butterfly together.

Ironically, Cartman will repeatedly refer to his mother as “Hitler” once she asserts herself as the dominant person in their relationship.

The crowds at my live shows always enjoy this clip, and I hope you will, too.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. South Park season 10 List of South Park episodes. He is perhaps the only person ever to successfully correct Cartman’s behavioral problems — at least, temporarily. Here are ours for the comments: This page was last edited on 14 Februaryat I love South Park tremendously.

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Articles with short description Television episode articles with short description for single episodes TV. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Be aware of your energy Live in the moment Know the difference between story and truth Work with Mother Nature Honor your dog’s instincts Nose, eyes, ears Know your dog’s natural pack position Create the dog’s calm submissive state Be the Pack Leader Life is simple; we make it complicated.

Mackey’s office after her son’s reckless actions land another student in the hospital.

Cartman and his mother share a brief acappella duet in Mr. Millan however convinces Liane that Cartman will be just fine and will return soon enough. Of the most prominent, shows such as Nanny and Supernanny which are both British programs in origin are parodied extensively.